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Linda Rodin’s style proceeds her.

The silver high-pony, the chic shades, the red lipstick; they all add to the New York native’s allure. But it’s her straight-talk and beauty brain we’re more interested in.

You see, Rodin is the OG luxury oil maven, potentially responsible for galvanising the world’s love affair with skincare oils with her eponymous range RODIN Olio Lusso. She’s also nothing if not endearingly honest about her low-key approach to beauty, which makes her a favourite to interview.

The story goes… Rodin started mixing a supply of oils obtained from a local health food store on her kitchen counter and the end result is what you see now, a concoction of 11 skin-loving oils. She tested the product on herself, passed it around to friends and colleagues (it helps that she had pals in high-fashion places having been a photographer/stylist before her foray into beauty). Colleagues then passed it on to their famous clients, and before long, demand was higher than her supply…

Flash forward several few years and to this day, Rodin Olio Lusso, continues to be the standard for other luxury oils to follow.

We spoke to the sharp and steadfast industry icon ahead of her exclusive Australian launch at MECCA to pick her brain on a range of topics from skincare to social media, ageing and cosmetic surgery and what she’s most excited about experiencing on her first trip down under.

GRITTY PRETTY: What do you think is the difference between the Australian, NYC (where you live) and Italian (where you lived) approach to beauty?

LINDA RODIN: I’ve not been to Australia yet, but I think in New Zealand and Italy there is a more natural approach, and in New York perhaps there’s a more hands-on [DIY] approach.

GP: What are you most excited to experience on your first trip down under?
I have always wanted to come here to Australia and to New Zealand. Wellington was wonderful and wild and I’m loving Melbourne. It’s quite sophisticated and charming and the food is delicious.

GP: The origins of RODIN have been well-documented. Was it hard to get the alchemy right? Did you have an idea of what you wanted the end product to look, smell and feel like?
I wanted the oil to hydrating and absorbed quickly; have wonderful skin enhancing properties and a delicious scent. And I wanted the slip to be slow but not unctuous.

GP: What’s the best way to use Rodin Olio Lusso oils?
Use the oils both morning and night as moisturisers!

GP: You fragrance is inspired by your mum, Beatrice. Can you tell us a bit about her and how her essence has been captured by the scent?
 My mother was beautiful and original and quite glamorous. I always remembered her unique scent, never knowing the name of it and worked with a wonderful perfumer named David Moltz to re-create it.

GP: And what about your morning beauty routine?
 I wake up and rinse my face with warm water. Then I apply my face oil, my lipstick, Mecca’s wonderful sunblock and I’m out the door for a cappuccino.

GP: You’ve said sleep is one of your secrets to ageing gracefully – what’s the secret to good sleep and how do you get ready for bed?
I eat dinner very early as I can’t fall asleep right after I’ve eaten. I take a nice warm bath every night and unwind by watching movies or reading. Lights out by 11pm.

GP: You’ve been very open about the fact that you’ve tried cosmetic surgery in the past but that it wasn’t for you so you didn’t continue with it. What is your stance of ageing now?
Yes, I tried filler about five years ago. It was done very well and very subtly, but one day, after about a year of it, I saw my face morphing before my eyes while looking in the mirror. That was it for me. I don’t love my wrinkles at all – but it’s still my face and I can live with it. The alternative isn’t an option for me.

GP: Your silver locks have become something of a trademark. How do you maintain its health and shine?
LR: I use purple shampoo and conditioner and I only wash my hair once a week.

GP: Another trademark is your style. Do you think your approach to fashion and beauty are the same or different?
LR: My approach to both is the same – I prefer simplicity in both.

GP: What’s your relationship with technology like, namely social media?
I love taking photos. It really is a joy for me. And I’ve discovered many beautiful places and unknown artists from others on Instagram (follow Rodin and her beloved poodle, Winks on @LindaandWinks). For me, it is a visual library and I can spend hours searching for new discoveries.

GP: What is your life mantra?
: Stay healthy and always do the best you can.

GP: Finally, with Rodin now available in Australia at MECCA, what can we expect next?
A lot of new and exciting products that are an extension of my personal and authentic line.

Buy the RODIN Olio Lusso range now available exclusively at Mecca.