Like a novice accountant, we’ve all made the mistake of undervaluing the worth of our brows.

Now stop, you’re selling yourself short! Brows are the penthouse suites on the hot property that is your face. A good set, fitted out by an expert, along with regular upkeep will help them appreciate in value. The wrong shape – arched too high or waxed too thin – throws the entire thing off balance…

While it’s all about location, location location with real estate, the buzzword with brows is SHAPE. And hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll be able to figure out the most flattering one for you.

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Great brows abide by three cardinal rules: “symmetry, consistency and precision,” says Lien Davies of Brow Confidence, who’s devised her own highly successful brow measuring system for a universally flattering shape. If we lost you at ‘systems’, quickly find your way back to us because we’re about to start:


A recap of the basics –

1. The starting point of your brows should line up with the centre of your nostril.

2. The arch or highest point of your brows should align with the edge of the iris (coloured part of your eye).

3. The tail or end of the brow generally stops at the point where the line runs from the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.

Even if you have nada hair in there areas, mark down points (1) (2) and (3) with a brow pencil or eyeliner so you can visualise what Davies’ calls your ‘Ultimate Brow Shape’. This is what you’ll be working on forevermore.

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Even if you take only a peripheral interest in brows, chances are you’ve heard of the above formulaic start, arch and end points..

What makes Davies’ system different and tremendously more useful is her so called “Brow Quad Ratio”, which gives you actual measurable figures for the ideal thickness, width and length of your brow. Nothing is left to the imagination.


Davies’ system states that brows are to be no more than 2 to 2.5cm apart. Anything more and your brows are too far away from each other!


The most flattering, feathery full brows sit somewhere between o.5 and 1cm in thickness.

Depending on how naturally thick your brows are at the moment, you may only be able to get to 0.5cm thickness once you’ve brushed the hair up and out. You can work towards even greater thickness once your hairs grow out, but at this stage it’s just about creating an outline. Mark the ideal thickness at the start of the brow with a brow pencil and add any extra width to the bottom line of brows, not the top. Then, follow through with a ruler to ensure the measurement is consistent from start (1) to arch (2).


Still with us? From start (1) to arch (2), the ideal length is between 3 and 3.5cm. The second section from arch (2) to end (3) should measure 2cm to 2.5cm. Overall, according to the Brow Quad Ratio, the Ultimate Brow Shape is between 4.5cm and 5.5cm. Got all that?

Obviously everyone’s face shape is different so the Brow Quad Ratio allows for slight exceptions, but Davies says for the most part she’s achieved highly successful results following her formula. AHEM AHEM, her clients include: Zoë Foster Blake, Alison Rice and Eleanor Pendleton.

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If you’ve got a feeling in your eyes that your brows could be better. Or, maybe after reading all of this, you’ve decided you don’t actually have the Ultimate Brow Shape (YET!) and you want to learn how to fill in, trim or just meet a sister who’ll help you get with the Brow Quad Ratio program? We suggest you buy Davies’ e-book, How To get Your Ultimate Brow Shape. Or go straight to the source and contact her at Brow Confidence.


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