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Sometimes I’d kill for a piece of Cadbury’s dairy milk. Other moments, I like to indulge in salted caramel macarons from Ladurée or even Quay’s signature snow egg (gasp!). To be honest with you, it depends on the day, my mood and my willingness to spend money.

I follow the same kind of philosophy when it comes to selecting my beauty products and cosmetics.

A balanced mix between high end, mass market and smaller, relatively new labels? Absolutely.

In my beauty bag right now, you’ll find: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and Chanel Lip Balm along with my number one hand cream from Lanolips and favourite Maybelline NY bronze eyeshadow. All products vary in price yet each deliver excellent results.

Besides that, I try to keep the ingredients of my makeup bag on rotation – even if that means letting go of precious cargo. Generally, as a guide, mascara lasts 3-5 months, foundation and lipsticks for around 12 months and eye liners up to 3-4 month. These dates apply from the moment you open and start using a beauty product for the first time. Sometimes it’s hard to part with products when you know they’ve hit their expiry date but if you’re using them every day, you should be able to get your dollar’s worth.

What’s your beauty shopping rhetoric?

Do you embrace just prestige products or mass brands?

Or do you prefer to stick to a balance?