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During a recent office conversation about the age we started using serums (the correct age you should should start: here), we quickly segued into a deeper discussion about the serums that changed our lives – and skin.

“I didn’t start until last year…”


“I was scared because I don’t like the idea of oils on my skin.”

“I didn’t really know what the point was? Why do I need to buy another thing?

That was the gist of our conversation – and in fact, most conversations this beauty editor has with women about serums. The last word is that you should abso-freakin’-lutely be using one in your skincare routine. The high concentration of actives means you get results faster than almost any other skincare product you own.

If you haven’t found one that’s quite right for you, here are the serums that converted members of the Gritty Pretty team. If it changed our lives, hey maybe it can change yours too…



Creative Director

The serum that changed my life… Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum.

“I was introduced to the serum by Sydney facialist Jocelyn Petroni two years ago. During my facial, we spoke about my skin insecurities, and mine was that I didn’t have even skin tone. I had dark and light patches and it was really inconsistent so she recommended it to me. I hadn’t used a serum before that because I was scared; whenever I put anything oily on my skin, I broke out so I was a bit worried about trying it.

My skin is quite sensitive so I can feel the product working and I had to build up to it. When I started I’d use it once a week, and then every second day once it was fine, and now I use everyday with no issues. The texture of it is like a clear oil, you put it on and it starts oily and goes matte when it absorbs into your skin, so I let it dry completely before I put a moisturiser on top.

“I noticed results within two months and it changed my life because it make me stop using foundation. Now I just BB cream and concealer, or foundation as concealer. I never wear foundation all over my face anymore.”



Beauty Editor

The serum(s) that changed my life…The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Ultimate Jojoba Youth Potion & CoQ10 Antioxidant Serum

“I’ve been using these serums the longest (two and half years now) and discovered the natural Aussie brand, which is still so underrated, when I worked in beauty PR. It’s made me believe that natural beauty products can be comparable to chemical ones in terms of their effectiveness and the results they bring about, without being harsh on the skin.

My skin type is sensitive/combination and I’ve never been afraid of using oils. When I was beauty intern working my way up in magazines, all the editors openly talked about using oils in their skincare regimes and they had amazing skin, so naturally I always used them too. While nourishing, I never felt any [oils] were as fine or absorbed as well or were as penetrative as jojoba oil. And I’m big fan of serum mixing. Every night I mixx the coQ10 serum with an oil serum and the consistency wears more like a moisturiser.Anti-ageing and hydrating results are visible within a week or two.”




Digital Sales & Partnerships Manager

The serum that changed my life… Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum.

“My ex-boyfriend actually bought me a gift voucher for Aesop for my birthday. His sister was a big fan of the brand and I’d never tried it before so I visited the shop in Melbourne when I was on a girl’s weekend away with Mum. It was the middle of winter and my skin was really dry. The store attendant showed me the Parsley Seed Serum and I decided to give it a try.

This was actually the first serum I ever used, I wasn’t using anything before that. It’s a mix of gel and oil and has been great for me because I have combination skin and do get the occasional breakout, but the oil hasn’t caused any breakouts at all. I also have sensitive skin and it just drinks this oil up with no reactions.

I mix it with moisturiser in the evening (about two to three drops) and apply it all over my face and neck and my skin started to feel much smoother within a week. Within a month I could notice the difference, it seemed to plump out any fine lines and just felt more hydrated.”




Founder & Editor

The serum that changed my life… SK-II R.N.A. Serum.

“I started using the SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age Essence when it first launched and I have used it morning and night ever since. I love that it suits all skin types and targets all concerns. It contains nourishing olive leaf extract as well as SK-II’s hero nutrient-rich ingredient, Pitera.

As a skin care obsessive, I started using serums since my early twenties. I always say serums are the work horse of any skincare routine. Generally, they’re also the most expensive product of any skin regimen because they contain the most amount of active ingredients.  The SK-II R.N.A Serum is a milky white lightweight lotion with a delicate, lovely fragrance. I apply one pump onto my face, neck and décolletage.

By using is consistently, my complexion is clear and hydrated. I noticed results within four weeks of use. The skin has a 28 day skin cell cycle so I always recommend when trying a new product, stick with it for at least a month.”


When did you start using your first serum?

Which serum(s) have changed your life?