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I’m not going to lie.

I know a thing or two about baking a mean chocolate fondant.

I can get that cake as light as a cloud on the outside but warm, oozy and deliciously decadent on the inside at the same time. Oh, and I also know how to make your skin glow. Like, really radiate.

I’ve been using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence on my skin for the past 8 years and as SK-II’s Australian Beauty Expert, I’m also very aware of the different benefits of Pitera, the brand’s exclusive anti-ageing ingredient.

Pitera, which is a by-product of the yeast fermentation, is a combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to allow the skin to function at its best. And, it’s this particular miracle ingredient that makes up 90 per cent of the Essence. So, it’s no surprise then that SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is the brand’s hero product – and the one you’ll constantly find me raving about.

In this latest GP.TV tutorial, you can watch the different ways to apply the Essence.

Personally, I prefer to apply it directly using my hands. But, I do have Australian actress and SK-II Global Ambassador, Cate Blanchett, to thank for the very excellent tip of pouring the Essence into a spray bottle. While Cate and I were in Shanghai together recently, she mentioned to me how she prefers to apply the Essence this way whenever she’s filming on set – that way she can apply it over the top of her makeup.

Good one, Cate. Good one.

Tell me, have you tried SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

How do you apply it?