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We’ve done it. We’ve officially come full (fragrance) circle.

Body sprays are back – by way of Tom Ford – and so much cooler than you and I first recalled.

Remember Impulse? Sure you do. Is there any scent that takes you waaaaay back like a can of Goddess or Illusions or that special edition Spice Girls Impulse For Women (yeah, we had that too)? Remember the pungent scented fumes wafting around in the girls’ toilets after P.E., and how the boys would shoot LYNX up their shirts at the back of the bus? It was all very intoxicating and sweet and common of tweens and teens circa 2001. But then…you grew up.

You graduated on to Marc Jacobs So Fresh or DKNY Delicious, and body sprays were cast aside. That would’ve been the end of it too, except now we’re telling you (for the second time in two paragraphs) Tom Ford makes body sprays – and we’ve got your attention.

Available in Ford’s iconic Private Blends of Tobacco Vanille, Noir De Noir, Tuscan Leather, Neroli Portofino and Oud Wood – these body sprays are the only way to wear fragrance for the rest of the summer – in addition to your everyday antiperspirant.

Less stuffy to wear than perfumes and perfect in this hellish hot weather, these body sprays also tend to last longer than the supermarket ones we bought as teens, and still remain light and airy. Yes it’s true, hourly top ups are required but body sprays are designed to be misted onto your clothes and toted around unlike precious perfumes that should never leave your vanity.

So, get amongst it. Body sprays are back with a vengeance and they’re looking classy AF, if we do say so ourselves.

To shop Tom Ford’s Body Sprays, click here.