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      Why We’re Rebelling Against The Instagram Brow Trend

      At Gritty Pretty, we firmly believe that each individual should do beauty their own way; it’s our mission to arm our readers with the knowledge and tools to embrace their unique, natural beauty. In a catch-phrase, ‘you do you’ is our ethos.

      However, every now and again, we feel the need to take a stand against a beauty trend, rather than embracing it. This time around, that trend is the Instabrow.

      Ah, the Instabrow. Much like hardcore contouring, perfect, ‘carved’ brows were made popular by Instagram makeup gurus before going mainstream. We love a fierce brow—hello, Cara Delevingne!—but perfect ombre-brows that take 20 minutes to perfect? No thank you.

      So, put those stencils down. Instabrows are out, natural brows are in. Here, we call upon Amy Jean, founder of Amy Jean Brow Agency and Hannah Mutze, National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics, for their advice on how to create face-framing brows that flatter. 

      “The Instabrow often calls for a face full of makeup to support it and can be quite harsh on the face,” explains Hannah Mutze. “Fluffy, textured brows are the way to go. They suit everyone as they often mimic a more natural, youthful brow shape, and it is one of the quickest and most simple brow styles to create.” 

      Brow mogul Amy Jean agrees that embracing a natural brow is the way to go; severe, straight lines and ‘solid boxes’ of colour are a no-no. “People are realising that natural brows give a softer more youthful look—anything that points in an upward direction is refreshing our face with a more open eyed or ‘awake’ appearance. Upwards and outwards is the key!” shares Amy Jean.


      [responsive imageid=’33616′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Product pictured from top to bottom: Tom Ford Brow Perfecting Pencil in Taupe; Hourglass Arch Brow Micro Pencil in Blonde; Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in Warm Light Brown.


      [responsive imageid=’33636′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      With a plethora of brow gels, pencils, pens, pomades and powders on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, there are a few fail-safe options that will have you on top of your brow game.

      “Fibre gels are a one-stop option for natural looking textured brows,” says Mutze. “They use microfibres to build fullness around individual hairs in the brow, making them look thicker and more textured instantly.”

      When it comes to pigment, pencils are Mutze’s preferred weapon of choice. “Fine-tipped brow pencils such as Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil are great for this brow style, as they’re designed to create hair-like strokes through the brows,” explains Mutze. “Heavily-pigmented formulas such as pomades and cream gels aren’t my first choice as they are designed to create a bolder more dramatic look. If you must, use these sparingly and with a light hand and blend well with a spoolie.” However, if you’re a bonafide brow expert, pomade away—but use a fine angled brush to create hair-like strokes à la Nikki Wolff.


      [responsive imageid=’33620′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Product pictured from top to bottom: Benefit 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel; ILIA Essential Brow Natural Volumising Brow Gel; Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel.


      If you hit the genetic lottery and have zero sparse patches in your eyebrows, then you don’t necessarily need to go in with colour. “For ultra-discrete, fluffy brows, it can be as simple as spraying a fine amount of hairspray on to a disposable mascara wand and brushing through the hairs to fan them into position,” suggests Amy Jean. “Tinted brow gel, (such as the Amy Jean Privée Collection Brow Lacquer) is also very popular for a fluffy, natural brow as it stains the hairs for definition and sets them into position.”

      The most important tool in your brow arsenal? A good ol’ spoolie. “It’s essential to use tools that separate the hairs like a brow brush or comb, so your product to follow can glide and not appear artificially applied,” says Amy Jean. Duly noted.


      [responsive imageid=’33638′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Technique is paramount to creating natural-looking brows. The good news? It’s not as hard as it seems. In fact, most advice boils down to the same three key tips.

      “Firstly, you need to comb through the spine of the brows in and upward and outward direction using a spoolie,” says Amy Jean. This is essential as it will map out your brow shape and highlight any sparse areas you need to fill in.

      Next up, colour. “Use a fine tipped brow pencil to create hairlike strokes, instead of block-filling the brows,” suggests Mutze. “This will create instant texture, a must-have for believable-looking brows. Always follow with a spoolie brush to blend colour into the brow — the finish will be much more seamless, with no harsh lines.”


      [responsive imageid=’33618′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Product pictured from top to bottom: Surratt Beauty Expressioniste Brow Pomade.


      Now, to hold those bad boys in place. “To set the brows, use a clear or tinted brow gel to ensure the hairs stay in place,” shares Amy Jean. “Try to avoid making contact with the gel on to the skin and apply to the hairs only.” We also love hard-hitting formulas such as the Surratt Beauty Expressioniste Brow Pomade.


      [responsive imageid=’33639′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Until recently, this author had never consulted a brow professional. Ever. But since my first tint and wax with none other than Benefit’s Hannah Mutze, I can honestly attest to the benefits (pun very much intended) of consulting an expert to achieve your best-ever brows.

      “Great-looking brows call for a professional brow shape and tint every four to eight weeks,” says Mutze. “Shaping the brows removes all the unwanted fuzz surrounding the brows and can correct any shape mishaps, enhancing your natural brow shape. Regular brow tinting keeps the brows looking full and defined, it’s like waking up with makeup already on and truly simplifies every gal’s morning makeup routine.” Preach!


      [responsive imageid=’33619′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Product pictured from top to bottom: Tom Ford Brow Pomade in Granite; Plume Cosmetics Nourish & Define Pomade in Golden Silk; Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade in Soft Brown; Tom Ford Brow Pomade in Taupe.


      If you were heavy-handed with the tweezers back in the 2000s, a brow professional has the tools to help. “Your brow technician may opt for brow henna, which stains the skin and casts a shadow across the sparse areas at each monthly appointment,” explains Amy Jean. “If you are interested in something more semi-permanent, then book a consultation for eyebrow ‘mist’ tattooing or microblading, for which the results generally last around 12-18 months. Ensure you are a suitable candidate and establish that the artist is a highly skilled and qualified cosmetic tattooist. After all, this is your face!”


      [responsive imageid=’33617′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Product pictured from top to bottom: Urban Decay Brow Blade in Brown Sugar; MAC Shape & Shade Brow Tint in Fling; Billion Dollar Brows The Microblade Effect Brow Pen.


      Amy Jean’s final piece of advice? “Remember that ‘trends’ are just that—choose a shape and colour with suitable products and try not to be heavily influenced by Instagram trends. Finally, always do your research and tread conservatively.” Amen, sister.


      Tell us, what are your go-to brow products?

      Would you consider embracing the ‘fluffy’ brow?

      Body Skin


      Spring is just around the corner (yes, we know, where did the time go?). Before we know it, our limbs will be exposed to the elements and on show for the world to see.

      For most, spring is time to reprioritise our health, clean up our diet and book in for a pilates class or two. (If you want to. If you want to sit on the couch and eat pizza, that’s also fine. It’s your life—live it your way!) However, spring can also be a great time to hit reset on our beauty routines. Looking after your body on a skin-deep level can help us look (and more importantly, feel) our best all summer long.

      Before you make a beeline for the sunless tanner, we’ve rounded up three not-so-obvious rejuvenating rituals that will have you feeling fresh and firm before you can say ‘September 1’.


      [responsive imageid=’33535′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      [responsive imageid=’33546′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      An ancient Ayurvedic technique, dry-brushing has been used for a myriad health reasons centuries before being cemented as of the most popular trends of the modern wellness movement, explains Susie McIntosh, founder of popular Byron Bay spa COMMA.

      “Dry-brushing is great for a bunch of different reasons, but mostly to stimulate the lymphatic system,” says McIntosh. “It sweeps away dead skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and makes your skin look luminous.”

      So, how does one dry-brush? Grab your weapon of choice (we love this one Dr. Barbara Sturm and this long-handled The Body Shop brush) and start by brushing in short, upwards motions from the feet. “Stroke the dry brush all over your body, always toward the heart to stimulate blood flow and circulation,” says McIntosh. “There’s no need to go too hard.”

      Full disclosure: There is no hard-and-fast evidence to support the much-touted ‘miracle’ benefits of dry-brushing, including claims it ‘detoxes’ the body and can banish stubborn cellulite. However, when performed properly, it is a great way to exfoliate (goodbye, ingrown hairs) and relieve both mental and muscular tension.

      “Having a repetitive motion performed to oneself slows down the autonomic nervous system which in turn slows the breath, calms the mind and leaves you feeling nurtured and glowing,” says McIntosh. Hey, if Miranda Kerr and Elle Macpherson are fans, I’ll happily try twice.


      [responsive imageid=’33539′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      [responsive imageid=’33545′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      If you’re anything like me, dear reader, applying body moisturiser on the daily at this time of year is sitting firmly in the ‘too-hard basket’, along with leaving the house after 8pm on a Friday night. But alas, I have persevered for the past two weeks and can attest to the merits of applying a hard-working body cream—not just for the skin benefits but also for the #selfcare.

      The perfect time to indulge in your dose of luxe body care is post-dry-brush, as your chosen product is absorbed best after exfoliation. If cellulite or stretch marks are a concern of yours, let the record show there is no lotion that will get rid of these. But really, who cares? We’re wearing ours with pride.

      For smooth, healthy limbs (and to minimise the appearance of lumps and bumps) opt for an oil, cream or lotion that nourishes and increases elasticity. Our go-to picks are Clarins Body Fit, Kat Burki Body Butter and Sisley’s White Ginger Contouring Oil For Legs. If you can, take the time to apply these products considerately; spend five minutes firmly massaging into the skin from feet to shoulders. Guaranteed, you’ll have never felt fresher.

      Have you considered a targeted cream for your neck and décolletage? These two areas are prone to premature ageing thanks to ongoing sun exposure. StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Face & Neck Cream and NIOD Neck Elasticity Catalyst both have a cult-following thanks to their efficacious, firming abilities. What ‘tech neck’?


      [responsive imageid=’33540′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      [responsive imageid=’33544′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      If your energy stores are depleted and you’re in dire need a pick-me-up, consider dropping the tools and booking in for a lymphatic drainage massage. “Lymphatic massage helps to stimulate oxygen distribution throughout the body, and is said to aid in speeding up the body’s natural process of detoxification,” says McIntosh.

      “COMMA’s ‘The Vessel’ treatment is intended to do just this; flushing the lymphatic system by stimulating the circulation of the lymph fluids around the body. We achieve this by the use of our dry body brush, slowly stroking the most superficial layer of the lymphatic system towards the heart, and a relatively rhythmic massage focusing on continually stimulating the lymph fluid.”

      While research suggests this technique is most beneficial for those who are illness-prone or have a lymph-related disease, McIntosh recommends lymphatic massage for a reinvigorating boost to the body.

      “Lymphatic massages are great during winter, as well as before and after long haul flights, or even after a big night,” says McIntosh. “However, I recommend this massage year-round, particularly when you feel that your body needs some R+R to improve its overall vitality and health.” 


      Tell us, how are you preparing for spring? Which beauty ritual will you be incorporating into your current routine?

      Body Cheeks Eyes Hair Makeup Skin


      It should be news to no-one that the world has a major plastic problem.

      Australia is one of the world’s biggest contributors to the problem, with the amount of waste produced per capita growing by nearly 10 per cent each year. According to a recent report by the World Bank, at the rate at which we’re going, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. (Yes, really.) It’s safe to say that this shit ain’t sustainable and we need to do more to protect our environment.

      So, what can you do to help? Beyond pestering your friends to buy a keep cup for their morning coffee (there’s really no excuse) and refusing single-use plastic, you can also support beauty brands who are taking a stand against our plastic problem.

      Below, the Gritty Pretty round-up of eco-conscious beauty brands you need to know.


      [responsive imageid=’33330′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]eco conscious beauty brands[/responsive]

      King of haircare and king of our hearts. Late last year, Australian hair legend Kevin Murphy announced that going forward, his brand’s packaging will be made from 100 per cent recycled ocean plastics. As in, no new plastic production. Zilch.

      These revolutionary new bottles — which repurpose part of the estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic floating in the ocean — hit our shelves this year. Better yet, all past packaging will be entirely phased out by 2020. Did we mention that all of their packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, too?

      This move is part of Kevin Murphy’s long-standing commitment to environmentally-sustainable practices. The brand’s commitment spans across their salons and product offering — from water conservation and waste management initiatives, to their stance against animal cruelty. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Kevin Murphy any more.


      [responsive imageid=’33333′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]eco conscious beauty brands[/responsive]


      RMS beauty did eco-conscious beauty before it was coolCreated in 2008 by celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, the cult brand’s cruelty-free, organic products — such as their “Un” Cover-Up Concealer, Eye Polishes and Living Luminizer (all of which are firm GP editor faves) — are housed in recycled glass pots with aluminium lids.

      All new RMS beauty products (think lipsticks, oils, mascaras and cheek colours) are housed in either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging. Safe to say, we are major fans.


      [responsive imageid=’33325′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]eco conscious beauty brands[/responsive]

      Love Beauty & Planet entered the Australian market with a bang earlier this year. The brand’s MO? To create a clean body care range that won’t break the bank or harm the planet. Love Beauty & Planet products are packed in recycled plastic bottles that are also 100 per cent recyclable. Interestingly, the brand’s conditioners use fast-rinse technology — meaning you spend less time in the shower, and in turn, use less water. Genius.

      At this stage, the lids aren’t recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. However, Love Beauty & Planet are fast-developing an environmentally sustainable alternative. We’ll keep you posted.


      [responsive imageid=’33327′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]eco conscious beauty brands[/responsive]


      Proving that being organic definitely does not equal compromise when it comes to quality, ILIA are the new cool-girl on the block. An ongoing dedication to transparency is part of this ethical brand’s core ethos. While ILIA are perhaps best-known for their rich, pigmented lipsticks, we love their serum makeup line — including the True Skin Serum Foundation and the Liquid Light Serum Highlighter — which hydrates and creates an ethereal glow.

      Now, for the packaging — all products are cased in recycled aluminium and glass, as well as post-consumer recycled paper, which is printed on only with vegetable dyes. So, we think it’s fair to say that ILIA are clean in every sense of the word.


      [responsive imageid=’33343′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]eco conscious beauty brands[/responsive]

      Founded in New Zealand by Elizabeth Barbalich almost a decade ago, Antipodes have been dedicated to environmentally-responsible practices from day dot. Subscribing to a green beauty ethos, the brand focuses on sustainable ingredients — including premium palm oil, which is sourced only from non-fragile ecosystems.

      Antipodes are also the first ever beauty brand to partner with the world’s biggest conservation organisation, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This NZ-based brand are doing great things with the profits from their products.

      Now, for the packaging. All of Antipodes’ primary packaging, including their trademark brown alchemist bottles and aluminium tubes, is recyclable. Not only that, all external packaging is biodegradable and printed on with vegetable inks. It’s never been so easy to be green.


      Tell us, how important is environmental responsibility to you when it comes to beauty?

      What are your favourite environmentally-conscious beauty brands?

      Body Hair Health Skin

      How To Switch Up Your Beauty and Wellness Routine To Survive Winter

      It’s time to refresh your regimen.

      Winter can be a struggle. By the time July rolls around, it’s easy to go into hibernation mode and let our beauty routines fall by the wayside. For example: Skipping the gym to stay in and binge an entire season of Stranger Things within a two-day period. (Who me?)

      We’ve all been there. If you’re stuck in a beauty rut, consider this your mid-winter intervention — or, wintervention, if you will — for we’ve tapped experts across skin, hair, and body to brief us on solutions to the most common winter woes. The good news? With a few simple tweaks, you can reset your routine just in time for spring.


      [responsive imageid=’33307′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      [responsive imageid=’33312′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Reconsider your cleanser and exfoliant

      During winter, the elements are more likely to wreak havoc on our skin, thanks to the stress from the cool, dry winter air. To combat this, try a hydrating cleanser. Switching out your go-to clarifying cleanser for a more hydrating version (think cream, oil or balm) can set your skin up for success.

      Lower intensity cleansers usually incorporate additional hydrating properties, which is beneficial for all skin types in winter,” says Skinstitut Expert Zoe Devine. “More nourishing and protective options (we love Eve Lom Balm Cleanser and the FRESH Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil) are especially key for drier skin types, as they are more easily irritated or sensitised in colder conditions.” 

      This is also true when it comes to exfoliants. Most chemical exfoliants — including glycolic and salicylic acids — tend to dry out the skin. However, lactic acid-based exfoliants, such as PRIORI’s Skin Renewal Creme and The Ordinary’s Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%, are more hydrating than their AHA-based counterparts.

      Get masking

      “On top of considering your cleanser and exfoliant, a hero hydrating product, like a mask, will always do the trick in the cooler months,” says Devine. Masking twice per week should do the trick. We love Skinstitut Hydrating Mask for a hefty dose of much-needed moisture. Or, if you’re short on time, opt for an overnight mask, such as Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, for next-level plumpness and dewiness.


      [responsive imageid=’33306′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Model wears Hansen & Gretel dress.

      Add hyaluronic acid

      If you aren’t already using hyaluronic acid within your regimen, now is the time to start. If you’re already a hyaluronic acid fan, be sure to apply both day and night. They don’t call it a wonder-ingredient for nothing — hyaluronic acid can absorb up to 1,000x its weight in water, making skin look plump and hydrated in the process. Use HA powerhouses such as Alpha-H Hyaluronic 8 or the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair after your other serums, and before your moisturiser and SPF.

      Book in for laser therapy

      If you have lingering pigmentation or visible skin damage caused by the harsh summer sun, winter is the ideal time to book in for reparative laser therapies, such as Omnilux (LED light therapy). Another in-clinic treatment to consider, according to Dr. Andreas Fox of Artisan Aesthetic Clinics, is Fraxel.

      “Fraxel is designed to repair sun damage by eliminating damaged skin cells and stimulating fresh ones in their place, to leave you with a clearer and rejuvenated complexion,” says Dr. Fox. “Clients generally only need one treatment per year to see results, including dramatically reduced pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.”

      [responsive imageid=’33309′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]




      [responsive imageid=’33313′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Model wears Matteau swimsuit.

      Body care

      With limbs often hidden under thick winter woolies and jeans, it’s easy to let our body care routine slide during the cooler months. For those patches of next-level dryness, treat your skin to Weleda’s Skin Food (a GP team favourite). Parched skin just eats up this ultra-nourishing treatment, much like the name suggests.

      If your regular moisturiser isn’t cutting it, try an oil. NUXE’s cult-favourite Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil is hydrating (and very luxurious) without being heavy. Or, for a touch of just-stepped-off-the-plane-from-Sicily bronzed glow, reach for SALT By Henrdrix’s Body Glow in Golden Hour.

      For a little bit of extra oomph, try a gradual tanner, such as Tan-Luxe The Gradual, which creates a natural glow. If you’re stretched for time, focus only on areas that are likely to be exposed — such as the neck, chest, forearms and lower legs.

      In-clinic treatments

      If you’ve been thinking about laser hair removal, scar removal or body rejuvenation treatments such as CoolSculpting, now is the time to start. “Winter fashion means we’re covered up and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays,” says Dr Andreas Fox. “Not only does this provide a great break for our skin, it also makes these cooler months the perfect time for all laser and light-based treatments, as sun avoidance post-treatment is essential.”


      [responsive imageid=’33310′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]



      [responsive imageid=’33308′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]



      Model wears Matteau swimsuit & Cecilie Copenhagen scarf.


      It almost goes without saying that the winter months are tough on our tresses — especially damaged or colour-treated hair. While it’s tempting to pile on the hydrating products, Torie Cini, Master Colourist and Educator at Edwards & Co., says less is more during winter.

      Switch up your hair routine

      “While I always recommend a really good hydrating shampoo and conditioner (her go-to products being Olaplex’s No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner), I do recommend alternating your hair wash products so your hair doesn’t get too used to any one combination,” says Cini.

      “You should also treat your hair with products that have moisturising, restorative properties — whether that be hair oils, masks or styling products — as they are a great way to combat dry hair and fight frizz.” We love the Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother, and the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask.

      Ditch the heat tools

      While we love a good blow dry just as much as the next person, consider putting down the tools to give your hair a chance to repair.

      “Despite not exposing the hair as much to our strong environment factors, such as intense sun UV rays and the ocean, we still need to be mindful of turning down the heat,” explains Cini. “Try to air-dry as much as possible, and if you do need to heat style, be sure to always use a good heat protectant.” We love the Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray, which repairs the hair cuticle while protecting against damaging levels of heat.

      Book in for a trim

      Cini argues that beyond colour and in-salon treatments, such as Olaplex’s in-salon restorative program of No.1 Bond Multiplier and No.2 Bond Perfector, you need to keep up with your haircuts. “Trimming hair keeps it healthy and stops split ends from getting worse,” says Cini. “If you can’t remember when your last haircut was, then it’s time to book!”

      [responsive imageid=’33304′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      [responsive imageid=’33303′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Sweater by SIR the label.


      It’s all in the diet

      Once the mercury drops, it’s all too easy to skip the meal prep and place an UberEats order instead. However, Skinstitut’s Zoe Devine argues that you should try to stick to your #health guns for both your internal and external wellbeing. “Try to eat plenty of foods that are rich in essential fatty acids (such as oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocado),” says Devine. “These help to exert anti-inflammatory action in the gut and in turn, the skin, as well as reducing the signs of dry or dehydrated skin conditions.” 

      Oh, and try to resist that extra afternoon coffee.”Caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, energy drinks and soft drinks, have a dehydrating effect on the body and ultimately the skin,” says Devine. “This also includes limiting prepared meals and take away foods as these can be very high in sodium which will contribute to dehydration.”

      Prioritise your gut health

      Winter is also a good time to focus on gut health. According to a recent study, 70 per cent of your body’s immune cells exist in your intestines. Having a healthy microbiome with diverse gut flora reduces the risk of bad bacteria and viruses causing illness, as well as aiding your digestive health.

      “Probiotics can control your immune response and have the ability to modify chronic inflammatory states,” nutritionist Rebecca Miller tells Gritty Pretty. “This means that probiotics may play a role in managing inflammation both in the body, and of the skin, which may otherwise cause conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema.” Gritty Pretty Beauty Director, Erin Cook, swears by The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder, which is filled with probiotics and superfoods such as maqui berry, queen garnet plum and chia seeds. You’ll feel more balanced on the inside, and look better for it!


      [responsive imageid=’33311′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Model wears dress by Hansen & Gretel dress.


      Tell us, what are your winter beauty and wellness fixes?

      Which steps will you be switching up in your regimen?

      Fragrance Interviews

      Irina Shayk On Her Signature Fragrance, Beauty Secrets, and What Modern Femininity Means To Her

      She’s a current headline fixture, red carpet darling and oh, not to mention, a modern-day supermodel.

      However, life wasn’t always glitz and glamour for Irina Shayk – hailing from a small rural village in Russia, Shayk has spent almost fifteen in the modelling industry, working her way up to fronting campaigns for Givenchy, Burberry, and, most recently, for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal à Paris fragrance.

      We spoke to Irina to talk about why this fragrance is so uniquely special to her, on juggling that near-impossible work/life balance, and what it means to her to be a woman today, proving along the way that there’s much more to the 33-year old than what (gloriously) meets the eye.


      [responsive imageid=’33116′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Gritty Pretty: Hi Irina! To start, you’ve been modelling for over a decade now.  How have you grown as a person since your modelling beginnings?

      Irina Shayk: “The beginning of my career in modelling was pretty tough. I started at 19-years-old, which by industry standards is considered quite late, so that was a bit of an obstacle for me.

      Then, my first modelling trip was to Paris, which was a very intense, difficult time – I had to learn how to work as a model, learn English, learn how to pose, and everything else that comes with the job, which is quite daunting as a young girl. However, I learned very quickly that nothing in life comes easy, and if you really want something, you have to work hard to achieve it, and never give up, even when you’re knocked back.”


      GP: What was the most important life lesson that you learned during that period?

      IS: “That resilience that I had to build in my early modelling days to overcome barriers and obstacles was a key life lesson for me, and has go on to help me in numerous difficult life situations, to gather the strength to pull myself together and move on.”

      [responsive imageid=’33117′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      GP: For your most recent project, you are starring as the new face of Jean Paul Gautier’s Scandal à Paris fragrance. What is it about fragrance that is special to you?

      “One of my earliest memories is the scent of pear — it makes me think of a pear tree we had in our garden when I lived in a small village. One of the reasons that I instantly connected to Scandal à Paris was its combination of the pear note with honey and jasmine. The other early memory of scent I have is of pancakes — my grandma always made pancakes for me and my sister. These two scents are pure happiness for me, because they are so strongly connected to some of my fondest childhood memories.”

      [responsive imageid=’33115′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      GP: Why did this particular fragrance resonate with you, and why?

      IS: “Perfume is central to my everyday routine — I have a very simple beauty regimen, and I think that the fragrance is the final touch that completes your look, and should complement rather than overtake your personality.

      That’s why Scandal à Paris is very special to me — it makes me feel confident and stays with me the whole day. It is everything that I love in a perfume — sexy, modern and elegant, yet light and flirty at the same time — I’ve definitely found my signature fragrance!


      GP: What was it like to work an industry icon like Jean Paul Gaultier?

      IS: “I have always been a big fan of Jean Paul Gaultier and his legacy — he is never afraid to be bold, fearless, and create strong, provocative styles and forms. So, naturally, when I was asked to become apart of the Scandal à Paris story, I was ecstatic!

      It was such a please and honour to meet Jean Paul, he is an extraordinary artist and is extremely talented, yet he is also very down-to-earth, very attentive and such a caring person. Ten years ago, I could never have even dreamed about meeting him, shooting pictures with him, and becoming a face of one of his fragrances.”

      [responsive imageid=’33119′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      GP: You embody much of what modern femininity is today: sophisticated, dynamic, stylish, and confident. When do you feel most confident, and how important is being confident, rather than just a ‘pretty face’ per se, to you?

      IS: “For me, beauty is much more than having a pretty face and a nice-looking body. I fully believe that true beauty comes from inside. I am so happy to see that now in fashion world, there are so many truly beautiful women, with strong personality, charisma, and different body types.”


      GP: At this moment in time, what do you think is so special and unique about being a woman today?

      “The modern woman has unlimited possibilities to develop herself on any direction. Everyday, I meet strong women with incredible stories of their lives and success. At this particular time in history, I believe that a woman can achieve anything she wants in her life.”


      [responsive imageid=’33114′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      GP: What is your daily beauty regimen, and has this changed at all after becoming a mother?

      IS: “Being a mother did not change anything in my beauty routine, I’ve always made sure I take ‘me-time’ to complete my regimen, and still do so now.

      At night, I first thoroughly remove all of my makeup before I go to bed, which is the most important part of my beauty regimen as I tend to wear makeup on a daily basis for work. I then follow with a hydrating moisturiser in the evening.

      As for my morning routine, I love to use a cube of ice to massage my face in order to wake up and refresh my skin, which I learned from my mother. I then apply an SPF, then follow with a light moisturiser —I love Dr. Barbara Sturm— and then follow with a tiny bit of Marc Jacobs Concealer for my under-eye area, and then lip balm. Another big part of my daily routine is to ensure that I drink plenty of water everyday.”


      GP: If you could only reach for one beauty product before you leave the house, what would it be and why?

      IS: SPF, definitely. I try to always protect my skin and never leave the house without putting on my sunblock! 


      [responsive imageid=’33118′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      GP: When it comes to self-care, women, especially mothers, tend to put themselves last. How important do you think it is to take some time out for yourself for some self-care, and for you, what does this look like?

      IS: I think it’s so important to always find time for yourself, even if you have a crazy work schedule or other important obligations. What that ‘me-time’ looks like for me is going to gym, taking a long relaxing bath, or indulging in a face or hair mask. Having that time to myself allows me to relax and restore, so I have the energy to keep going.


      GP: What pieces of life wisdom or beauty advice would you like to pass on to your daughter?

      IS: I will always tell her to never give up, and to always believe in herself. That’s how I got to where I am today, and want to pass on that inner confidence, and resilience.

      Health Skin

      The Skin Supplements You Actually Need, According to a Nutritionist

      To supplement or not to supplement?

      While skin supplements are by no means a new phenomenon, the last few years have seen major growth in the industry, with the value of the beauty supplements market projected to reach $6.8 billion by 2024, compared to the $3.5 billion it generated in 2016.

      While there is varying opinion as to whether the level of supplementation the average person consumes is necessary, recent studies have shown that certain vitamins and minerals are indeed beneficial for the skin, and that many may be deficient in these essential nutriments. To help us navigate which skin supplements we should consider, and which to skip, we spoke to nutritionist Rebecca Miller.

      [responsive imageid=’33062′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      “There are many different vitamins and minerals that help to keep skin healthy — managing acne and inflammation, as well as controlling elasticity and strength,” says nutritionist Rebecca Miller.

      While these should ideally come from a well-balanced diet, Miller argues that sometimes supplementation of zinc, collagen, as well as anti-inflammatories such as fish oil and probiotics, may be required to reach optimal body and skin health.


      “Consuming zinc on a daily basis is important, as its needed for healthy cell division and acts like an antioxidant, fighting free radical damage and therefore slowing the ageing process,” explains Miller. “It also benefits the integrity of the skin and helps treat infection — so it makes sense that people who suffer from acne or spots that take a long time to heal may have a zinc deficiency.”

      While many a beauty editor are known to swear by zinc supplements’ near-miraculous impact on their skin, Miller suggests that a supplement may not always be necessary, depending on your diet.

      “You can meet your needs through food, but I would recommend supplementation if you don’t feel like you’re eating at least two to three serves of zinc-rich foods per day (think coconut, lentils, seeds, kefir or yoghurt, spinach, avocado, nuts, and animal proteins such as lamb, grass-fed beef or chicken).”

      And, an important note for vegans and vegetarians, you may need to consume more zinc than your meat-eating companions. “The absorption of zinc from plant based foods is 50 percent less than animal sources, as there are compounds that inhibit its bioavailability to the body,” says Miller. “Research suggests that people who don’t eat meat or animal products need up to 50 percent more zinc in their diets to absorb what the body needs.”


      [responsive imageid=’33061′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]



      Digestible collagen has been one the quickest-growing skin supplement categories — and, according to Miller, the science does indeed back collagen supplements’ benefits to skin. But first up, what does collagen actually do? “Collagen provides the skin with structure and plays a role in strengthening the skin,” says Miller. “It may also improve elasticity and hydration.”

      As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen, which leads to dryness, loss of skin firmness and plumpness, as well as the development of wrinkles. While collagen is present in foods such as animal protein and bone broth, there’s no concrete evidence yet that links eating collagen-rich foods to an increased presence of your body’s collagen levels in the body.

      “Several studies have shown that collagen supplementation is beneficial to the skin, due to its ability to stimulate your body to produce collagen on its own,” says Miller. So, supplement away  — but be warned that it’s not a skin cure-all.

      “Collagen supplements are said anecdotally to help with acne prevention and other skin conditions, but these claims are not supported by scientific evidence.”



      Oils such fish, krill and flaxseed have long been touted for their anti-inflammatory properties, which can assist with skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis   — but a supplement may not always be necessary. “To fight inflammation I would recommend to first focus on diet – eat at least two serves of fish a week to get your omega 3 needs, as well as plenty of vegetables and ensure you’re getting adequate rest,” explains Miller. 

      “However, if you’re not eating a fish-rich diet, then it’s recommended that you take a supplement. It’s important to ensure that the supplement you choose contains EPA and DHA – the most useful type of omega 3’s that are found in fatty fish and algae.”

       Other supplements that are recommended to fight inflammation in the skin are vitamin D and turmeric, while Miller particularly recommends taking a probiotic supplement of a minimum of 10-15 billion CFU daily. “Probiotics can control your immune response and have the ability to modify chronic inflammatory states,” says Miller. “This means that probiotics may play a role in managing inflammation of the skin which may otherwise cause conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema.” 


      [responsive imageid=’33063′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]



      While it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to supplementing for skin, Miller boils all her advice down to a few simple guidelines:

      1. If you’re eating a well-balanced, clean diet that is high in vegetables and fruit, definitely don’t worry about vitamin C supplementation.

      2. If you’re a vegetarian, vegan or don’t manage to eat fish twice a week, consider supplementing with omega 3’s and Vitamin B’s.

      3. For everyone, to be safe —  as zinc deficiency is quite common  — take a zinc supplement!

      4. If you’re wanting to boost skin strength and prevent ageing, everyone could add in a hydrolysed collagen supplement.

      5. Finally, probiotics are beneficial for everyone to take, as well as focusing on eating probiotic-rich foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and natto.


      Note: Before supplementing, it’s important to talk to your doctor or health care professional.

      Tell us, do you take any skin supplements?

      Are you planning on adding any of the mentioned skin supplements to your daily regimen?

      Hair Interviews Makeup Skin

      The Indie Beauty Brands You Need To Know

      From Summer Fridays and Tata Harper, to Róen Beauty and lilah.b, indie beauty brands are growing mighty fast.

      Every time you look, an emergent independent beauty brand has cut through the ever-increasing industry noise, carving out a new niche and cementing themselves as a major player in the beauty landscape.

      What these brands have in common is an untempered, clear vision and set of values that resonate with consumers—particularly so with generation millennial—and, to put it simply, just really damn good products. We spoke to some of these burgeoning pioneers on how they got their start and why the independents are changing the beauty game.


      [responsive imageid=’32791′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Influencers and friends Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland were never aiming to revolutionise beauty when creating their cult brand Summer Fridays, but they wanted to create something they’d love to use themselves.

      “We weren’t necessarily addressing a gap in the market because there are so many incredible skincare brands,” shares Hewitt. “From the packaging to the branding, messaging, and ingredients we used and didn’t use… it was a combination of all of the things we love.”

      [responsive imageid=’32797′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      Initially launching with the Jet Lag Mask, the brand was—and still is—an instant hit, quickly catching the attention of global retailers. With their ever on-brand Instagram feed and loyal followers, the duo believe they wouldn’t have seen the level of success without social media.

      “The power of community is huge,” says Gores Ireland. “It’s at the core of who we are and our brand wouldn’t exist without the people who continue to support us. They give us the opportunity to do what we do.”

      For more on the new must-know indie brands in the beauty world…



      The New Generation of Skin Protectors

      Confession time: until recently, I thought that anti-pollution skincare was nothing more than a fad.

      Call me a cynic; a younger, more hip and slightly cuter Larry David if you will, but I tend to be skeptical of any new beauty buzzword, usually because it means there’s an onslaught of new products I need to add to my already borderline-ridiculous 8-step skincare regimen.

      But, forgive me beauty gods, for I have seen the error of my ways. Research continues to suggest that air pollution is second only to UV radiation when it comes to premature ageing — meaning anti-pollution skincare isn’t likely to be going anywhere soon, and for good reason.

      [responsive imageid=’32642′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      “Daily exposure to urban pollution particles have demonstrated a significant impact on external ageing,” says Leeanne Leslie, Professional Training and Education Manager at Alpha-H. “When these toxic microparticles land on the skin, they cause irritation and chemical damage, which gradually dulls the skin and can lead to impaired barrier function and ageing.”

      How so, you might ask? Combined with UV radiation, these pollution particles are recognised by the skin as ‘trauma’, prompting melanin production (which forms pigment spots) as a defence mechanism. The long-term effect? Visibly uneven skin tone, accelerated pigmentation and loss of collagen, as well as inflammation-related congestion. Yikes.

      An even bigger yikes? Additional studies have shown that another unavoidable of modern life, blue light radiation—emitted from mobile devices, computer screens and the like—is another form of pollution of which we should be wary.

      “Blue light has been shown to induce the degradation of enzymes in the skin matrix,” explains Leslie. “Much like the effect of air pollution, this not only decreases collagen production, but increases pigmentary marks and oxidises free radicals that cause damage to our skin’s DNA.”

      [responsive imageid=’32640′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      At this point, you’re probably wondering how to protect your skin against pollution in all its forms. Luckily, the answer is pretty straightforward — use products with high levels of antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress, as well as vitamin-rich skincare to reduce ageing-accelerating pigmentation. Without further ado, here are our picks of the best pollution fighters on the market.

      Infused with powerful antioxidants and protective ingredients —think potent Ginkgo biloba extract, Vitamin E Acetate and Pea extracts—Sisleyouth Anti-Pollution is a super-serum that both shields against environmental and digital pollution, as well as working to correct damage already present in the skin.

      Protecting the skin around the eyes (which is the area most impacted by blue light radiation reflected from the retinas), the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex is packed-full of antioxidants and anti-pollution defence technology that protects against free radical damage. It is also powered by exclusive ingredient ChronoluxCB, which helps to promote the skin’s natural repair process to revitalise and brighten the eye area. They don’t call it supercharged for nothing.

      [responsive imageid=’32641′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Creating a breathable barrier against pollution and environmental aggressors, Alpha-H’s Daily Essential Vitamin Mist is one to add to your beauty arsenal. Hydrating, and as the name suggests, antioxidant and vitamin-rich, the formula also includes Pollushield—an innovative, shield-like structure which has been clinically proven to trap between 74-97 percent of pollutants over a 6-hour period. Go figure.

      A botanical powerhouse, the Chantecaille Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream is a lightweight, shine-reducing moisturiser that is ideal for those who crave pollution-fighting antioxidants (this one includes desert cactus and white horehound stem cell extracts), but don’t want to add any additional ‘slip’ to their skin throughout the day—you feel me, oily-skinned girls?

      Pollution protection and a next-level bronzed glow without the UV exposure? Sign me up. The Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops makes fighting free radicals fun, infusing antioxidant-rich blackcurrant seed oil and white tea extracts with the brand’s signature omega-rich virgin marula oil. Go on, get glowing.


      Tell us, do you use anti-pollution products in your daily skincare regimen?

      Which pollution-fighting products are you keen to try?


      The Blonde Hair Bible According to The Experts

      You’re going to want to bookmark this one.

      We often hear about the importance of caring for blonde hair particularly throughout summer, what with the heightened UV rays and harsh heat threatening to damage fairer tresses. However, as any blonde will know, lightened strands need year-round maintenance in order to preserve its integrity and prevent brass at all costs between salon visits.

      Enlisting the expertise of two leading Australian authorities in blonde—Brodie Lee Tsiknaris, Creative Director of Rokstar Salon, and Tarryn Cherniayeff, co-founder of MOB HAIR—we spill the beans on all of their hero treatments, products and tips they swear by to keep all blondes looking bomb.

      GRITTY PRETTY: Which in-salon treatments should blondes be booking in regularly?

      BRODIE LEE TSIKNARIS: “L’Oreal SmartBond is our absolute go-to—we always recommend to each of our colour clients. I also encourage an in-salon ritual or toning treatment to maintain strength and colour.”

      TARRYN CHERNIAYEFF: “Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier and No. 2 Bond Perfector are two of my best friends when it comes to treating blonde hair. To keep locks healthy, we ensure that Olaplex No.1 is used in every lightening colour we do—it’s a non-negotiable!”

      GP: As for at-home care, which products are necessary in order to ensure the on-going health of blonde hair?

      BLT: “For the best ongoing hair condition, my personal favourites are the L’Oreal SmartBond Step 3 Conditioner and Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Shampoo and Conditioner, as they are specifically designed to restore strength in damaged locks to keep it as healthy as possible between visits to the salon.”

      TC: “I suggest using salon specific-haircare and taking into consideration what your colourist has recommended to you during your initial consultation—this will ensure optimal hair health. My favourites are Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, which are designed to work in conjunction with the in-salon treatments.

      GP: Which types of toning products should blondes use to minimise brassiness?

      BLT: “At Rokstar, the Shu Uemura Colour Lustre range is our number one go-to. It comes in two different tones—golden blonde and cool blonde—one of which will always suit every client!”

      TC: “My absolute favourite toning products are the Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. These products leave the blonde lightly toned without overdoing it. I have found that some toning products can actually darken your blonde, having a reversing effect on the lightening, so the Bright Blonde range is perfect!”

      GP: How often should blondes use toning shampoos and conditioners?

      BLT: “I always educate all of my guests to use a repairing or colour-lock shampoo and conditioner, and then once a week use their prescriptive home toner. This enables the hair to be healthy and maintain their colour without over-toning.”

      TC: “I would recommend using your toning shampoo and conditioner every other wash, unless you are wanting to achieve the over-toned “ashy” finish.”

      [responsive imageid=’32475′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      GP: Which ingredients should blondes be looking for or avoid in their haircare?

      BLT: “You should generally talk to your colourist about any ingredient concerns, but your colourist should be prescribing you a haircare routine that is designed to be free of any ingredients that will work against maintaining your colour.”

      TC: “I would generally recommend staying clear from the big ol’ nasty sulphates. Sulphates are often included into shampoos to create a bigger lather, but are known to strip colour—so take care to stay away from these as they are a big no-no for coloured hair.”

      GP: What should be the minimum time between salon touch-ups be in order to reduce damage?

      BLT: “I always advise that at minimum, clients should wait at least six weeks for foils from their previous visit, and five to six weeks for on-scalp lightening.” 

      TC: “I would recommend six to eight weeks, however this is dependant on the type of blonde you have. For example, if you have a dark natural colour and are after a super-light, all-over blonde look, your re-growth is quickly going to become far more noticeable. To avoid your colourist overlapping colour and if you’re regularly doing your at-home haircare regime, you should be able to hit up the salon regularly. If you have balayage and are seeking a ‘natural look’, you can maintain this for months with minimal touch-ups.

      GP: Realistically, how much lighter can someone go in one sitting without risking damage?

      BLT: “This is something that needs to be discussed with your colourist.  It’s very important that you have a consultation prior to your appointment to discuss the process and expectations of both the client and colourist, in order to get a realistic idea of what is achievable. All hair is different, and there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.”

      TC: “I get asked this question quite often, and the answer for each individual depends on a number of factors—the current condition of you hair, your recent colour history and your natural colour. Due to the multitude of factors that influence it, there is no clear-cut answer, so you need to be sure to consult with your colourist.”

      GP: For blondes who aren’t able to regularly book in to touch up their roots, what approaches for colour placement should they consider in order to ensure natural-looking tresses between salon visits?

      BLT: “Baby lights and freehand techniques such as root-shadows are a fantastic option for those that aren’t able to maintain their blondes regularly in salon.”

      TC: “Definitely go for baby lights. Your other options are a root stretch (or shadow) or balayage.”

      GP: How often should blondes visit their stylist for a cut, as it is more susceptible to looking damaged?

      BLT: “I recommend a cut every colour service or no longer than ten weeks to keep hair looking fresh — even if its just a split end trim!”

      TC: “I always advise that my blondes get a trim at every appointment as opposed to every second like my brunettes.”

      GP: Do you have any additional blonde haircare must-haves or tips?

      BLT: “Using extreme heat, even with heat protectant products applied, is a big no-no! I would also advise to always use professional brands recommended to your by your stylist. And finally, a great colourist and a silk pillowcase are must-haves!”

      TC: “Never underestimate the power of a good serum. Blondes often lack that natural shine; my two go-to products for this are the Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray and the Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil.”

      Tell us, what are your go-to products and treatments for blonde hair?


      The New Makeup Base We Can’t Stop Talking About

      This one’s a game changer.

      Every now and again, there comes along a new beauty product so unique that completely changes the makeup game, carving out its own territory.

      With that in mind, we’d like to introduce to you CHANEL’s Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint.


      [responsive imageid=’32294′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Described as a hydrating skin tint, it’s housed in the same packaging as that of the CHANEL Hydra Beauty Micro Sérum, so we had the inkling that it would feature skin-nurturing benefits as well as the signature radiant, natural-looking finish that CHANEL’s Les Beiges line is known for. We were, in fact, right on both accounts.

      Harnessing the revolutionary technology of microfluidics, the Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint provides both active skincare ingredients and oil micro-droplets that carry pure pigment, which are suspended in a clear, jelly-like water base. Upon distributing the formula—and without getting too technical—the droplets retain their structure in the water suspension, which then dissolve upon contact with the skin. Sounds amazing, right?


      [responsive imageid=’32295′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      It applies like truly nothing we’ve seen before, almost instantly transforming from a jelly-like lotion into a tinted water as it’s dabbed onto the skin with its dedicated brush—which FYI, comes included with the product. Emitting a light, refreshing scent and delivering an instant dose of moisture, it settles smoothly into the skin, creating an almost untraceable tint of hydrating, radiant colour, without any trace of tack.

      It can also be used as a light layer of illumination over an existing base to give a dreamy, dewy glow to the high points of the face. And, offering six shades from Light to Deep, it has all bases covered—literally. All in all, skin looks and feels fresh, for a natural yet polished finish.


      CHANEL Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint, $109, is available at all CHANEL counters from this Sunday, May 5th, 2019.

      Tell us, are you interested in trying the new Water-Fresh Tint?

      Eyes Makeup

      How To Make Coloured Eyeshadow Cool

      Coloured eyeshadow, in theory, may seem like an easy feat but can easily go from 0 to 100 real quick.

      It’s also likely just that little bit OTT for your average daily wear. But fret not, for bold hues don’t have to be complex—and you definitely don’t have to recreate a ten-step, five-shade YouTube tutorial to wear it well. 

      [responsive imageid=’32233′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      In fact, colour tends to look much more effortless and undone when applied simply but thoughtfully. To show us how to make colour cool—and how to best wear bright—here’s makeup artist Katie Angus. 

      [responsive imageid=’32234′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      “I think it’s important to remember that there are no real rules with makeup,” says Angus. “Treat your colour application with the light-hearted attitude it deserves.” If it’s an editorial-like statement that you’re after, she suggests opting for one colour all-over: “A bold wash of colour with little detail swept across the upper lid will offer a simple and striking effect.” For a more effortless look, don’t be too precise with your application, blending only the edges to create a seamless effect. If you’re unsure of which colour to try, opt for a cobalt blue, shares Angus. “It tends to compliment most eye colours beautifully.” We love MAC Eyeshadow in Atlantic Blue.


      [responsive imageid=’32237′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′]




      Not one to play it safe? Angus suggests experimenting with a graphic coloured liner. “A classic feline flick is one of my favourite ways to introduce a bit of colour into a look,” explains Angus. “Kat Von D liquid liners offer an amazing colour range and are my go-to.” If you don’t have your desired hue on hand, take one of your favourite shadows and mix with water or setting spray, and create your winged eye using an angled eye brush. Taking your look to the evening? “Bright colours teamed with lip gloss will always create a stand-out effect for any party look,” she says. Better yet, elevate your look with clear gloss over your coloured powder eyeshadow, such as the Kevyn Aucoin Diamond Eye Gloss“Expect some maintenance to be involved but it will be worth it!,” says Angus.

      [responsive imageid=’32235′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      [responsive imageid=’32236′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      If you’re colour-averse, it’s important to note that coloured eyeshadow doesn’t necessarily have to be a major makeup statement—in fact, the right colour done well can just elevate your everyday makeup. “To make the most of your eye colour with use of more subtle shades, try deep blue or aqua for brown eyes, purple hues for green eyes and a peach or bronze for blue eyes,” shares Angus. “I also love purple tones with blue eyes; I always play to see what colours work with each individual.” A cream eyeshadow, such as rms beauty Eye Polish in Lucky, is also a sure-fire way to add this subtle hint of colour. If you’re worried you have gone overboard, sheer out the colour with a dusting of bronzer, which will help to dial down the hue. But, if ultimately you prefer to stick to neutral eyeshadows, “try a blue or green eyeliner such as the Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon Eyeliner in the inner rim,” advises Angus. “This will give a cool but still subtle effect.”

      Tell us, how often do you use coloured eyeshadow?

      Which of these ways of applying colour to the eyes will you try next?

      Body Skin

      A Guide To Sydney’s Best Spas

      Because we could all do with a little R&R.

      In our hyper-connected, always-on mode of modern living, it’s easy to feel a sense of near-constant stress and anxiety that can weigh heavily on both your physical and mental health. This is why it’s essential to take time to pause and re-centre, and what better way than to book yourself a facial or full body massage with all of the trimmings. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best spas spots in Sydney that will take your next relaxation and rejuvenation session to another level.

      Remember, don’t think of it as a #TreatYoSelf moment but rather an essential for your overall health maintenance—you can thank us later.


      [responsive imageid=’32184′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Subscribing to the ideology that massage is a health necessity rather than an indulgence (our kind of woman), To Wonderland Wellness Spa founder Adie Robertson employs a holistic approach to wellness. The spa offers naturopathy and nutrition expertise in addition to traditional spa services like facials and reflexology and also Colon Hydrotherapy. The North Bondi space is a welcome sanctuary away from the busy Sydney metropolis, offering a carefully considered treatment menu that promises major rejuvenation, restoration and relaxation. Sign us up for a Lightness of Being lymphatic massage, stat.

      SEE MORE


      [responsive imageid=’32212′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Situated just a stone’s throw away from Sydney’s CBD and nestled in the peaceful surrounds of Sydney’s The Rock precinct, The Langham Hotel houses one of Sydney’s most beautiful spas, The Day Spa by Chuan. Located underneath the famed hotel, it combines traditional spa offerings such as facials and massage but you can also customise your treatment to include a combination of the above for the ultimate indulgence. The Full-Body Facial is also a must-try—three hours in duration, it features a full body exfoliation, massage and a bespoke facial to ensure you feel relaxed and refreshed from head to toe. Don’t forget your swimsuit so you can take a dip in the 20m indoor heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi pre- or post-treatment.   

      SEE MORE


      [responsive imageid=’32186′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]


      Housed at Sydney’s QT Hotel, spaQ is located only moments away from CBD shopping hub Pitt Street Mall so you can further de-stress after a spot of retail therapy. If you’re at all indecisive, you’ll rejoice in the knowledge that you won’t have to choose your treatment until you arrive at the grand art deco doors, making it the perfect gift to surprise that special someone who serious needs some downtime. If you’re that special someone, we recommend the Mastery Massage, which is tailored by the talented therapists to your specific needs. We guarantee you’ll walk out feeling like you’re on cloud nine. 

      SEE MORE


      [responsive imageid=’32187′ size1=’0′ size2=’641′ size3=’1024′][/responsive]

      CHI, THE SPA

      With moody, atmospheric lighting and decadent fixtures, you’ll feel like you’ve ascended onto another plane upon entering The Shangri-La Hotel’s spa offering in Sydney’s The Rocks. Inspired by traditional Asian massage techniques, Chi The Spa focuses on healing, restorative treatments using local indigenous botanics that will have you feeling like your Best Self. If you’re feeling depleted, try the Sodashi Arabian Oud Renewal Therapy—it combines aromatherapy and traditional massage, which promises to improve your energy levels and spiritual wellbeing. Trust us, you’ll be wishing you hit pause and visited a whole lot sooner.

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      Surrounded by the heritage of The Rocks, even the view is calming at the Park Hyatt’s spa offering. Equipped with aromatherapy steam rooms, a premium gymnasium and nail salon, The Spa at the Park Hyatt leaves little to be desired when it comes to complete indulgence. For a pamper, go for the decadent Caviar Dream package — combining the hydrating, firming Caviar Facial with a rejuvenating body scrub, wrap and full-body massage—which promises relaxation and restoration in spades. Top it off with a lash tint and brow wax, and you’ll leave with a total complexion refresh.

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