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“What does beauty mean to you?”

That is one of the most common questions I’m asked.

The truth is there is no single – or correct – definition of beauty. Beauty is subjective and can be found in many different things.

Personally, when it comes to beauty, I believe there is perfection in imperfections. I believe in not wanting to look like anybody else. I believe in going fiercely out into the world as your true authentic self to help others. I believe in having a voice and making it f*&%ing count.

When I left my Beauty Editor career at InStyle magazine to launch Gritty Pretty – a website dedicated to the democratisation of beauty – I had no idea of what Gritty Pretty would go on to become or the incredible audience of women who would inspire me daily.

I also never would have imagined I would go on to front MYER’s beauty campaign, #HereIAm (which was revealed today and you will see more of over the next three weeks). What I do know is that I’m immensely proud to be the face of this beauty campaign, which I think is much more than skin deep.

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, you deserve to feel confident. You are unique. I am unique. We all are. Our differences are what makes us beautiful that’s why I embrace mine and use these beauty products to enhance them. It’s my way of saying to the world, “Here I am, this is me.”

Won’t you join me?

I’ll be hosting beauty workshops at Myer Melbourne (Saturday 4 March 1pm – 2pm) and Myer Sydney (Saturday 18 March 1pm – 2pm).

Grab your girlfriends and book your tickets here. See you there!

Photography: Duncan Killick

Makeup: Victoria Baron

Hair: Michele McQuillan

With sincere thanks to the entire MYER team!