At face value, Nicole Trunfio is a high fashion model.

But behind the extensive modelling resumé which includes walking for Gucci and CHANEL, and gracing the international covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE, Trunfio is also a trained actor, a student of Sociology and 20th Century Lit., successful jewellery designer, new mum and emboldened role model.

Having watched and read a substantial number of interviews with Trunfio before our own, here’s what we knew to be true about the Aussie-born international model: 1. She’s got opinions and isn’t afraid to speak out oh so eloquently (when necessary) to raise awareness on topical issues like sexualityracism and the pitfalls of modelling at a young age. 2. Her authenticity makes her immediately endearing. 3. Her optimism about life could start an epidemic.

Our conversation did not disappoint. Below, get to know the charming Nicole Trunfio all over again as she reveals the $29 foundation she’s pledged her loyalty to, the eye mask she uses as an all-over face mask, and what it’s like living on a 50-acre horse ranch in Austin, Texas with her husband and new bub, Zion.

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GRITTY PRETTY: How are you enjoying living in Texas? It sounds so idyllic and peaceful. 

NICOLE TRUNFIO: It’s a dream! I am so obsessed with living on a ranch, we also have places in NY and LA so we are not there full-time, but we go there much more than we expected and have started moving our lives there because it is just heaven on earth to us. I think my husband [Grammy-winning American musician, Gary Clark Jr] thought I was a city girl because I lived in NYC for so many (13) years, but I grew up on a farm in central Western Australia, so the ranch feels like home to me. We also have 10 new baby goats and are growing our animal family bit by bit. It is everything and more.

GP: Is there anything about being a mum you didn’t expect?

NT: I didn’t realise how obsessed I would be. I wanted 5 kids but the amount of love and joy Zion brings me is enough to fulfil me for life. He is everything. I feel so blessed. Between Zion and my Husband, I honestly never thought I would die knowing this kind of love, this kind of feeling.


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GP: How was your skincare routine changed since becoming a mum?

NT: It’s straight to the point, what works – quick. I don’t really have time to fuss around and pamper anymore. I just plonk it on. I know that sounds awful but I get so many compliments on my skin these days. I think you have to learn to weed out the duds and go for the results.

GP: What are some of your current skincare favourites?

NT: I love ARCONA Gentle Solution and their Cranberry Triad Pads – two of my must haves. I love Sodashi Face & Neck Moisturiser and Balancing Oil, and the Sisley Eye Mask, but I use it as an all-over face mask and rub it in before going to events, it’s kind of my secret.

For hair, I love Kevin Murphy’s new line of hair care, especially the Repair.Me Wash. It made my hair so thick and voluminous. And in terms of makeup, I swear by Illuminare Mineral Foundation (super obscure!) and use nothing else as a base. I love LUMA Cosmetics Shimmering Glow for brow bones and DIORshow Mascara and Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in ‘Bond Girl’. That’s my new fave!


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GP: Let’s talk about your luxury jewellery line, ERTH. How did it start and why is jewellery such a big passion of yours?

NT: When I was primarily living in NYC, I was modelling full-time, studying acting, studying Sociology and 20th Century Literature at the New School and sitting the jewellery workshops learning how to become a bench jeweller. I was always the only girl in the wood work and metal work room at school. Something about learning a trade and working with my hands had me hooked. Also the fact jewellery is sentimental, can last a lifetime and be passed on.

ERTH is a diffusion line for TRUNFIO UNIVERSE [Trunfio’s eponymous jewellery line]. It happened very organically. I was just making jewellery for my friends, for their birthday and I wanted to get back to making it myself and not having someone else produce it.


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GP: You’ve already had some very high profile clients (hello Kendall Jenner!). Who would you LOVE to see wear your jewellery?

NT: It’s hard to say because all of my favourites have been rocking the line: Kendall, Gigi, Rosie, Chanel, Pheobe, Behati… I guess I would like to see women like Cate Blanchett, Carolyn Murphy, Tilda Swinton and Robin Wright wearing it. I just envision them with their natural beauty and slightly rugged edge… It really resonates with the aesthetic of the line.

GP: Is your approach to jewellery and fashion similar to your approach to beauty?

NT: That’s an interesting question. Now that I think about it, yes, absolutely. I like quality, longevity and results in both fields with the main tone of everything I do being “effortless”.

GP: We see a lot of models (Aussie ones, especially) stepping out and launching their own successful businesses. Why do you think models make such good businesswomen/entrepreneurs?

NT: We get to see a lot first hand and work with some of the most talented creative people in the world. Doing shows, you have the hands of Valentino, Karl Largerfeld, McQueen and Armani on you, like literally on you. It is like you are almost an apprentice to many. We get to work with art directors and advertising agents and see what works. It’s business school at its finest if you really pay attention. Lucky us!


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