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Here’s an exclusive: you can now buy Helmut Lang fragrances over on the Gritty Pretty e-store (!!!).

Discontinued before its time in 2005, during which they fetched exorbitant amounts online thanks to scalpers, in 2014, they made a triumphant return to market almost a decade later.

Not only do these iconic fragrances smell ridiculously good, they also captured the essence of a period marked by great complexity and change, making them an olfactory snapshots of the new millennium and a piece of fragrance history.

And now’s your chance to own one. But which one? We’ve taken a leaf out of magazine personality quizzes and created profile on each of the three scents to help you select the best Helmut Lang scent to suit your personal ethos.



For… The independent woman. You can count on her to know how to do it all – from changing a tyre to cooking a meal for 10. The woman who wears Cuiron is powerful, headstrong, courageous and a jack of all trades. Her spiritual home is the South of France or under the Tuscan Sun, where she dreams of a modest house lined with citrus trees and tending to her own herb and spice garden. Her drink of choice is bourbon – she’s doesn’t take anything weak, and everywhere she goes she takes her leather-bound diary and a worn leather bag. While not typically feminine, she is beautiful. Helmut Lang Cuiron wears on her her tanned olive, freckled skin like smooth suede – emanating heat and sensuality.

Italian Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn, Cassia, Carrot Seed, Labdanum, Ambrette & Suede Accord.

Eau De Parfum

For… the urban professional with big dreams and an even bigger heart, which she keeps safely guarded. Her approach to life can be summed up by the quote, “work hard and be nice” but she ain’t no wallflower, rather deeply intelligent with strong moral convictions. Her opinions are modern and fresh, matched by an old-world sensibility that makes her endearing to others and  close friends have remained the same for most of her life, though she finds it easy to form strong bonds with other women – most of whom are slightly older (her “soul sisters”, she calls them). Her home is a light-flooded, wooden-accented terrace, where jasmine and lavender grow on the balcony in powdery white clay pots.

Lavender, Rosemary, Artemesia, Orange Tree, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber and Patchouli.

Eau de Cologne

For… the woman who’s in control. The unisex fragrance of Eau De Cologne is complex, direct and level-headed like the woman who wears it. Never one to be late, she’s the one everyone turns to at the end of the night to organise the splitting of finances. Some may think she’s hard to read, but that’s her schtick – and it draws people in. Naturally athletic, she was always one of the first to get picked in school sports which fixed her with a sense of loyalty and sincerity and the ability to stay dead-calm, even stoic, in high-pressure situations. What you might miss is her dry sense of humor.

Rosemary, Orange Tree, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli.

Trio de Parfums

Are you a woman of many different facets? Can’t decide? Well, you don’t have to. Take home all three with Helmut Lang’s Trio de Parfums.