Do you remember brushing your hair 50 times before bed as a young girl in the hope that one day you will have a luscious, long mane like Marcia Brady?

Well, for those who don’t have time to be brushing for hours on end, there are hair masks.

Sure, some may be skeptical about spreading a thick cream over their hair, but treatment masks are renowned for being highly-effective at not only supporting and even speeding up hair growth but also making strands stronger, silkier and smooth.

If you dye, blow-dry, or flatiron your locks on a regular basis (chances are if you are human then you do!), it’s likely your hair deserves a little TLC. To that end, environmental factors like sun exposure, wind, pollution and even air-conditioning or heating can cause your hair to become dry and damaged.

The long and the short of it? Having a regular quality hair care regime is great, but adding a hair mask into the mix once a week can take you from okay hair to hair supremacy. By using incorporating one into your weekly beauty routine, you can help repair and protect your hair’s natural barrier. The end result? TV commercial-worthy hair that is easy to style every morning.

Here, we’ve rounded up three of the best game-changing masks to help your hair reach its potential. Yeah, you can thank us later.

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O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm

If your hair is feeling a little on the parched side, then look no further than this smoothing balm. Packed with gold oil and nourishing ceramides, this shine-enhancing formula conditions the heck out of colour-treated hair. The pay off is smoother strands that reflect shine. Completely addictive.

Kérastase Paris Chronologiste Le Parfum En Huile

Kérastase Paris’ premier hair fragrance is a luxurious oil inspired by Parisian rose gardens bursting with an addictive blend of tea rose, blonde wood and musk. This fragrance is bottled into Le Parfum En Huile and is designed to be applied as the final step after heat styling. Why? It enriches the hair with the perfect hint of hydration and aromatics. We suggest you start stocking up now.

Oribe Signature Moisture Masque

They call it a miracle, we call it Oribe. This crème de la crème deeply hydrating masque turns frazzled strands remarkably soft. Sure, you’ll be left with enviable, silky ends but the plus side is your hair won’t become flat or weighed down. Instead, it will have serious volume at the roots. We’ll take two tubs, thanks.


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