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Picture this: You’re entertaining and guests start arriving at your place. The dinner table is set, the Diptyque candle is lit and a killer Justin Bieber playlist blasting (sorry not sorry!).

One of your guests make their way to the bathroom… A moment of panic sets in. Your shampoo and conditioner in ghastly, unsightly packaging is sitting front and centre of your shower.

Now, we know people say to never judge a book by its cover, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. This holds especially true for beauty products — show us pretty packaging or clever copy and we’re more likely to scoop up a product than its practical-looking shelf mates – which is why we’d like to introduce you to Mr. Smith.

Featuring the tag line “Simplicity by design,” each of Mr. Smith’s products feature minimalistic packaging, effective formulas and addictive fragrances. Some of our favourites include the Volumising Shampoo & Volumising Conditioner; a duo that is designed to revive and strengthen damaged, bleached and coloured hair and smells like delicious grapefruit thanks to, yep, real grapefruit extract.

That said, Instagram-worthy packaging doesn’t mean much if the product behind it isn’t stellar; thankfully Mr. Smith’s lineup practices what it preaches. The products provide some serious hair pampering (the hair serum is dreamy), the stylish packaging is 100% recyclable (and damn good looking!), and the majority of the ingredients are natural, adhering to the Aussie brand’s core beliefs of simplicity, truth, and accountability.

Tell us, are you going to stock up before your friends come over this weekend?