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      Makeup Style


      No matter how killer you are at hair and makeup, there’s always more to learn.

      And while we love beauty destinations such as Byrdie and YouTube tutorials by the likes of Lisa Eldridge, Ruby Golani and Chloe Morello, there’s still a very special place in our hearts for beauty books.

      Eternal sources of education and inspiration, beauty books also look right at home on your bookshelf or coffee table.

      Rescu Me!, the debut book by Bahar Etminan – digital entrepreneur and founder of Rescu – is perfect for anyone who wants plenty of tips, tricks and insightful pieces of advice.

      Etminan breaks down everything—and we do mean everything—about beauty, from basic nutrition and skincare, all the way to her chosen makeup application techniques and fashion styling tips as well as from other leading industry experts. “This book is a makeover guide for anyone who wants to dial up the fabulous in any aspect of their life,” says Etminan.


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      Rescu Me! is divided into easy-to-refer-to sections by feature (diet, fitness, fashion and makeup), by looks (cool minimalism, groomed sophistication, casual feminine) and even by product (the chapter on Skincare Tried and True (page 228) is mega helpful). There’s even a section with real life makeovers on real women of different ages. “[This book] will help you look and feel your most beautiful, empowered self,” she says. With amazing illustrations and caring advice, this beauty book is truly indispensable.

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      Rescu Me! author, Bahar Etminan
      Photography: Justin Ridler

      Tell us, what is your favourite beauty book?

      Leave your recommendations below.

      Eyes Makeup


      Cooking the perfect soufflé, meeting the parents and mastering a smokey eye can all be intimidating.

      The latter, at least, is not impossible.

      The insider secret? Blend, blend and yep, you guessed it, blend.

      Here, MAC Cosmetic’s Senior Artist Nicole Thompson – who created this look on Gritty Pretty editor Eleanor Pendleton (photographed by the talented Justin Ridler and paint work by the equally talented artist, Stephanie Lopes) – reveals how a fluffy eye shadow brush will be your new best friend when recreating this smouldering smokey eye style.

      STEP 1

      To start, apply MAC Cosmetics Kohl Pencil in Feline along the eye’s bottom waterline and squeeze the eyes together to transfer the liner to the top waterline.

      STEP 2

      Next, gently apply the pencil between the base of the top and bottom lashes.

      STEP 3

      For a seriously smokey look, apply MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Carbon onto the upper eye lid using MAC Cosmetics #219 Brush. Using the tip of the brush, drag the eye shadow out creating an elongated wing rather than a flick. Then, blend using MAC Cosmetics #217 Brush in a back and forth windscreen wiper motion. Repeat along the lower lash line.

      STEP 4

      Apply MAC Cosmetics #6 Lash before coating lashes with a lengthening black mascara.

      STEP 5

      To complete the look, brush brows and slick MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Velvet Teddy onto lips.

      Tell us, what do you think of this sexy makeup look?

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      What do you get when makeup artist François Nars teams up with legendary fashion photographer Steven Klein?

      An extensive cosmetics collection that is anything but tame.

      Klein, known for his boundary-pushing images, and François Nars, a makeup genius with a limitless definition of beauty, have joined forces to create the coolest freaking makeup line we’ve seen in a long time.

      The extensive limited-edition collection featuring 24 products, available exclusively at MECCA in Australia, sees everything from creamy lipsticks in new vibrant shades to powder palettes including iconic blushes such as laguna, dolce vita and luster — all encased in provocative packaging showcasing Klein’s iconic work.

      Provocative, seductive and menacingly beautiful. We’ll be snapping up one of, oh, everything.

      Are you with us?

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      Lips Makeup


      When it comes to makeup, nothing (and we mean, nothing!) rivals the power of a red lip.

      A crimson pout will boost your confidence, elevate your outfit and make a statement all in one swipe.

      Guerlain’s KissKiss Lipstick in Orange Fizz is a second-skin for lips. The type of stuff that makeup Gods bestow upon you every couple of years. The type of lipstick that femininely hugs at the curves, softens at the surface and plumps the pout (thanks to hydrating hyaluronic acid and commiphora oil) while leaving a subtle vanilla-violet fragrance.

      Consider yourself one of those people that say they can’t wear red? Well, chances are it’s because you haven’t found the exact right shade… yet.

      Ruby Woo (MAC), Heat Wave (ol’ faithful NARS) and Pirate (Her Royal Highness, CHANEL) all have their place but it’s warm reds like Guerlain’s Orange Fizz that are the most universally flattering and easy to wear.

      Keep it chic and casual by pairing said bright red lipstick with groomed brows, mascara and natural, dewy skin.

      Truth be told, we’re sticklers for products that require regular touch ups so it is Guerlain’s extra long-lasting formula (not to mention the excellent embossing details) that really won us over.

      What sealed the deal? Why, a kiss, no less.

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      Fragrance Hair


      For the first time ever, you can now shop from Sephora online in Australia.

      The announcement of Sephora’s e-store screams delight for customers across the country who previously haven’t been able to visit Sephora’s two bricks-and-mortar stores at Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall and Macquarie Centre.

      Brands available on the new e-commerce website include brand exclusives such as Marc Jacobs Beauty, Make Up For Ever, TarteCover FX and Nudestix. While the offering of 14 exclusive brands in total may seem limited, the giant retailer also offers an additional 117 beauty brands including favourites such as Benefit and SK-II.

      “The desire for an online store was one of the key requests we received through social media platforms. It was wonderful to deliver this to our customers across Australia, much earlier than we anticipated,” says Sephora Country Manager, Libby Amelia.

      Melbourne beauty addicts can also mark late November into their diaries for their own beauty heaven retail space.

      Happy shopping, folks!

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      There are two things in life that are confusing: algebra and skincare.

      The latter, we’re here to help you decipher. The former, well, sorry but we’re no hope.

      If you’ve ever wondered whether you really need to moisturise your face, just wear a pair of leather shoes for a few months without conditioning them and see what happens. Do you see where we’re going here? Over time, cracks, deep crevices, and a general wear will age even that tough and tanned cowhide.

      The point of this analogy? Your much less resilient skin needs regular protection and care to keep it looking fresh.

      Here, we’ve listed everything you need to know about the art of moisturising…


      Removing surface dirt and oil is the first step in allowing any hydrating face cream to penetrate your skin’s surface layers. Cleansing twice a day, morning and night, is a good idea. But don’t get carried away by using heavy-duty scrubs more than once or twice a week. These will only irritate the skin and stimulate oil production. Instead, look to gentle micellar cleansing waters as an alternative to cleansers.


      Knowing what kind of skin you have is the first step in determining your skin care regimen and your moisturising needs.

      How can you tell your skin type, do you ask? Sensitive skin reddens easily and stings or burns when you apply most products. For the other types, the condition of your T-zone (across your forehead and a straight line down your chin) will help you identify which category you fit in. At the end of the day, examine the area. Generally speaking, a matte surface means dry skin, a greasy or shiny zone translates to oily, and if your face is just slightly slick, you’re likely to have normal or combination skin.

      • Dry—Use a cream or oil cleanser and follow up with a rich moisturising face cream. As long as acne is not an issue, oil-based lotions or pure plant-based oils like rosehip and jojoba are a good choice, especially at night.
      • Oily—Avoid any heavy or oil-based formulas. Instead, opt for a foaming cleanser and use an oil-free or mattifying moisturiser in the morning and just a lightweight serum at night.
      • Normal/ Combination—The trick to treating this variable skin is creating balance. Aim for a medium-weight product that maintains moisture but doesn’t add oil to already shiny areas. If there are extreme disparities between areas, you can always use two different products like a mattifying moisturiser around your T-zone and a richer face cream around your chin and sides of nose.
      • Sensitive—Avoid irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, fragrances, dyes, and preservatives (parabens and phthalates). Moisturise twice daily with mild, preferably natural and certified organic products, specifically designed for sensitive skin.


      For realz. If you thought serums were just a marketing ploy, think again. Serums, in fact, contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than your average face moisturisers, and subsequently, they penetrate deeper into the skin. They also tend to be fine in texture, allowing them to be better absorbed and target deeper skin-cell layers. Another benefit of serums is that they can treat different skin conditions, from pigmentation and fine lines to dryness and blemishes. To avoid walking around the beauty counters clueless, check packaging for active ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E or Pitera.

      Oh, and remember: A good serum isn’t sticky or greasy on the skin. Serums, for the most part, should be used in addition to a cream or lotion, however, they’re hydrating enough to be used alone (particularly for oily skin types).


      Of your face, the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive, delicate, and prone to wrinkling. Repetitive actions, such as squinting, rubbing your eyes, and vigorously drying your face with a towel will eventually come to see crow’s feet. To slow down the signs, add an eye cream with hyaluronic acid or vitamin E to your regimen at night. Tap – don’t rub – it on gently with your ring finger. Got deeper crevices appearing? Collagen-boosting retinol will also temporarily fill them to keep those peepers looking perky.


      It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason. Night is an essential time to renew your mind — and your skin. Adding a lotion, cream or oil before bed creates softer, more hydrated, and better-looking skin the next day. It also helps seal in moisture and repairs the skin barrier that’s already compromised. Before bed, use products with targeted ingredients that can help slow down the signs of aging. Most skin types will benefit from using a skin treatment lotion that has retinol (Vitamin A), or other anti-aging creams or serums, such alpha hydroxyl, glycolic acid, or peptides for anti-aging,” says Dr. Welsh.

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      Interviews Skin Style


      She’s a living, breathing and glowing advocate for healthy living.

      Now, the beautiful Bianca Cheah (model-business woman-digital entrepreneur) has been revealed as Sukin’s first brand ambassador.

      Here, she takes five minutes to bliss out with Gritty Pretty at Sydney’s Clovelly Beach to talk about body, beauty and balance… Her secret? “Don’t sweat the small things in life and never lose site of your goals.”

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      Bianca wears: Seafolly Coral Crush High Neck One Piece.

      GRITTY PRETTY: You’re an advocate for healthy living. Tell us, what is your go-to work out?

      BIANCA CHEAH: My go-to workout is a 30 minute vinyasa yoga workout that I practice at home. It’s like my version of a HIT (High Intensity Training) class as it contains waves of vinyasa flows, repetitions and strong holding poses. I do prefer to exercise outdoors for the health benefits, but I practice yoga indoors so I can focus more easily in a quiet space.

      GP: You travel a lot. Do you still make a point of exercising even when in different countries?

      BC: Yes! As a frequent traveler who doesn’t stay in one place for too long, jet lag can be really debilitating and can set me back. For me, making the time to practice yoga and exercise helps lessen the feeling of jet lag and leads to a more productive trip.

      GP: You’re a big yogi… Can you tell us what your favourite yoga pose is?

      BC: King pigeon or scorpion. It’s so energising and enriching – it gives me the biggest rush when I do it!

      GP: As well as running your own business (Sporteluxe – an online destination for all things fitness), you’re also a model. How do you tone up quickly if you have a swimwear shoot coming up?

      BC: It’s all about balance and moderation. I make sure I am eating clean foods with plenty of lean proteins whilst exercising (power yoga) at least 30 minutes a day.

      GP: Let’s talk diet. What do you typically eat and what do you try to avoid?

      BC: Breakfast usually consists of a coconut chia pudding and a soy latte. I also snack on almonds. For lunch, I’ll have a protein salad (tuna is my favourite!). And, for dinner, I will usually cook a piece of protein with vegetables.

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      Bianca wears: DUSKII Capri Rush Tank Spring Suit & Dior So Real Crystal Sunglasses.

      GP: Do you have any vices?

      BC: Caramelo Koalas!

      GP: Any advice for those who want to become fit and healthier but are a bit overwhelmed or unsure as to where to start?

      BC: Start by planning your workouts by setting reminders in your calendar, and pack your gym bag to take to work with you. For me, having a reminder there with you actually does wonders. Most people say they never have the time to work out (and I can understand that as I sometimes struggle with my own work load), but if you have your gym bag ready at your feet, you’ll save time not having to home and not wanting to leave the house again!

      GP: Sporteluxe has evolved from being your personal blog to becoming a digital business and publishing platform. How would you describe Sporteluxe now? 

      BC: I’m so proud of where we started and where we are now. Those early blogging days were tough, but I really believe if you persist with your passion then the hard work will pay off. I have 7 staff in total now working at Sporteluxe and I hope to see us launch next year into Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE.

      GP: How does it feel to be Sukin’s first brand ambassador?

      BC: I am absolutely honoured! When Sukin approached me, I was over the moon. We have so many synergies together and the alignment is just perfect. I’d already been using their skincare products for years!

      GP: What was it like shooting the brand campaign with fellow digital creative, Margaret Zhang?

      BC: Margaret was a dream to work with. We shot at Coogee Beach in Sydney during the very early hours of the morning. Shooting the Sukin campaign was such a breeze! Everything on the day just flowed – it was such an organic experience.

      GP: Okay so tell us, what is your morning and evening skin care routine?

      BC: I cleanse with Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water morning and night. Before bed, I also use the Sukin Moisturise Restoring Night Cream. At night I also give my skin a facial massage with Sukin Roseh Hip Oil. I also use their body wash in the shower. I love how gentle the formula is.

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      Bianca wears: Suboo Black Bustier Bikini & Fella Swim Salvador Bottom.

      GP: How would you describe your skin type?

      BC: It changes from season to season. In winter, I would describe my skin as normal/combination but in summer, it leans more towards combination/oily particularly across my T-zone.

      GP: The one thing you can’t live without…

      BC: My mobile phone, yoga mat and Sukin Rose Hip Oil.

      GP: What is your number one beauty tip?

      BC: Moisturise! It’s so important to protect our skin. Adopting the right skincare routine earlier on in life will assist in preventing premature aging including lines, wrinkles and age spots from occurring.

      GP: The best beauty advice you ever received…

      BC: From my mother… “This too shall pass…” There is no need to stress because it will all blow over sooner or later. Stress is terrible for the skin and mind. Also, don’t forget to smile!

      GP: You view ageing as…

      BC: Getting wiser.



      Allow me to set the record straight…

      I love red lipstick, black eyeliner and pink blush as much as, well, you guys, but the dog days of summer are as good an excuse as any to go makeup-free (or at least, just about).

      A natural, fresh-faced look is flattering on all faces and shapes, however it works best when skin is smooth, blemish-free and well cared for.

      If you have problematic skin, you are better off focusing on heavier neutral palettes of shadow and liner on the eyes to detract attention from any unwanted blemishes.

      Here, I’ve come up with a list of makeup bag must-haves for going neutral. The best part: You really don’t need much, making this a great time-saving makeup trend and look for anyone dealing with a mad rush in the mornings (aka most of us).

      Skin illuminator

      Try Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone (bonus: it’s SPF 20). For skin that looks refreshed without hours of sleep, apply this luminizer which is formulated to counteract any red areas or purple undertones and bounce light off your face.

      Tinted moisturiser

      Try Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20. A 5 cent-sized amount is all you need for radiant, even skin in seconds. To make it invisible, sweep the tinted moisturiser onto your face with a foundation brush or beauty blender. Blend it out and up from the centre of your face then lightly buff your skin so all you’re left with is a super-thin veil of makeup of your face.

      Sheer cream blush

      Try Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moonbeach, a translucent peach. It blends beautifully so you practically can’t stuff it up. Apply it after your foundation, using a clean foundation brush so the product sits perfectly on your skin, and top with translucent powder to lock the pigment in place.

      Powder bronzer

      Try the bronzing shade from Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette in Fair/Medium – sweep it along the cheek bones, the eye lids and bottom lash line.

      Brow Gel

      Try ModelCo More Brows Eyebrow Thickening Gel. Sweep it through brows to lift and frame your face. Trust me, this isn’t a step to skip.

      Lash-separating mascara

      Try Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Go for two coats. If you’re fair-haired, try three.

      Lip balm

      Last but not least, to finish, dab a nourishing balm onto lips. Try Lanolips 101 Ointment in Banana Balm 3-in-1.


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      We’ve told you before and we’ll tell you again… Oils aren’t the devil.

      In fact, when applied correctly, oils can be the ultimate skin saviour.

      Best applied to normal to dry skin types, oils are praised by skin experts for their potency. But, it’s true not everyone responds well to oil.

      Now The Body Shop has revealed its Oils of Life range, which combines the efficacy and nourishing skin benefits of three precious seed oils – black cumin, rosehip and camellia – and here’s the clincher: they’re delivering it in four different textures.

      Your skin has a gatekeeper known as the acid mantle, which acts as a barrier that keeps moisture in and irritants out. If you have dry skin, your barrier might be compromised. (That’s why dry skin and sensitive skin often go hand-in-hand — when your gatekeeper’s falling down on the job, irritants get into skin more easily.)

      At that point, what your skin needs is proper hydration.

      And while any oil can help replenish the skin’s lipids, rosehip oil, camellia and black cumin are especially good picks for dry skin.

      Cold-pressed and blended into a powerful cocktail, this plant-based range consists of an Essence Lotion – a lightweight, water-like texture, which is made for oily skin types.

      Prefer lightweight lotions as opposed to rich creams? Enter the Gel Cream. Ideal for combination complexion types, it gives the skin an intense boost of hydration while leaving a luminous, radiant finish (sans oily finish).

      If you like the idea of a more luxurious, decadent experience, the Cream is for you. Suitable for normal to dry skin types, it will help to repair and protect your skin’s natural barrier without weighing the skin down in an oily film.

      Still can’t commit to the slick? Just add one or two drops of the Facial Oil into your moisturiser for an extra boost of hydration to your skin. Alternatively, go The Full Monty and apply the Facial Oil all over your face for a luxurious night skin treatment.

      In this case, Grease is the word.

      Tell us, do you use face oils?

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      Introducing (drum roll, please) Fleur de Portofino, the fourth instalment in Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino collection.

      An luminous and addictive blend of Sicilian lemon, mandarin from Sorrento, white acacia, jasmine, and honey—Ford turned his attention to assets for the ad campaign. A continuation of last year’s visual featuring a row of sun-kissed behinds, this season is just as eye-catching and opinion provoking.

      Known for pushing the boundaries and challenging advertising standard authorities around the globe, whether you approve of Ford’s fragrance campaigns—or not—they undeniably evoke emotion and reaction.

      For Ford fragrance lovers, think of this latest effervescent juice as a mix between the original bergamot-rich Neroli Portofino and the citrus effervescence of Mandarino di Amalfi encased in a similar cerulean bottle.

      Derrière not included.

      To shop Tom Ford Fleur de Portofino Eau de Parfum, click here.

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      Being a beauty editor has a lot of perks (read: testing beauty products for a living), which means that when it comes to our office arsenal of products, we’ve basically got it down to a science.

      Battling office elements such as erratic air-conditioning, stressful meetings and frustrating technology can be exhausting on both the skin and soul.

      What follows is some of our favourite desk drawer items: refreshing face mists, flattering concealers and a lip balm that can be applied on just about anything to help make your every day a little easier.

      Load up now. Thank us later.

      [responsive imageid=’19303′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_Work-Must-Haves_2[/responsive]

      [responsive imageid=’19302′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]Gritty-Pretty_Work-Must-Haves_3-1384x1000[/responsive]

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      [responsive imageid=’15338′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]

      1. FACE MIST

        The new generation of face mists are able to prime, protect and seal makeup into place.  Applied after cleansing, over makeup, or throughout the day, they’ve become irreplaceable for their easy one-step method of hydration. Featuring skin-cooling technology, and a shine-free finish, SK-II Mid Night Miracle Essence is the perfect for pick-me-up either at the desk, in the car in between meetings or simply on the go. Instant rejuvenation occurs by way of this cooling menthol-infused spray, which combines high levels of Pitera. It’s so good, you’ll want two. Or three.

      2. FACE POWDER

        Come 3:30pm and it’s not just a tea or coffee break that’s calling (or a sneaky trip to the office cookie jar). By the afternoon, your skin’s sebum levels have produced and you can be left with an oil slick the size of Mount Vesuvius on your forehead. Not. Cool.

        To stop your foundation from sliding off your face, keep a compact powder foundation in your handbag for touch ups. CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15 will help refresh your complexion, leaving a natural velvet finish. (As if the sleek, portable black and beige case wasn’t reason enough, are we right?!).

      3. CONCEALER

        When you’re powering through 12 hour days and your next port of call is after work office drinks, it’s time to bring out the BIG GUNS to help cover up those dark circles that have set up shop under your eyes. A concealer like Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer works to brighten and boost collagen production to fade away the look of dark circles. Plus, this handy slimline tube is also formulated with Vitamin C Ester to brighten and blur the appearance of imperfections. Just what we all need. Genius.

      4. LIP BALM

        If there is just one beauty product every woman should keep in her handbag, it’s lip balm. Rain, hail or shine; you can call on balm to not just hydrate lips but also soothe dry cuticles, aid nasty paper cuts, stop bites from itching, moisturise dry elbows or tame unruly brows (yes, really – just apply sparingly). Lanolips 101 Ointment in Pear will do all of the above. It just won’t load the paper copier for you. Sorry.

      5. LIPSTICK

        It’s Friday and the office is celebrating a big win. #FRIYAY! To get into the mood and kick start the weekend, keep a bold lipstick stashed in your purse. Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Shine Lipstick in Pink Dragon, when slicked onto lips, glides on to release hydration cleverly throughout its wear. Lips are saturated in vibrant colour and sculpted beautifully. A makeup mandatory, really.

      6. HAND CREAM

        Because no one likes dry elbows or hands, a pint-sized hand cream will take up next to no room in your handbag but will be your biggest saviour when the time comes (and trust us, it will come). Byredo Hand Cream in Blanche, which features the Swedish house’s award-winning Blanche fragrance, hydrates hands without leaving your mits feeling greasy. No grandma rose scent here (no offence, Grandma!). This luxurious cream is an experience for the senses – for realz.



      A modern history lesson on the humble face mist…

      Remember those spray bottles with battery-powered fans attached to them?

      Chances are you used one while wearing one of those rainbow hats with a fixed propeller on top and a dagwood dog in your other hand (heck, we sure did!). Those water fans were a must-have staple standing in lines at Wonderland and Movie World in the summer (and probably still are, although, RIP Wonderland). Whether you remember those or not, you can look at face mists as a highly evolved form of those.

      Unlike the straightforward floral-infused rosewaters of the past, the new generation of face mists are anything but simple. Applied after cleansing, over makeup, or throughout the day, nowadays face mists have become irreplaceable for their appealing one-step method of hydration.

      Enter SK-II Mid Night Miracle Essence – not to be confused by the name – can be spritzed any time, anywhere. Besides being super-refreshing in the sticky summer heat, this face mist which contains Pitera and cooling menthol is a genius way of adding much-needed moisture without making your mascara melt off your eyes.

      And because the lines have been blurred between toner and mist, we’re here to set the record straight: You can really get away with using either but while toner is typically a post-cleansing-only ritual (designed to neutralise your skin’s pH balance), we like to think of mists more like your lipstick: to be kept with you at all times and reapplied often.

      The truth is it’s not really possible to overdose on face mists – which is why we recommend keeping one stashed in your car, one in your handbag and one in your desk drawer – so when it comes to this magic skin saviour spray, you really can go nuts.

      To shop SK-II Mid Night Miracle Essence, click here.

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