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      In 2005, fashion designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren dropped a bomb on the fragrance world.

      The now-iconic grenade-shaped bottle was, in fact, something that would make any customs sniffer dog go back for another whiff. And, not just for the equally disruptive juice that was inside.

      Having launched a decade ago, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb was designed to be exactly as its name suggests — “an explosion of flowers” —  and an unapologetically feminine and musky floral fragrance. A pretty rebellion of sorts, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb was a far cry from the unisex CK One and green citrusy L’Eau d’Issey smells that dominated the ’90s and early naughties.

      In other words, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb was a bloody big risk. And, as Gritty Pretty deeply respects, the designers didn’t care. “We didn’t look to the market at all. We always go with our gut feeling,” Horsting has previously been reported saying.

      As it turned out, the duo’s gut feeling was bang on. After three years in the making and 500 tweaks and variations later (yes, 500!), Flowerbomb became an instant success, and now 10 years later, it has its own cult following.

      Happy birthday, Flowerbomb. Here’s to another 10 more!

      Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Limited Edition Eau de Toilette, available at Myer.

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      Hair Interviews


      Loyal, passionate and ready to speak her mind, Jesinta Campbell has proven she’s much more than a pretty face.

      As a runway regular, Jesinta Campbell is certainly no stranger to working the cameras. But, it’s this very position in the spotlight, that she draws upon to voice her opinion and inspire others, is what sets her apart.

      “Do not take the back seat, stand up for what you believe in and devote fierce loyalty to your friends and family,” Campbell told contributing beauty journalist, Michelle Bateman, during her exclusive editorial for Gritty Pretty Magazine’s summer 2016 issue.

      For the Gold-Coast-native-turned-Sydneysider, modeling was always about more than just looking good in pictures. When she entered the Miss Universe competition in 2010, she says, “I knew that if I won, it was a fantastic platform for me to be able to assist those who need it.” She placed second runner-up but never lost sight of her main goal. “For me, the basis of my career was to give back.”

      For the second year in a row, this means working with hair care brand Joico on their annual Joi of Giving campaign, in support of children’s charity the Starlight Foundation. “Being involved in the campaign last year really had an impact on me,” she recalls now. “Going to visit the children and their families in the Starlight Express Room [at the Sydney Children’s Hospital] was something that will stay with me forever.”

      If this sense of social awareness and compassion belies her young age (Jesinta is just 24!), her work ethic blows it out of the water. For Gritty Pretty’s sunrise shoot at Sydney’s Little Bay, she barely blinked at the 4am start time. And when she says: “Every year I set myself a new set of goals ,both personal and professional. I am yet to not complete one”, you just know it’s no exaggeration.

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      Photography: Tane Coffin for Gritty Pretty

      Styling: Charlotte Stokes

      Hair: Sarah Laidlaw

      Makeup: Ania Milczarczyk



      For Tessa James, the last 14 months has taken her down the road less travelled.

      But emerging from such personal trauma is a bright young actress on the brink of stardom once again. 

      In her latest photo shoot for our summer 2016 issue, James exclusively tells contributing beauty journalist Sarah Brooks-Wilson, “I feel beautiful, which I haven’t felt in a really long time and I definitely feel more confident in my skin than ever before.”

      “I didn’t worry about what I looked like because everyone knew I wasn’t well. What can you do about it? I was actually okay with being bald and felt silly in a wig, it just didn’t feel right,” she says.

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      [responsive imageid=’15901′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]


      Photography: Christian Blanchard for Gritty Pretty

      Styling: Hayley Bonham

      Hair & Makeup: Ania Milczarczyk



      Hello. This is your community service announcement.

      Wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen is, in fact, a non-negotiable: rain, hail or shine; seven days a week.

      We get itit’s not always easy to remember to wear sunscreen. Warm temperatures plus the blazing sun make covering up a no-brainer but in the winter months, when the cold goes straight to your bones, only a lunatic would be extra diligent with SPF, right?


      Here’s the thing: Summer has officially started Down Under but for those who are battling cloud cover, rain and the winter chill north of the equator, it doesn’t mean you can slack off either!

      Anytime it’s light outside — meaning you’re not in a pitch-dark coal mine — you’re getting exposure from UVA (A for ageing rays) and UVB (B for burning rays). Even if there’s a blizzard and the sun isn’t shining at all, and even if your breath freezes on your nostrils and you can’t feel your face, and even if you’re outside or sitting behind a glass window, your skin is still getting sun damage. Get the point?

      All of that being said, it’s no fun to smear on greasy lotion when you’re icy-cold or sweltering hot. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay protected without breaking out the bottle…


      What’s cool about this setting spray is that you can spritz it on right over your makeup and SPF without looking shiny. It’s also quite cool, literally: The formula contains a cooling agent and refreshing MoistureLock Complex to help lock in your makeup and keep your skin hydrated. And rest easy, SK-II Mid Night Miracle Essence features a non-aerosol bottle, which is environmentally friendly — and still delivers a fine, even spray.


      Appling sunscreen underneath your moisturiser and primer every day is an easy way to protect your skin against the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. But, let’s be realall those steps can be annoyingly time-consuming, so try an all-in-one product instead. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer prepares your complexion for smooth makeup application while protecting your skin with SPF 30 in one fell swoop. #winning.


      It’s truenot all powder foundations are created equal. However, Dior Diorsnow Compact Foundation SPF 30 is elite in that it provides a sheer, flawless and ultra lightweight coverage and a physical sunscreen of titanium dioxide (that’s important, because you can reapply it over makeup during the day). It won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin, plus it’s available in six surprisingly versatile shades.


      Just like your face, your lips are prone signs of ageing caused by sun damage such as sun spots, wrinkles and dehydration. Nivea Sun Protect SPF 30 keep lips sunburn-free plus shea butter, sunflower extract and Vitamin E helps to prevent that awful winter chapping.


      Sure, there are plenty of foundations with SPF but a lot of them only feature SPF 15, which to be blunt, is simply not enough to keep your skin protected from the harsh sun. So rather than going for a foundation with a little sunscreen, why not try a sunscreen with a little foundation?

      Our current favourite, ModelCo Daily Face Mattifying Sunscreen and Lip Balm SPF 50+, manages to absorb into the skin, leaving behind a natural, velvet finish. Full disclosure: When applying to clean, dry skin, rub it in 20 minutes prior to sun exposure as chemical sunscreens require 20 minutes to activate. Reapply every two hours either with this liquid formula or with a powder SPF 30 formula we previously mentioned.

      So folks, have you got the message loud and clear? Wear SPF everyday. End of.

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      Know a beauty junkie or are one yourself (of course, you are!)?

      To celebrate 12 days of beauty-ful Christmas, we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down the list.

      Scroll and browse through Gritty Pretty’s Christmas gift guide.

      All you need to do is sit back, add to cart and relax. Christmas is now sorted.

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      [responsive imageid=’15877′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

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      Picture this: You’re entertaining and guests start arriving at your place. The dinner table is set, the Diptyque candle is lit and a killer Justin Bieber playlist blasting (sorry not sorry!).

      One of your guests make their way to the bathroom… A moment of panic sets in. Your shampoo and conditioner in ghastly, unsightly packaging is sitting front and centre of your shower.

      Now, we know people say to never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. This holds especially true for beauty products — show us pretty packaging or clever copy and we’re more likely to scoop up a product than its practical-looking shelf mates – which is why we’d like to introduce you to Mr. Smith.

      Featuring the tag line “Simplicity by design,” each of Mr. Smith’s products feature minimalistic packaging, effective formulas and addictive fragrances. Some of our favourites include the Volumising Shampoo & Volumising Conditioner; a duo that is designed to revive and strengthen damaged, bleached and coloured hair and smells like delicious grapefruit thanks to, yep, real grapefruit extract.

      That said, Instagram-worthy packaging doesn’t mean much if the product behind it isn’t stellar; thankfully Mr. Smith’s lineup practices what it preaches. The products provide some serious hair pampering (the hair serum is dreamy), the stylish packaging is 100% recyclable (and damn good looking!), and the majority of the ingredients are natural, adhering to the Aussie brand’s core beliefs of simplicity, truth, and accountability.

      Tell us, are you going to stock up before your friends come over this weekend?

      [responsive imageid=’15858′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

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      Skin Style


      Wow. What a year. The general consensus seems to be that 2015 was a monster of a year for everyone.

      For Gritty Pretty Magazine, this issue sees the celebration of our first birthday. One idea and 56 contributing writers, stylists, animators, hair and makeup artists later, and we can proudly celebrate the fulfilling fact that you, our dear readers, have enjoyed our beauty-filled pages over one million times (1,006,018, to be exact). I don’t do it often but as I write this editor’s letter, I’m going to pause, just for a moment, and let that achievement settle in.

      With our increasingly busy lives, and each year becoming faster (it isn’t – we’re just becoming busier!), it’s understandably easy to get caught up. The truth is 2015 has been the fastest year I’ve ever experienced since starting Gritty Pretty – of which; I have no doubt was spurred on by the ballsy creation of this digital publication. Some say we’ve been pitted against some of the biggest women’s lifestyle titles in Australia but I really don’t engage with that kind of thinking. I said it in my cover story for The Collective magazine and I’ll say it again: I’m not competitive with others – just myself.

      In its short life thus far, Gritty Pretty Magazine has been nominated for awards and even won one but I think this is purely because of the quality content my team and I produce to satisfy your beauty needs – not beauty brands or advertisers (while we do need them to exist and produce this publication, it was created for you and will always be created for you). My focus has always been quality over quantity; but the truth is I feel like I’ve been chasing my own tail for the past year trying to keep up with the balance of life, digital and social media, and my business. My mind is fast but it seems not at fast as my schedule.

      In light of this jam-packed summer 2016 issue – sporting a healthy, glowing Bambi Northwood-Blyth on the first cinemagraphic-style cover, our editorial with Jesinta Campbell and our inspiring piece on actress and cancer survivor, Tessa James – I’m delighted to reveal 2016 is going to be better than ever.

      It’s easy to bask in life-changing moments but it takes courage to respond to the voice that tells you there’s something bigger out there, which is why I’m excited to tell you my team and I are working one of our biggest projects to date – and you’re going to be able to see how it unfolds every minute of the way. I can’t reveal what it is just yet but when I can, you’ll be the first to know.

      I know some of you have been with Gritty Pretty since its first life many moons ago (when I was a young 20-year-old beauty editor working for an Australian magazine and simply wanted more space to talk about beauty looks, trends, products and innovations). Some of you are new and have come to Gritty Pretty since the inception of this very e-magazine. Regardless of how long you’ve been with me, if you’re still here and you’re still reading, I just want you to know that I am so grateful for your support and for being on this epic journey with me. Both my and Gritty Pretty’s goal is to empower women all over the world through beauty. I truly believe beauty connects us. I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you. I hope this year has been as kind to you as it has to me. Here’s to 2016…

      – Eleanor Pendleton, Gritty Pretty Editor & Publisher


      Photography: Christian Blanchard

      Styling: Hayley Bonham

      Makeup: Tobi Henney using Tom Ford

      Hair: Travis Balcke for Wella Professionals

      Video: Thomas Stockwell

      [responsive imageid=’15825′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [Bambi wears]: Albus Lumen Fringe Scarf &
      Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Titanium Smoke

      [responsive imageid=’15844′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [Bambi wears]: Albus Lumen Fringe Scarf, camilla and marc One Piece Swimsuit & Haydenshapes x The Cool Hunter Surfboard

      [responsive imageid=’15841′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]



      “Excuse me, can I please ask what fragrance you’re wearing?”

      If I’m honest, and I always am, that’s a question I’m asked almost every other week. But, here’s the catch… It usually occurs when I’ve layered my scents to create something bespoke.

      Tell me, how many times have you smelled a perfume and wished it were just a hint sweeter, a little lighter or perhaps a touch darker? Instead of sniffing thousands of scents in search of the perfect one (which sounds like a major headache – literally!), wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to wear the perfumes you already have better?

      Layering fragrances may sound complicated, but it’s easier than you think – if you know how to do it.

      That’s where Giorgio Armani’s iconic Sì collection – Giorgio Armani Sì Eau de Parfum, Giorgio Armani Sì Eau de Toilette and Giorgio Armani Sì Intense – comes in.

      Giorgio Armani Sì Eau de Parfum, which is a classic chypre fragrance, explodes with the sticky nectar of blackcurrant. This can then be accentuated by the freshness of green, crisp pear, mandarin and freesia of Giorgio Armani Eau de Toilette while the vanilla bean and amber of Giorgio Armani Intense gives it depth and staying power.

      Rose de Mai – which is at the heart of all three scents – is one of the most versatile, identifiable notes around. It adds decadence and a hint of romance to any perfume, but for real impact, it can be used to transform a familiar or iconic fragrance.

      Amber, which appears in the Intense version, is another friendly note that works well with others. It’s warm, nuzzly and ideal for nighttime or colder seasons.

      When layering (remember: just one spritz of each is enough), hair is a great fragrance diffuser and probably the best spot to spray fragrance if you want to make a lasting impression. However, because some fragrances can be high in alcohol, they can dry out your hair so only apply sparingly.

      Worn alone, each of these alluring scents are exquisite in their own right (we particularly love Giorgio Armani Sì Eau de Toilette in the summer evenings). But, when worn together, it’s a fragrance that will be memorable for all of the right reasons.

      Tell me, do you layer your perfumes?

      [responsive imageid=’15790′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’15791′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’15792′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’15793′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]



      How genius is it that a fragrance line would create a dry shampoo? We’ll answer that for you: Very.

      Sure, you’ve probably already committed yourself to some particular formula of powdered dry shampoo. Yeah, you love it but you also know it has its limits and can, at times, fall short…

      Maybe it takes a moment or two too long to sink in? Maybe it doesn’t give good volume? Or maybe it leaves a powdery white residue, which you have spend a few minutes dissipating with your fingers? Annoyinggggg.

      Yes, Mary-Kate and Ashley have done it again and created the product you never knew you needed…until now.

      Enter the new Elizabeth and James Nirvana duo of dry shampoos.

      Pick one (or both—Black is all wood and musk thanks to violet, sandalwood and vanilla; White is like freshly fallen petals à la peony, muguet and musk), spray near the roots, and work through your hair with your hands.

      These chic aerosols don’t spray on chalky – they contain rice starch, which absorbs oil from second-day (or third- or fourth-day) hair instantly – so the clean effect is real. It has a faint powdery white cast as first, but after letting it sit for a second and brushing through your hair (with either a brush or fingers), it turns completely translucent, even on brunettes.

      Boom: perfectly messy hair worthy of an Olsen. Grab it anytime you’re trying to extend a blow-dry for an extra day or add a bit of grit to a bun or braid.

      Bonus points for pairing it with Elizabeth and James Eau de Parfum (we know Gritty Pretty girls don’t do things in halves).

      [responsive imageid=’15774′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’15773′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’15771′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’15770′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]



      Sure, most modern day anti-ageing solutions come in the form of potions, lotions and lasers.

      But, there’s a lot more to skin care than potent face serums and anti-wrinkle creams. Seriously.

      We at Gritty Pretty believe it’s important to consider not only what we put in and on our bodies, but also how our thoughts and emotions affect our skin and body as well.

      For even the most zen of us, stress has become a constant part of our daily lives, and consequently, our beauty routines. And, with high levels of stress, can often lead to acne, wrinkles, dry skin and even hair loss. Instead of only recommending topical treatments, dermatologists are also prescribing meditation—the practice of calming your mind to reduce stress.

      “Cortisol and stress related hormones​ wreak havoc on our health and especially our skin. Vedic meditation actively reduces stress related hormones from the nervous system and allows the metabolism and nervous system to stabilise,” says Jacqui Lewis, Meditation Teacher and Founder of The Broad Place. “Meditation also works to balance the hormones that make our skin go crazy, break out and over react! Stress causes the blood vessels to constrict and triggers hormone imbalances, making the skin sensitive to acne and eczema.”

      And, because meditation not only reduces stress, strengthens immunity and reduces heart disease, it can also produces a natural sebum oil on the skin, filled with happy hormones that balance the skin. “Meditation will quite literally give you a ‘glow’,” says Lewis.

      Here, Lewis reveals how even just five minutes of “me time” does wonders for your appearance and mind.


      [responsive imageid=’15566′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]
      [responsive imageid=’15567′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [PICTURED]: The Broad Place, Sydney


      Stress is what we call a ‘beauty burglar’. Without getting to sciencey on you all, put simply, when you are stressed, your blood vessels constrict. Stress also makes you release all sorts of stress hormones, which can trigger your body to decide that skin circulation is not a priority and to channel blood away from the skin toward muscles and other organs in the body. Not only is the skin deprived of oxygen and nutrients, but it becomes so sensitive that pre-existing issues, such as acne and eczema, tend to flare up. The worst.

      Vedic meditation, which is what Lewis practices and teaches, can be brilliant for managing stress. “The key thing is to understand ​that like any form of physical exercise, ​there are so many different types of meditation​. They all have different ways of practicing and each achieve different results,” says Lewis.

      Vedic meditation is easy to do; it’s manageable to fit into a jam-packed schedule and you get incredible results from minimal input.

      The Benefits of Meditation

      A thicker moisturiser or stronger retinol may relieve some of the symptoms of stress on the skin, but the smartest cure is to relieve the stress itself. When we meditate (even if for a few minutes a day), we are allowing our minds and bodies to enter a more relaxed state. Allowing yourself to focus on calm breathing helps oxygenate our bodies and both the breathing and state of calm will help with toxin elimination.

      If you still can’t bring your mind to meditation (we know there’s a lot going on in there!), try yoga poses to release the force of gravity on the skin. Yoga stimulates blood flow, lymphatic flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body. And, because we know you expect results, after meditation, you can expect to see and feel results—not only on your skin and hair, but on your mental well being—immediately. Yes, straight after!


      STEP 1

      Sit comfortably with your back supported and hands resting gently in your lap. Don’t be bothered about noise around you – if we had to find somewhere absolutely quiet to meditate we would never practice, and keep in mind being in nature is one of the noisiest places to be!

      STEP 2

      Take 3 deep breaths through the nose and out the mouth, slowly and gently relaxing the body.

      STEP 3

      Starting with the top of the head, move your attention body part by body part from the top of the head to the toes, taking in as much or as little parts as you like. For example, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth or simply ‘face’.

      STEP 4

      After you have scanned the whole body relaxing each part as you go, simply sit for 10 – 15 minutes bringing your awareness gently back to your breath. There is no need to push away thoughts, or use the breath to stop noise from entering the mind – just go quietly and softly and continue to come back to the breath whenever you become conscious the mind wanders.

      STEP 5

      ​When you’re ready to come out of your meditation, simply bring you mind back to the present, open your eyes, take a deep breath and feel the difference. ​

      TIP: T​his ​practice works is relaxing and grounding and can be done once ​or twice ​a day with ease (for best results, practice morning and afternoon – or at a time that suits your schedule such as in the car when you arrive home from work or before you go to bed).​



      Is it odd to covet a candle? If so, consider us weirdos.

      Perfect for filling a room with fragrance and creating ambiance, candles can instantly uplift – or relax – your mood.

      Whether you love to surround yourself with a blend of dainty notes such as peony or violet, or would rather smell warm and spicy ingredients like cedar wood and cinnamon, there’s a candle to suit all tastes.

      Here, we’ve rounded up the trendiest types of scented candles. We recommend recycling the jars after it’s been enjoyed for a variety of different beauty needs including storing makeup brushes, cotton tips and cotton pads.

      Oh go on, life is short! Burn the candle and get ready to buy matches in bulk.

      [responsive imageid=’15710′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [L to R]: Stylish Little Things x Raw Impressions White Concrete Amberwood Candle, Willow No 1 Luxury Soy Candle, Cocolux Bergamot, Lily & Moss Copper Candle & Dipyqtue Le Proveresse Green Candle.

      [responsive imageid=’15707′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [L]: Stylish Little Things x Raw Impressions White Concrete Amberwood Candle

      Concrete and candles go together like chilli and chocolate. The combination of soy and coconut wax with sandalwood, cedar wood, bamboo and musk make this variation rich, warm and slightly masculine. Hand made to order, this stylish little pot of goodness will give you 40 hours of burn time. Think of your home. It would be rude not, really…

      [R]: Willow No 1 Luxury Soy Candle

      Australian fashion label WILLOW has launched into the world of home fragrance with a bang. Introducing No 1 – a feminine floral – which combines exceptionally fresh peony petals with earthy African violet and is beautifully set in a white marble vessel. Boasting an impressive 50 hours of burn time, we are in love with the timber wick (which can be sealed with a removable metallic lid). Oh, we are impressed, alright.

      [responsive imageid=’15708′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [L]: Cocolux Bergamot, Lily & Moss Copper Candle
      Imagine this: an early morning walk through fresh and dewy woods. This earthy, androgynous aroma will transport you there as it features ​strong, masculine citrus and fern-like notes, cut by the intensity of lily of the valley. Housed in a chic copper jar, it can be reused for flowers and whatever else you like. Tip: remember to polish the copper to stop it turning green.

      [R]: Dipyqtue Le Proveresse Green Candle
      Inspired by a sun-drenched trail near Grasse, France, this almost-too-pretty-to-burn candle emits a delicious woody fragrance so strong it invitingly bursts open as you unbox it. Seriously. When concocting this fragrant candle, perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin focused on the woody scent of fig trees and the rustic notes of the south of France; encasing it inside a ceramic cream, green and black pot hand-crafted in Portugal. At $105, this new candle puts it into the “want” not “need” category. We want two, thanks.

      [responsive imageid=’15712′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [responsive imageid=’15714′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [L]: Palm Beach Clove & Sandalwood Candle

      This soy based wax candle boasts a whopping 80 hours of delight. Light musk, patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood marries beautifully with mid notes of clove and violet. Light pepper is sprinkled at the top of this aroma to help compliment this sophisticated blend. We also like the glass cloche, which is available separately.

      [R]: Damselfly Girl Boss Nariel Candle

      Cheeky beauty brand Damselfly wants to hit you in the face, right in the nose, with this triple-scented creamy coconut, light musk and white floral candle. Then, they like to smack you in the eyes, with a killer quote like this “Girl Boss” one. Offering up to a solid 60 hours of burn time and two lead-free cotton wicks, we love the top notes of cinnamon bark, which helps round out the creamy coconut. Smells like a holiday in a jar.

      [responsive imageid=’15709′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      [L]: Maison D’Amore II Candle

      We don’t condone smoking – or the harmful effects it has on the body – but we do love the smell of earthy tobacco leaves mixed with cinnamon, honey and vanilla. This intense seductive aroma, which excites a feeling of after dark, is perfect for the woman who prefers masculine scents over girlie ones. Oh, did we mention the words “free shipping” too?

      [R]: Byredo Figue Glacée Candle 

      Dreaming of a white Christmas? This stylish limited edition candle evokes the scent of a European winter. Ideal as a collectible or as a luxurious Christmas gift, this fruity oriental candle is encased in white frosted glass – perfect for the minimalist. Featuring notes of Mediterranean fig, redcurrant, midnight Violet, bamboo, whipped vanilla cream and golden sandalwood, we guarantee just one whiff will send you to a happy place.

      Health Skin


      There are plenty of reasons to exercise.

      For some, it’s because you booked a beach holiday or have an upcoming wedding while others are focused on staying healthy overall. Whatever your motivation, there is no better time than the present. And, it’s not just your body, health and mind that will reap the rewards.

      There’s another, stealthier payoff: healthy skin.

      “Skin is the body’s largest living organ and sweating through the skin is the best form of detox,” says co-founders of Bodypass, Carla McMillan (yoga teacher and healthy chef) and Georgia van Tiel (exercise scientist).

      Here, the experts weigh in on the extensive beauty benefits…


      Ever catch someone walking down the street with a radiant pink flush and post-workout glow? Working out not only boosts circulation but also improves lymphatic drainage, resulting in a glowing complexion. And, while exercise like yoga can’t minimise cellulite (which is genetic), maintaining a healthy exercise regime alongside a healthy diet will minimise fatty deposits, which contribute to pesky cellulite.


      Regular exercise can improve blood flow to your scalp, keeping your hair stronger and healthier. And, because exercise lowers stress levels, lower stress means your hair is less likely to be brittle or, worse, fall out. “Each hair follicle (hair root) has blood vessels that nourish the follicle by supplying it with nutrients and oxygen,” explains van Tiel. “The supply of nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles is necessary for hair growth to occur.”


      Some people believe exercise can cause acne. But, the truth is sweat, caused from exercise, actually helps to create a better skin protection barrier. It’s important though not to use cheap-quality body wash post-working out. Some body wash formulas can strip the body of acidity, tipping the body’s pH state towards alkaline. When the body and skin’s pH balance is thrown, bacteria can form, leading to the development of blemishes acne, so it’s important to invest in a low-irritant, pH balanced formula like QV Body Wash or Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.


      Our skin regenerates at night – calling it “beauty sleep” for a reason – so can regular exercise lead to a better, deeper sleep? “Considering how much time we spend sitting still and being sedentary, any form of exercise that gets the heart rate going and the metabolism stimulated, makes the body tired and lethargic at night,” says van Tiel. Adding, “Exercising first thing in the morning really gets the metabolism firing and burning fat from the get go.” But, if you can’t fit a morning workout in – because let’s face it: life gets in the way! – van Tiel recommends trying to aim to exercise at least two hours before heading to bed. Why? “You don’t want to be over stimulated as you start to wind down for the day,” she says. Good point and good night.


      Feeling stressed? Go for a run, do some yoga, practice pilates, take a walk or do whatever else tickles your fancy (and most importantly, doesn’t feel like a chore). Exercise is an excellent stress reliever as it produces all of the happy hormones (like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine) in the brain. “It also helps to balance your entire endocrine system (including stress, sexual, reproductive and metabolic hormones),” explains McMillan.

      As for the best type of exercise for your skin, McMillan and van Tiel says all of it is good. “Every modality will improve circulation and reduce stress but it’s a wise move to mix up your workouts as often as possible.”

      Try adding 30 minutes of a few simple yoga postures or a brisk walk to your day three times a week, McMillan and van Tiels says, to see the best beauty returns all round.

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