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Is it odd to covet a candle? If so, consider us weirdos.

Perfect for filling a room with fragrance and creating ambiance, candles can instantly uplift – or relax – your mood.

Whether you love to surround yourself with a blend of dainty notes such as peony or violet, or would rather smell warm and spicy ingredients like cedar wood and cinnamon, there’s a candle to suit all tastes.

Here, we’ve rounded up the trendiest types of scented candles. We recommend recycling the jars after it’s been enjoyed for a variety of different beauty needs including storing makeup brushes, cotton tips and cotton pads.

Oh go on, life is short! Burn the candle and get ready to buy matches in bulk.

[L to R]: Stylish Little Things x Raw Impressions White Concrete Amberwood Candle, Willow No 1 Luxury Soy Candle, Cocolux Bergamot, Lily & Moss Copper Candle & Dipyqtue Le Proveresse Green Candle.

[L]: Stylish Little Things x Raw Impressions White Concrete Amberwood Candle

Concrete and candles go together like chilli and chocolate. The combination of soy and coconut wax with sandalwood, cedar wood, bamboo and musk make this variation rich, warm and slightly masculine. Hand made to order, this stylish little pot of goodness will give you 40 hours of burn time. Think of your home. It would be rude not, really…

[R]: Willow No 1 Luxury Soy Candle

Australian fashion label WILLOW has launched into the world of home fragrance with a bang. Introducing No 1 – a feminine floral – which combines exceptionally fresh peony petals with earthy African violet and is beautifully set in a white marble vessel. Boasting an impressive 50 hours of burn time, we are in love with the timber wick (which can be sealed with a removable metallic lid). Oh, we are impressed, alright.

[L]: Cocolux Bergamot, Lily & Moss Copper Candle
Imagine this: an early morning walk through fresh and dewy woods. This earthy, androgynous aroma will transport you there as it features ​strong, masculine citrus and fern-like notes, cut by the intensity of lily of the valley. Housed in a chic copper jar, it can be reused for flowers and whatever else you like. Tip: remember to polish the copper to stop it turning green.

[R]: Dipyqtue Le Proveresse Green Candle
Inspired by a sun-drenched trail near Grasse, France, this almost-too-pretty-to-burn candle emits a delicious woody fragrance so strong it invitingly bursts open as you unbox it. Seriously. When concocting this fragrant candle, perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin focused on the woody scent of fig trees and the rustic notes of the south of France; encasing it inside a ceramic cream, green and black pot hand-crafted in Portugal. At $105, this new candle puts it into the “want” not “need” category. We want two, thanks.

[L]: Palm Beach Clove & Sandalwood Candle

This soy based wax candle boasts a whopping 80 hours of delight. Light musk, patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood marries beautifully with mid notes of clove and violet. Light pepper is sprinkled at the top of this aroma to help compliment this sophisticated blend. We also like the glass cloche, which is available separately.

[R]: Damselfly Girl Boss Nariel Candle

Cheeky beauty brand Damselfly wants to hit you in the face, right in the nose, with this triple-scented creamy coconut, light musk and white floral candle. Then, they like to smack you in the eyes, with a killer quote like this “Girl Boss” one. Offering up to a solid 60 hours of burn time and two lead-free cotton wicks, we love the top notes of cinnamon bark, which helps round out the creamy coconut. Smells like a holiday in a jar.

[L]: Maison D’Amore II Candle

We don’t condone smoking – or the harmful effects it has on the body – but we do love the smell of earthy tobacco leaves mixed with cinnamon, honey and vanilla. This intense seductive aroma, which excites a feeling of after dark, is perfect for the woman who prefers masculine scents over girlie ones. Oh, did we mention the words “free shipping” too?

[R]: Byredo Figue Glacée Candle 

Dreaming of a white Christmas? This stylish limited edition candle evokes the scent of a European winter. Ideal as a collectible or as a luxurious Christmas gift, this fruity oriental candle is encased in white frosted glass – perfect for the minimalist. Featuring notes of Mediterranean fig, redcurrant, midnight Violet, bamboo, whipped vanilla cream and golden sandalwood, we guarantee just one whiff will send you to a happy place.