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Nonchalantly tousled hair sends a message that says, “My life is too fun and I’m too busy to brush or style my hair. Oh, and you know what? I don’t give a sh*t.”

Every rebel-without-a cause since Rebel Without A Cause — think James Dean and Kristen Stewart, Leonardo DiCaprio and River Phoenix – all have one thing in common: an uncalculated, textured, tousled ‘do.

And, upon arriving at JFK to attend New York Fashion Week recently, I found myself in no, not their league but in their shoes. After getting off my flight from Los Angeles, I got smacked in the face with a bloody big dose of humidity.

Quite suddenly, top-knots became a necessity and in doing so, I unintentionally found THE trick to achieve perfectly tousled tresses.

Now, because sharing is caring, here’s my how-to:


Wash hair with a volumising formula like Aesop Volumising Shampoo.


Next, apply a mousse (don’t be afraid!) like TRESemmé Extra Control Styling Mousse to towel-dried hair and blow dry.


Comb hair by raking fingers through and pull up into a top-knot. Secure with an elastic.


Go about your business with your bun.


When the occasion calls for it, let your hair done and run your fingers through, throwing it to the side. Voila – terrifically textured strands!


Normally, I’m not one for conformity but this tousled hair trend is one that we can all help spread around the world.

Techniques vary and your two cents is valued so if you’ve got another tousled tresses trick of your own, punch it into your keyboard via the comments section below.

Like the Nike swoosh: Just Do It.