Abbey Gelmi On Cracking The Male-Dominated Sports Industry, Why She Loves A Challenge And The Skincare Product She Shares With Her Mum

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In this second installment of Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series, Channel 7 sports journalist and presenter Abbey Gelmi opens up about her journey from suburban Perth to national TV.

This year has been a testing one; however we’ve made it through, together. In partnership with Clarins, Gritty Pretty presents Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series to shine a spotlight on the women who inspire us the most. Dialing in via FaceTime, these strong female voices share their journey, alongside a radiant portrait that captures their essence.

The first inspiring woman to feature in Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series was MasterChef Australia host and food critic Melissa Leong. Second cab off the rank? Channel 7 sports journalist and TV presenter Abbey Gelmi.


When Abbey Gelmi speaks to the camera, she exudes confidence. This sense of calm is something that she’s been working on for years — 30 to be exact — with a little help from her mum.

Growing up, Gelmi’s mother taught her that “you can’t change how people think about you but you can change how you think about yourself. If you know that you put the work in and you do the best job that you can, that’s all that really matters.”

With a role model like that, it’s no wonder Gelmi is the inspiration to many young women trying to crack the world of sports journalism. As a female working in the male-dominated sports beat, Gelmi’s confidence in her own abilities has helped her rise to the top of her field. Now a familiar face on Channel 7’s cricket, horse racing, AFL and Olympics coverage, the Perth-native has recently sashayed into the land of reality TV — hosting popular renovation show, House Rules.

It’s not all glitz and glamour working in front of the camera. “I think TV can look very glamorous but there are also the parts that people don’t see like the 3am wake ups and the days spent in trackies on the couch studying teams in preparation. Those parts certainly aren’t glamorous but they’re part of the job.”

At the ripe old age of 30, Gelmi has made strides in her field. Not one to sit still, Gelmi’s drive and passion comes from her love of conquering new challenges. “I think I feel most beautiful when I’ve achieved something new or pushed myself out of my comfort zone,” she says. “But I also think it’s so important to feel confident in your own skin by nourishing it and taking care of it.”

If you’ve seen Gelmi on TV, Instagram or real life, you’ll know her skin has a glow to it. You know the one we’re talking about — it’s the kind of glow we’re all out here trying to emulate. Her secret? Clarins Double Serum. “Clarins has been part of my mum’s and her mum’s beauty regime forever,” Gelmi shares. “We’ve come full circle: I used to steal my mum’s Double Serum and now she is stealing mine. It feels almost like it’s part of our family heritage.”

Why does she love it so much? “I can see results immediately after I put it on my skin, which is so wonderful. It just gives my skin that dewy, moisturised texture that I love.” We’ll have what she’s having.

Tell us, have you experienced Clarins Double Serum? What do you love the most about this glow-inducing formula?