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      It’s true – not all scents are created equal in the sensuality stakes.

      Eau de parfums from the ‘gourmand’ family of fragrances – often characterised by notes of osmanthus, prominent for its apricot-like aroma and roasted cocoa for its dark deepness – tend to be the sexiest, holding attention in a way that bright, citrusy fragrances simply don’t.

      Whether you’re going out on a fancy date with your SO, cuddled up watching Netflix (and chill), or having a “first date” with your Tinder crush; getting the compliment “you smell really good” should be encouraged for every type of date night.

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      Eyes Makeup


      From the spring runways to the red carpet, the milky pigmentwhen blended into the inner corner, along the waterline, or on the lidis a fresh, eye-brightening look that instantly makes you look more awake. Consider white eyeliner the makeup equivalent of a shot of espresso and yes, you’ll take two.

      Here’s one modern way to hop aboard the white eyeliner train.

      [responsive imageid=’20275′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]gritty-pretty_white-eyeliner[/responsive]

      [responsive imageid=’20102′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]_mg_0853-bw[/responsive]

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      Interviews Style


      Growing up, I was bullied.

      My younger sister and I were the only Eurasian kids at a suburban school filled with blonde haired, blue-eyed surfing grommets. Apparently, we looked “funny”. Apparently, we looked “different”.

      But while kids sought to throw hurtful words (and the odd tee-ball), scouting agents saw something else. Whenever we travelled with our parents from Sydney to visit my mother’s home city of Manila, Philippines, we were scouted by talent agents in the streets on numerous occasions. Later in life, I would learn that they would approach us because of our looks, but we always shied away from the limelight.

      Instead, I focused on a publishing career.

      [responsive imageid=’20184′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]grittypretty_qutoteblogtemplate_1500x812_3[/responsive]

      I’ve discussed this in many interviews before – my most recent being published by The Samantha Wills Foundation. After finishing high school, I took up journalism while interning for various magazines. A week after graduating, I was offered the role of editorial coordinator/beauty writer—that was almost 10 years ago. The rest, as they say, is history.

      Fast forward to present day and, as you know, I’m the proud founder and editor of Gritty Pretty. I’ve grown to not only accept but love my Filipina cultural heritage. I consider myself equal parts Australian and equal parts Filipina, which is why I’m so humbled to have been featured by L’Officiel Manila magazine.

      The full interview and editorial – made possible by dream team Christian Blanchard (photographer), Tarra Chong (stylist), Ania Milczarczyk (makeup) and Jess Furlan at Edwards & Co (hair) – can be found in the latest issue.

      A big thank you to Pam Quinones and Cindy Go! Maraming salamat po.

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      [responsive imageid=’20181′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]lofficiel_1[/responsive]

      Earrings: Holly Ryan Small Wavee Gold Earrings. Top: Maurie & Eve Free Fallin White Shirt. Pants: Ginger & Smart Zephyr Wrap Pants.

      [responsive imageid=’20179′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]lofficiel_2[/responsive]

      Dress: Nice Martin Porter Striped Knit Dress.
      Neck Scarf (worn in hair): Chosen Schiffer Scarf.

      [responsive imageid=’20182′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]lofficiel_3[/responsive]

      Jacket: SIR The Label Sylvee Leather Jacket. Dress: SIR The Label Kobi Strapless Dress. Neck Scarf: Rockins Floral Neck Scarf.

      [responsive imageid=’20178′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]lofficiel_4[/responsive]

      Earrings: Holly Ryan Silver Minimalist Hoops. Scarf: Chosen Schiffer Scarf.
      Knit: Maurie & Eve Coyote Knit.

      [responsive imageid=’20202′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]lofficiel_5-851x1000[/responsive]

      Jacket: c&m Morton Bomber Jacket. Top: Maurie & Eve Yona White Shirt. Skirt: Maurie & Eve Sawni Skirt. Neck Scarf (worn in hair): Chosen Schiffer Scarf.

      [responsive imageid=’20203′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]lofficiel_6-851x1000[/responsive]

      Hat: Lack of Color Lolita Hat. Earrings: Reliquia Egyptian Hoop Earrings.
      Shirt: c&m Monroe Lofty Twill Shirt. Pants: c&m Monroe Lofty Twill Pants.

      [responsive imageid=’20204′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]lofficiel_7-1272x1000[/responsive]

      Earrings: Holly Ryan Silver Minimalist Hoops. Scarf: Chosen Schiffer Scarf.
      Knit: Maurie & Eve Coyote Knit. Skirt: Maurie & Eve Silence Skirt.



      If you’re loving Lily Aldridge’s natural, sun-kissed cover look on the new issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine, here’s exactly what you need to re-create it…

      [responsive imageid=’19913′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]gritty-pretty_makeup[/responsive]

      To recreate Lily’s natural makeup look, start with deeply hydrated skin (try: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate – it doubles as a moisturiser and makeup primer).

      Next, apply a lightweight tinted moisturiser such as NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. Skip concealer and go straight to brows. Fill brows in with a dual-ended brow pencil and spoolie (like Estée Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo).

      Then, curl lashes. Forgo mascara altogether or just add one coat onto the tips. We recommend M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Multi-Effect Mascara and Clinique High Lengths Mascara.

      Blend Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate in Intensity 1 onto cheeks using your fingers and finish with Go-To Lips!.

      Hello beach babe!

      [responsive imageid=’19909′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]gritty-pretty-magazine-spring-16_lily-aldridge-2[/responsive]

      [responsive imageid=’19914′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]gritty-pretty_hair[/responsive]

      Get beach hair without having to dive into the ocean. Replicate Lily’s look by prepping hair first with R+Co One Prep Spray – this will protects your hair from everything else you’re going to do to it.

      While hair is still damp, apply a texturising sea salt spray and scrunch the ends using your hands. We like TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray and SACHAJUAN Ocean Mist for the kinky body that doesn’t leave hair feeling crunchy or sticky.

      Blast hair roughly dry using ghd Air. Once dry, mist Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray all over for a matte finish that screams cool girl on holiday in Capri. Et Voilà!

      [responsive imageid=’19910′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]gritty-pretty-magazine-spring-16_lily-aldridge_3[/responsive]


      [responsive imageid=’19908′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]gritty-pretty-magazine-spring-16_lily-aldridge[/responsive]



      Maybe you love Jared Leto from My So Called Life (Jordan Catalano, you have our hearts). Or maybe Leto’s rendition of The Kill by Thirty Seconds To Mars is the musical representation of your youth. Or maybe you’ve seen Suicide Squad recently and Leto has reignited your interest in the Joker.

      Whatever way you come at your Jared Leto fandom, you’ve got to admit there is something mysterious about the 44-year-old and his ability to inspire both envy and lust. Perhaps it is precisely this that makes his latest collaboration with Gucci so perfect.

      Shot by director Glen Luchford, Leto stars as the face of both the men’s and women’s iterations of Gucci Guilty, a move that few, if any, brands have made before. In the fragrance campaign, Leto and two other models –  Julia Hafstrom and Vera Van Erp – brood in a Venice hotel, and laze about in bed, naked, spritzing one another (a lot of which was improvisation, apparently). The trio explore each other and their surroundings in a liberated expression of sexuality, which is shorthand for they have the classiest ménage à trois you’ll ever bear witness to.

      It’s no news that Leto has been blurring the gender lines as long as we’ve been watching him (applause for his role in Dallas Buyers Club) and it seems it’s precisely this that makes him the ideal fit for a beauty campaign, which under the guide of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, is aimed at the house’s progressive consumers.

      And sure, while I won’t be engaging in a ménage à trois personally, I did find myself having a moment in London recently with Gucci Guilty Pour Femme. The fragrance, which has been developing a cult following since it was first unveiled in 2010, offers a welcome change of pace from the strangely rigid traditional gender expectations used in perfume creation.

      Gucci Guilty Pour Femme blends pink pepper and lilac with geranium, a note which is usually used in men’s colognes while Gucci Guilty Pour Homme makes use of lemon, lavender and patchouli, but also orange blossom, a conventionally female accord.

      This latest campaign is an industry triumph in that it cements the following statement: Beauty isn’t defined by gender or labels – it’s defined by people.

      To shop Gucci Guilty Pour Femme, click here.

      To shop Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, click here.

      Tell us, what do you think of this new fragrance campaign?



      On the day of its global launch held in Paris, Gritty Pretty spoke with Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel about her first fine fragrance for the illustrious French house.

      Nagel, for those who don’t know, is the woman responsible for creating cult classic fragrances including Narcisco Rodriguez for Her (2003), Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie (2005), Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia (2010) and Giorgio Armani Si (2013), to name a few. Yes, this is the woman we all have to thank!

      And, so, in the words of the perfume Queen herself, here we are celebrating what Nagel humbly calls “Galop d’Hermèsmy greatest masterpiece yet”.

      [responsive imageid=’19671′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Christine-Nagel_Q1[/responsive]

      “I have always been very open to everything Jean-Claude Ellena [Hermès House Perfumer] could teach me. Jean-Claude and I share an office and our work tables face each other. I talk a lot. We take genuine pleasure from being able to surprise each other in our day-to-day work. We both worked on different projects things, each in our own personal creative world, but when it comes down to it, we’re very similar. There was never any suggestion of a diktat from him or even of him correcting errors. He just has a kindly way of suggesting ideas and giving advice, as a father might to a daughter. He was teaching me to take my time, the time to smell and time to forget smells so that I can come back to them fresh. The time to rediscover them in a new way, from another angle.”

      [responsive imageid=’19679′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Christine-Nagel_Q2[/responsive]

      “As a perfume, every morning I go to my workshop and smell the trials that I created the day before and then my day follows the rhythms of creating. Creation requires discipline. My strengths would certainly be my audacity, my sincerity, and my expertise concerning the different techniques to create a fragrance. Today, what clearly and deeply inspires me is the entire Hermès’ world and the brand’s rich heritage. It is very vast but also a great source of inspiration.

      To move forward in creating Galop d’Hermes, I ironically decided to look back. In 1930, a stirrup-shaped bottle (certainly appropriate considering the equestrian heritage of the house) was gifted at a New York store opening to just 200 journalists and socialites.

      To begin my creative process for the juice, I immersed myself completely in the utterly unique world of Hermès. From the start, every door was opened to me, everyone was very generous and frank; I discovered all the in-house crafts. There are 16 of them but I became particularly enamored by one: leather. The notes of Doblis leather and Turkish rose – both traditional to perfumery – bring with them an audacity, express a degree of nerve and a great concern for detail. I wanted this leather to be as supple as skin, and to make the rose as strong as leather.

      [responsive imageid=’19654′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Christine-Nagel_Q3[/responsive]

      “When I started working with Jean-Claude, I should have been terrified. It’s odd but I wasn’t that overawed because I’d known his perfumes [Balenciaga Rumba (1988), Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert (1992), Yves Saint Laurent In Love Again (1998) and Hermès Voyage d’Hermès (2010)] so well and for such a long time that I felt I already knew him before I did at all.

      As a female perfumer in a male, family dominated industry, working for Hermès is like an end in itself. When you realise your dream, you feel a huge sense of happiness. It’s so wonderful, it almost feels unreal. That’s how I felt when I was given the job. If they have chosen me, then it’s for this distinctive signature; and I have to say that the recognition is a pleasure for me every day, because I’m living my dream. The dream of creating perfumes that communicate all the values of this house, they incarnate it. I consider it a tremendous responsibility because perfume is still the leading entry point into the world of Hermès, and it’s an entry point that’s accessible to everyone. I owe it to myself not to disappoint. And to be worthy of the task I’ve been set and the trust that’s been put in me. There are many facets to the House of Hermès; Jean-Claude’s perfumes cover just one part of that, and I now feel I completely belong there.”

      [responsive imageid=’19655′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Christine-Nagel_Q4[/responsive]

      “In my perfumes, there’s often something tactile, textured, a particular sensitivity to the raw material, the feel of it, the sensuality of touching it. People often describe my work as physical perfumery. To quote Rodin: “To give my figures more breadth, I give them more life, I exaggerate them and get more life. That’s absolutely true of my perfumes, I recognise myself in that quote. I accentuate features, bring out raw materials. I’m proud of the fact that my perfumes are never linear.”

      [responsive imageid=’19661′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Christine-Nagel_Q6[/responsive]

      “At Hermès, the beauty of the raw materials is central, it’s at the heart of all crafts. It also goes without saying it’s central to mine. Hermès gave me the once in a lifetime opportunity to create Galop d’Hermès without a brief – it was an open book and mine to write. I was given the unique freedom to choose whatever raw materials I liked and that is an absolute luxury, which allows me to go where no one else has gone with fine fragrance for a fashion house. Galop d’Hermes is unlike any other parfum I’ve created. When you wear Galop d’Hermès, I want people to stop and ask, “Oh, are you wearing Galop?”

      …And, ask they shall, indeed.

      Hermès Galop d’Hermès is available now.








      Whether you’re standing at the summit of Val Thorens – taking in the spectacular views, about to snowboard down to Club Med for a little après ski – or braving the cold ocean coves of Sydney, one thing that always bears the brunt of winter is your skin.

      [responsive imageid=’18857′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Winter-Skin_1[/responsive]

      Yes, your complexion can be on the receiving end of an absolute thrashing thanks to cold temps, freezing rain and icy winds. With the change of season, comes a call for a change in skin care. But, there’s a little more to it than just reaching for a thicker, more emollient moisturiser (which could lead to breakouts and congestion if it’s the wrong one for your skin type). There are ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid that can work wonders on your skin one month — then, with a drop in temperatures, suddenly turn on you! So, while there’s little we can do to warm up our days and nights, we can improve the health of our skin with a few easy additions and subtractions to your current routine.

      [responsive imageid=’18858′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Winter-SKin_2[/responsive]

      If you suddenly notice your skin has dry patches, it’s peeling in places, or stings when exposed to the cold, then FYI – it’s time to switch your cleanser STAT.

      Anything highly foaming, artificially fragranced, with scrubbing beads, glycolic acid, or high levels of acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide may over-strip your skin’s natural oils, remove too many cells, and compromise the skin’s barrier. Instead, switch to a nourishing oil cleanser like Tom Ford Purifying Cleansing Oil or EVE LOM Cleanser for the winter months. Your skin should not feel tight or look red once you’ve towelled off. If travelling and don’t want to lug your jumbo face wash with you (we don’t blame you!), try Cleanse by Lauren Napier – these travel-friendly cleansing wipes are enriched with soothing chamomile, cucumber and oat kernel extract to gently remove makeup and clean skin.

      [responsive imageid=’18859′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Winter-Skin_3[/responsive]

      Ever been told you should avoid exfoliating completely when temperatures drop? It’s bollocks. In fact, gently sloughing away flaky cells will brighten your complexion and aid your soothing serum and face cream to get in deep and do their jobs like a boss. Be sure to choose a micro daily exfoliation product like The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner rather than using power tools (like at-home dermabrasion gadgets and spinning brushes), crushed nut shells, or concentrated acids. An exfoliating fluid like this one contains lactic acid, which stimulates new cells from below and is best applied on a cotton pad before your moisturiser.

      While you’re at it, swap your ol’ summer serum for a more intense, hydrating version. We like SK-II’s new Genoptics Aura Essence (hello brighter, spot-less skin) for its milky texture, sweet-smelling fragrance and instantaneous mother-of-pearl finish.

      And as the heater goes into overdrive racking up a bill along with it, your skin can become even more dehydrated going from cold to hot to cold again. Keep a bottle of SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence stashed on your desk (or in the pocket of your ski jacket) for moisturising face spritzes on the fly.

      Beat it White Walkers – winter is here and we’re ready!



      When artist Rebecca Louise Law heads to Melbourne to create The Canopy – a permanent installation using 150,000 preserved flowers – Instagram goes into overdrive. #forrealz.

      Law’s latest – and largest – effort was recently unveiled at The Beauty Garden, the latest shopping precinct at Eastland Melbourne. Suspended from the roof, Law used an array of local Australian flowers to create a stunning flower canopy that hangs over Eastland’s dedicated beauty precinct, The Beauty Garden.

      The best thing about the permanent installation – other than the smell – may be the way it evolves over time. It looks a certain way now: freshly preserved and bursting with colour, but its exposure to sunlight from the arched glass roof will cause the flowers to transform, losing some of their vibrancy over time.

      Changing the way us beauty babes experience shopping for products, Eastland has also broken down the walls to create a far more welcoming experience. Instead of closed-in shop fronts (boring!), you’ll find an open space of beauty brands, with beauty experts keen as mustard to have a chat and help you find the perfect eye cream or lip stick.

      No stranger to big name brands—Eastland is already home to Victoria Secret, Scanlan & Theodore and David Jones—here are our top ten beauty picks from under the canopy:

      1. MECCA

      Founded in Melbourne by Jo Hordan, the #Kween of beauty, MECCA offers an exclusive edit of the world’s leading luxury brands such as NARS, Hourglass, Stila, Ellis Faas, By Terry, Chantecaille, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare, Kate Somerville, Frederic Malle, Diptyque, Le Labo, Urban Decay and hundreds more.

      2. Napoleon Perdis

      Australia’s leading make up entrepreneur is larger than life and his products are just as difficult to ignore. The Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer is an Aussie icon – a real life changer – and the perfect stepping stone to the rest of the bold and bright collection.

      3. The Lip Lab

      Ever had trouble finding that lipstick colour that is just right? Yeah, us too. Thankfully such painful missions are to be no more. The Lip Lab is a novel concept whereby you can create your own shade of lipstick. You can recreate your favourite lip colour a brand discontinued (whyyyyy?) or bring in a photo of the colour you’re currently lusting over. Hello Dolce K by Kylie Jenner. With The Lip Lab, the colour possibilities are infinite…. Take all our money!

      4. Kiehl’s

      Launched as an apothecary in New York in 1851, Kiehl’s has become the skin care go-to for many. Ultra Facial Cream, we’re looking at you. But, it’s Crème de Corps body cream that has been a top seller for more than 40 years and the Gritty Pretty team’s favourite. This brand has serious heritage. No wonder we put our trust in it and you should too.

      5. Crabtree & Evelyn

      Rebecca Louise Law might want to stock up on a tube (or two) of Gardener’s Hand Recovery cream. An iconic product by British beauty brand, Crabtree & Evelyn, this latest installment into Eastland brings more blooms into The Beauty Garden thanks to pink magnolia, rose and lavender, which features extensively throughout its products.

      6. iKOU

      Like a lot of great start ups, the idea of iKOU came to founders Naomi and Paul Whitfield while they were holidaying in Bali. Now, we can thank them for bringing the spa experience home with them and into our homes via iKOU’s  beauty philosophy to rest, relax and restore. Ahhhhh.

      7. Goddess of Nails

      A pampering session can start with something as simple as the perfect manicure. Goddess of Nails has – pardon the pun – nailed the salon experience (#sorrynotsorry). Forget dingy walk-ins, dirty tools and magazines back dated to 2002. Here, they know nails and this is the type of nail salon you will be happy spending time out for yourself or with a girl friend.

      9. Inglot

      Want cosmetics that have powerful pigment and pack a punch? Local favourite Inglo is a regular on runways and stages. With a whopping 1,500 colours on offer (spanning lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes), this is on your one stop for one thing: colour.

      8. Jacqueline Evans Skin Care

      Created by Melbourne naturopath and perfectionist Jacqueline Evans, this skincare range is created using certified organic ingredients. The Castille Cream Cleanser and Argan and Rosehip Moisturising Cream already have cult followings in the United States and Germany and we expect it will too in Melbourne. Discover it before the rest of the world does.

      10. Pressed Juices

      They (meaning we) say beauty often starts from within so when you’re busy shopping up a storm, drink up a delicious Pressed Juices. The Berry Glow 3 keeps skin glowing and hydrated with flavour combinations such as pear, blueberry and coconut. It tastes so good you’ll wonder how can it be healthy.

      [responsive imageid=’19344′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Eastland-The-Beauty-Garden_2[/responsive]



      Anyone who follows street style camera wizards Tommy Ton, Phil Oh or Adam Katz Sinding with any regularity is surely familiar with “the hair tuck”.

      You know, that insouciant move where you leave your hair loosely half-tucked into a jacket as if you couldn’t be bothered to flip it all the way outside the collar. We saw it last week at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. We liked it. We liked it a lot. So, we we ran with the style ourselves.

      And, while it might not seem like there’s much to mastering this style, there are in fact a few key elements and styling tricks that are essential to pulling the hair tuck off properly.

      Here are three things to keep in mind before you attempt the tuck…

      [responsive imageid=’18379′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      Add lots of texture.

      The hair tuck works on a range of hair types from straight to curly, but retaining texture is important—no matter the hair type. Second- or third-day hair, which has grittiness (yes, pun intended), is actually ideal for this look. To get that effortless vibe, apply TONI&GUY Casual Rough Texturiser to damp hair then blow dry. Follow with TONI & GUY Casual Matt Texture Dry Shampoo to remove any excess oil and Bob’s your uncle. *Hey Bob!

      Make it messy.

      The whole point of this look is for it to seem nonchalant—as if you have almost mistakenly tucked your hair inside your collar or jacket. *Yeah, you woke up like this. Now we’re not saying you can abandon styling completely, but a few strategically placed flyaways are crucial. Add a few wispy baby hairs falling out around your face and volume in the back and you are good to go.

      Wrap it up.

      Think of your hair as a big bundle of warmth. Just be careful to avoid wrapping your hair too tightly around your neck—the faux-beard look isn’t what we’re going for here, friends. Here’s the golden rule of thumb: all the tousling in the world won’t make a difference if you’re not wearing the proper clothes for this look. We’re not saying you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe—just make sure to throw on a loose sweater, turtleneck, collared jacket or men’s style shirt the next time you want to try the hair tuck. These garments will make your hair the focus while anchoring your strands in place. Excellent.

      Tell us, do you like this look?

      Will you try it at home?

      [responsive imageid=’18380′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’18378′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]



      While Sydney is proving summer isn’t giving up without a fight, there’s no denying autumn is upon on us Down Under.

      With the change of seasons come the key codes on updating our wardrobes. Do you pull out your oversized coats straight away? Are your denim shorts now totally off limits?

      Homegrown Aussie designer Viktoria & Woods has come up with new trans-seasonal wardrobe staples with a pared-back contemporary feel that will have you feeling fresh in a flash.

      From skirts and sneakers and double denim to the perfect jumpsuit pared with textured messy waves and bronzed, dewy skin, here are some of this season’s best styles.

      [responsive imageid=’18148′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’18229′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [Viktoria & Woods Iron Dipped Hem T-Shirt and Viktoria & Woods Teller Flare]

      Flares are reinvented with Viktoria & Woods’ exclusive grey marle. A statement silhouette, which can be dressed up or down with a simple white tee.

      [responsive imageid=’18227′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’17820′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [Viktoria & Wood League Sweater, Viktoria & Woods Duchess Maxi Skirt and Lacoste Straightset Sneakers]

      Relive the ‘90s with this beautiful long line silhouette floral skirt. With an asymmetric hem and front split detailing, this look is complete with a heavenly dove grey wool knit and black Lacoste sneakers. Comfortable and chic = perfect.

      [responsive imageid=’18228′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [Viktoria & Woods Delaware Jumpsuit]

      Keep it chic and minimal with this neutral jumpsuit. Paired with heels, it’s flattering for all (even when you’re 5’3” like me).

      [responsive imageid=’18148′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’18230′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [Viktoria & Woods History Tie Shirt, Viktoria & Woods Mayhem Flare and Viktoria & Woods Equalizer Coat]

      [responsive imageid=’17820′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      By now, you are sure to know the ‘70s trend continues to stand strong and flares are yet again the stand out cut for the season. These blue jean babies are the epitome of this style with their flattering cut and soft texture. Another big trend this season is oversized denim, which makes for a great layering piece over matching denim flares. The finishing touch? A neutral coat hinged over the shoulders to provide trans-seasonal warmth.

      Tell us, do you like any of these looks?

      Which one is your favourite?



      The big clear bin at airport security filled with near-full pots of moisturiser and brand-new super-sized expensive sun creams is enough to strike fear into the heart of any beauty-loving traveller.

      As I travel often, I subsequently have the art of editing down one’s beauty collection down pat. Note: this means I’m absolutely hopeless at packing a holiday wardrobe. I need at least four pairs of black boots, yes?

      The point is you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your beauty regimen when carry-on space is tight. The secret to narrowing down your cosmetics case? Opt for multi-tasking products – you know, 2-in-1s.

      As I prepare for a dual-season trip to Club Med Val Thorens for a week of skiing in the French Alps followed by a week driving (and eating) through sunny Italy (hello engagement celebrations – hello Snapchat), I have called upon my ol’ faithfulsthe innovative makeup, skin and hair items that help save time, weight and space. The winners. The essentials.

      Here, you’ll find the top 8 travel beauty products I pack for every trip (now, you can avoid paying excess baggage costs)…

      Simple x Holly Fulton Kind To Skin Makeup Removing Wipes
      When boarding a plane, you’ll need three things: boarding pass, headphones and makeup removing wipes. The latter contains pro-vitamin B5 to gently cleanse and remove makeup while still keeping skin hydrated – ideal for in-flight.

      SK-II Mid-Night Miracle Essence
      Travel without a face mist and you might as well spend a day in the desert without food and water. This super moisturising face mist sinks straight into the skin – without disturbing makeup. I live and die by this one because it contains Pitera – SK-II’s signature ingredient which is made up of over 55 nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids – as well as a MoistureLock Complex and cooling menthol to soothe and refresh while you’re mid-movie or tourist tour.

      Prospector Co Compressed Towel Tablets
      Seeing as not every airline offers warm towels in economy class, these travel-friendly cotton fibre pills are everything! Run under water and these white pills decompress and miraculously expand to a dish towel size rag. This alchemist-style jar contains six towels (seriously – how is this even possible?) and is less than $15. Cute and cost effective. Add three to cart now.

      Elizabeth & James Nirvana Roll On
      While lugging your 150ml favourite fragrance on your holiday might be tempting, let’s be real – it’s not at all practical. Instead, create your own new olfactory memories with a portable perfume. This version by Elizabeth & James Nirvana is just $25 for comes in two variations – White (peony, muguet and musk) and Black (violet, sandalwood and vanilla). Perfect for your handbag.

      Bobbi Brown Mini BB Cream
      No need to cart around your foundation bottle. When you’re travelling, let your skin also have the day off with a hydrating lightweight BB cream. This version is a mini so won’t hog too much room in your cosmetics case. Consider this your new best friend.

      Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipstick and Hourglass The Indestructible Matte Lipstick in Icon
      They say good things come in small packages and they were right. When packing for a holiday or any type of trip, opt for mini versions of everything including lip colours. These two may be small but they’re might – pack a punch when it comes to pigment. The pay-off is not to be underestimated. Also, imagine how cute they would be in your purse. Imagine…

      beautyblender Micro Mini
      Don’t like applying your foundation with fingers? Take this itty bitty sponge with you on. A larger-size BeautyBlender, this version picks up where the big-girl version left off, allowing you to seamlessly blend concealer into all the nooks and crannies of your face.

      O&M Mini Maintain The Mane Shampoo & Conditioner
      Planning a trip off the beaten track? Complimentary hotel shampoo and conditioner might not always be available. Instead, keep these minis on hand and you’ll be thanking yourself for keeping your hair in check.


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