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Ever wondered what your dotcom favourites smell like?

Hint: It’s probably a Le Labo concoction.

We stuck our noses into the perfume preferences of seven of our favourite digital tastemakers and found out which scents they call their signature.

Here’s what they wear:

Beck Wadworth

An Organised Life

“I actually have three signature scents! B. Balenciaga EDP, which is super fresh and feminine – a perfect daytime scent. It has a mix of floral and woody notes that keeps me coming back most days. Miu Miu EDP is really elegant and sexy. I love the soft jasmine and rose notes mixed with deep earthy-toned background that gives you a really unique and sophisticated yet youthful smell.

And last, but not least, Le Labo Santal 33 – my newest fragrance that I’ve become obsessed with since venturing to New York earlier in the month. I love the spiced scent of this perfume that gives is a unique unisex feel. It’s addictive… and I love that they have customised labels – such an amazing detail.”

Bianca Cheah


“My signature scent is Coco Chanel EDP original because it reminds me of my mother!”

Mimi Elashiry

“My favourite fragrance is Green Goddess by Perfect Potion. This Australian, certified organic company aligns its products with the wondrous, mind, body and soul healing properties of aromatherapy. This blend of 22 essential oils includes some of my favourites – lavender, rose, jasmine and pink lotus for uplifting the mind. And bergamot, patchouli, frankincense and sandalwood for grounding the body and soul.”

Carmen Hamilton

The Chronicles of Her

“I’ve always preferred my boyfriend’s cologne to anything else, but Le Labo Santal 33 is like the perfect balance between masculine and feminine scents. It never feels overpowering, and I love it even more as it wears throughout the day.”

Talisa Sutton

Badlands Blog

“I alternate between Byredo Gypsy Water, an earthy and vibrant fragrance which I love in spring and summer, and Bal D’Afrique which is a warmer, slightly more intense and romantic fragrance that I use in the cooler months. The latter is inspired by Paris in the 20’s and their fascination with African culture – I love when a fragrance has a story.”


Yan Chan

Yan Yan Chan

“My favourite/current scent is Le Labo Tubereuse 40 (New York) [available exclusively in New York]. I’m a sucker for woody scents, subtle florals, always a little musculine and something that carries sentimental value. Le Labo Santal 33 was my signature scent for the longest time, but when it hit the Australian market and I started smelling myself on other people I switched to Tubereuse 40. It was actually a gift from Le Labo, which makes it extra special and personal because I’d been following and admiring Fabrice’s work for so long and it was compounded in their Parisian head offices. It’s a scent dedicated to New York, one of my favourite cities  – I’ve never smelt anything so comforting.”

Sara Donaldson

Harper & Harley

“I love Le Labo Thé Noir 29 for its balance between a masculine and feminine scent. I don’t like anything too sweet and prefer woody base notes. It’s my go-to scent to feel empowered and in control and is always the scent that makes people ask what I’m wearing.”


Tell us, have you tried any of these fragrances?

What is your signature scent?