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These days, using a ghd to create curls is a lot like a chocolate brownie.

Everyone has the best recipe for it, and no two methods are exactly alike.

But, rather than swearing by a single wave strategy, I’ve compiled some of the best tips from professional hairstylists I’ve interviewed over the years to come up with a routine of my own.

If you’ve ever wondered how I get my hair like this, then this latest GP.TV video will show you how.

Because my hair is naturally dead straight (thank you Asian mum!), this is how I style it about twice a week.

And with any hairstyle, when it comes to using a ghd, it’s all in the wrist. Sure, practice makes perfect but don’t be precious about each section. You want the end result to look like it’s casually been put together so as you curl sections, the more random in width, the better. Don’t assume every section has to be perfect. The key is really mussing it up at the end.

Tell me, how do you curl your hair using a ghd?

Feel free to share your tricks and techniques below too.