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There’s no doubt about it – fragrance leaves a lasting impression.

In fact, perfume is so intrinsic with our olfactory (our sense of smell) that certain fragrances can bind themselves to memory.

Tell me, have you ever smelt the faintest whiff of something familiar and suddenly been transported to a specific time and place; your mother’s kitchen, a childhood holiday, a young love or even your wedding day? Yeah, that’s the power of perfume and your olfactory.

In fact, anything capable of triggering such powerful memories is also capable of creating and preserving bonds. This is precisely why fragrance is not to be underestimated.

One fashion house who truly understands the significance of scent is Gucci and none more so than with Gucci Bamboo, the new fragrance for her.

Like bamboo — the iconic motif of the brand which came to be after the unveiling of Gucci’s bamboo handbags in 1947 and, now, the inspiration behind this new scent — this particular fragrance is complex, full of vitality and has many different sides.

Fronted by Gal Gadot, actress and future on-screen Wonder Woman, this modern perfume is housed within a diamond glass Art Deco-style bottle and silver bamboo-shaped cap. At first, it bursts open with sparkling orange blossom, Casablanca lily and ylang ylang. Soon after, it evolves into rich complexity before grounding itself into a base that lingers of sandalwood, Tahitian vanilla and grey amber accords.

So, whether you prefer lavender over lime or woods instead of wisteria, one thing is for sure… Gucci Bamboo is the new fragrance every woman should own.

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