Helmut Lang is no newcomer to fragrance.

The house launched three fragrances between 2000 and 2002, which were quickly discontinued by 2005. Overnight, the cult favourites became highly desired by scent aficionados the world over – even blogs were erected in its memory – and the scents began fetching hefty prices and with bottles deemed too precious to use.

After almost a decade – and much like the opening scene from the movie The Dressmaker – the iconic Helmut Lang fragrances are back. Before you ask, we asked for you: Would it be a tweaked version of the original—a shadow of its former olfactory self? Thankfully, no. Each has been reformulated accurately and true to original AND they’re now available in Australia!

[Insert cool, calm, SQUEALS].

The fragrances, in keeping with Helmut Lang’s minimalistic tailoring, construction and design-style, consist of minimal lists of ingredients blended by original and master perfumer, Maurice Roucel. In fact, the urban and elegant scents’ only noteworthy change is its slightly updated square glass bottle, which to be honest looks even chicer than its predecessor.


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