“My Mum Is Kind, Caring & Fabulous”: Kate Waterhouse On How Her Mother Gai Waterhouse Continues To Inspire Her

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In this instalment of Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series, we speak to Gai and Kate Waterhouse about their ins and outs of their mother-daughter relationship – including the “essential” skin serum they both share.

This year has been a testing one; however we’ve made it through, together. In partnership with Clarins, Gritty Pretty presents Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series to shine a spotlight on the women who inspire us the most. Dialing in via FaceTime, these strong female voices share their journey, alongside a radiant portrait that captures their essence.

The first incredible woman to feature in Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series was MasterChef Australia host and food critic Melissa Leong. Followed by sports journalist and TV presenter Abbey Gelmi. Today, we’re profiling Gai Waterhouse, iconic Australian horse trainer and her daughter Kate Waterhouse, fashion and lifestyle journalist. 


Forget Sunday best; when horse training runs in your blood, Saturday best is more like it. “My first memory around beauty has definitely got to do with my mum,” muses fashion and lifestyle journalist Kate Waterhouse. “I would see her getting ready for the races, putting on the makeup and [she’d never] leave the house without lipstick – even at 2:45am in the morning.” 

Kate’s mother, Gai Waterhouse, is an icon of the horse racing world. The daughter of Tommy J. Smith, a leading trainer of Thoroughbred racehorses, Gai went on to blaze her own path, both as a horse trainer and businesswoman. But you probably knew that already; in Australia, Gai is a well-known public figure and a force to be reckoned with come spring racing season. 

Children are like sponges and during her childhood, Kate had a front row seat to her mother’s work ethic. “My mum definitely inspired me to be a strong woman,” Kate tells Gritty Pretty. “I grew up with my mum working so hard in her business. She’s dedicated to horse training and I’d watch her get up at 2:45am every single morning. To see that dedication and the work she put into training group one winners – it definitely inspired me.”

Public profile aside, to Kate, Gai is her mum, first and foremost. “My mum is kind, caring and fabulous.” Of the lessons Kate learned from her mother growing up, one of the ones that stuck is the importance of looking after your skin. Gai’s favourite product? Clarins Double Serum. “It is the best thing since sliced bread because it moisturises and gives you a freshness,” Gai says. “I use Double Serum both morning and evening. It’s an essential part of my beauty treatment.”

In the same way that Kate learned about skincare and self-care from her mum, she hopes to pass on the advice to her two young daughters. “My girls are very into noticing my makeup and watching me cleanse my face.” While they might be too young now, she’s made a conscious decision to teach them good skin habits.

Now, Kate uses Double Serum herself; the product is suited to women of all ages. “I cleanse, moisturise and put Double Serum on. It really makes my skin look extra hydrated, really dewy and also when I am wearing makeup on top of it, it makes it sit well.” Applied morning and night, Double Serum stimulates the five vital functions of the skin for a more youthful and radiant complexion. “No wonder [Gai] looks so good today,” Kate muses. “If I look like mum when I’m older, I’ll be very happy.”

Tell us, have you experienced Clarins Double Serum? What do you love the most about this glow-inducing formula?