How genius is it that a fragrance line would create a dry shampoo? We’ll answer that for you: Very.

Sure, you’ve probably already committed yourself to some particular formula of powdered dry shampoo. Yeah, you love it but you also know it has its limits and can, at times, fall short…

Maybe it takes a moment or two too long to sink in? Maybe it doesn’t give good volume? Or maybe it leaves a powdery white residue, which you have spend a few minutes dissipating with your fingers? Annoyinggggg.

Yes, Mary-Kate and Ashley have done it again and created the product you never knew you needed…until now.

Enter the new Elizabeth and James Nirvana duo of dry shampoos.

Pick one (or both—Black is all wood and musk thanks to violet, sandalwood and vanilla; White is like freshly fallen petals à la peony, muguet and musk), spray near the roots, and work through your hair with your hands.

These chic aerosols don’t spray on chalky – they contain rice starch, which absorbs oil from second-day (or third- or fourth-day) hair instantly – so the clean effect is real. It has a faint powdery white cast as first, but after letting it sit for a second and brushing through your hair (with either a brush or fingers), it turns completely translucent, even on brunettes.

Boom: perfectly messy hair worthy of an Olsen. Grab it anytime you’re trying to extend a blow-dry for an extra day or add a bit of grit to a bun or braid.

Bonus points for pairing it with Elizabeth and James Eau de Parfum (we know Gritty Pretty girls don’t do things in halves).

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