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It’s true – not all scents are created equal in the sensuality stakes.

Eau de parfums from the ‘gourmand’ family of fragrances – often characterised by notes of osmanthus, prominent for its apricot-like aroma and roasted cocoa for its dark deepness – tend to be the sexiest, holding attention in a way that bright, citrusy fragrances simply don’t.

Whether you’re going out on a fancy date with your SO, cuddled up watching Netflix (and chill), or having a “first date” with your Tinder crush; getting the compliment “you smell really good” should be encouraged for every type of date night.

One fragrance sure to attract your counterpart’s gaze is the inimitable new Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT For Her Eau de Parfum. Designed to elicit a hidden power that envelops the woman who wears it with a captivating allure, Jason Wu, Artistic Director for BOSS Womenswear, says he sought to capture the juxtaposition of male and female in every aspect of the fragrance’s development.

“There’s something incredibly powerful and innately seductive about a woman dressed in men’s tailoring, which only enhances her femininity,” explains Wu. “That’s the idea behind this fragrance, which has the power and strength of the male fragrance, but also has a feminine delicacy to it. It’s like they’re playing in a game of equals – man versus woman, both bringing something to the table.”

Radiating a sublime seductiveness that steadily builds with intensity, BOSS THE SCENT is a cocktail made up of an irresistibly potent combination of ingredients.

Sparkling top notes of peach and freesia turn heads and encourage intrigue while the heart note of osmanthus evolves into a heady explosion before dark roasted cocoa lingers on the skin (and hair) leaving behind an addictive trail.

The result? A fragrance that is truly irresistible.

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