This Will Be The Most Popular Haircut Of The Summer

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Short, chic and Aussie summer approved.

Guys, we’re officially in August. With two months of winter down and only one to go, we’ve almost made it through. And if the next few months whizz by like the previous, we’ll be back in denim cutoffs, bikini tops and Havaianas in no time. 

With summer basically upon us (see previous paragraph – we’re being optimistic, okay?), it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a new season hair refresh. Here, we ask Paloma Rose Garcia, founder of Paloma Salon and one of Australia’s most well known hairdressers, to stare into her crystal ball and share her top prediction for the haircut of summer 2021.

best summer haircut

best summer haircut

Introducing the cool girl cut of summer: the Kaia Gerber bob. Ultra-90s, ultra-simple and ultra-striking, this hair trend is here to stay. Sometimes, simple is best: “It’s great because it’s all one length, there’s no shape in it, it’s completely blunt and can sit anywhere from the jawline to the shoulder.”

It’s a dramatic chop. Before you jump in scissors first, have an honest chat with your hairdresser. “The most ideal hair type is a fine texture of hair of medium density,” says Garcia. “But, then again, I have super wavy hair that I smooth a little with keratin and I just got the chop myself!” Short hair needs to be styled each morning; throwing your hair in a messy bun won’t be an option. Are you ready for the adjustment? If so, go for it!

best summer haircut

best summer haircut

Speaking of styling… Fortunately, this cut can be styled in a number of ways from super sleek and shiny to wash-and-wear shaggy. 

“Your hair has to be reflective of you and your lifestyle,” says Garcia. “You’ve got to be comfortable with it when you’re fresh out of the shower and letting it air dry as that’s what will make it yours.”

Our biggest tip? Let your hair air dry after the first wash post-cut so you know what you’re working with. From there, you can tweak and style until it looks its best.

best summer haircut

Shorter styles need conditioning and styling products that do the job without weighing hair down. “I love Oribe’s Supershine Moisturising Cream ($78) and their Sculpting Cream ($48),” Garcia says. 

The hair guru also recommends an anti-humidity spray (particularly if you live in one of the more humid states) to prevent frizz. “Just keep it moisturised,” she tells Gritty Pretty.

Yes, ma’am.

Are you ahead of the trend and rocking a Kaia bob already? Leave your top tips for maintaining the blunt cut in the comments below!