Join Us In The Fight Against Ovarian Cancer

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Survival rates for ovarian cancer have barely improved since 1975.

Did you know that at present, there is no early detection test for ovarian cancer? More than that, the five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer in Australia has barely improved since 1975 — compared the significant increases for other cancers across this time — and has stagnated at 46 per cent.

Put simply, the statistics are terrifying.

For the past five years, Danish luxury jewellery brand Georg Jensen has worked alongside the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to help raise much-needed funds for ovarian cancer research. Currently, one woman dies every eight hours as a result of ovarian cancer, and an estimated 14,000 Australian women will lose their lives over the next 10 years. A recent study found that an early detection test would significantly increase the likelihood of detecting the disease in its early stages and ultimately save 8,000 of these women’s lives. 

georg jensen ocrf

georg jensen ocrf

Since this partnership began, Georg Jensen has raised over $300,000 for the foundation. 

This year, Georg Jensen and Gritty Pretty have partnered with six inspiring women — including Gritty Pretty’s own founder & editor-in-chief Eleanor Pendleton, the Honorable Julie Bishop, Anna Heinrich, Jules Sebastian, ovarian cancer survivor Monika Tasic and researcher Nicole Yuwano — to help share this important message.

“Every preventable death from ovarian cancer is a tragedy for a family deprived of a loving mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother. I have been proud to support the work of the OCRF and partner organisations such as Georg Jensen over recent years, as we work together to raise much needed funds for research into the cause, treatment and prevention of ovarian cancer”, Bishop shares. 

As a new mother, the topic hits close to home for Pendleton: “I am so grateful to my body and what my ovaries do. They gave me my son and the fact that one woman dies [so regularly], it’s not okay.”

georg jensen ocrf

georg jensen ocrf

How can you help? On 24 September 2020, Georg Jensen released two Curve Heart pendants with the majority of profits from each going directly to the OCRF. The Sterling Silver Curve Heart pendant retails for $250 and the 18kt. Yellow Gold pendant retails for $995.

Together, we can make a difference.

For more information or to purchase the Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Curve Heart pendants, click here.