Jayme Jo, Jessie and Jo Massoud On Their Mother-Daughter Bond, Self-Love And The Beauty Product That Can Be Found In Every Bathroom Of The House

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In this fourth instalment of Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series, beauty influencers Jayme Jo and Jessie Massoud, along with their mother Jo, open up about their mission to help women feel good in the skin they’re in.

This year has been a testing one; however we’ve made it through, together. In partnership with Clarins, Gritty Pretty presents Illuminating Women: A Portrait Series to shine a spotlight on the women who inspire us the most. Dialing in via FaceTime, these strong female voices share their journey, alongside a radiant portrait that captures their essence.

To date, we’ve profiled racing royalty Gai & Kate Waterhouse, MasterChef Australia host and food critic Melissa Leong, along with sports journalist and TV presenter Abbey Gelmi. Today’s feature? Beauty influencers Jayme Jo and Jessie Massoud and their mother Jo.


Affectionately coined the ‘curly girls’ by their fans, influencers Jayme Jo and Jessie Massoud have a combined platform of over 500,000 Instagram followers for a reason. Looking beyond their glowing skin and incredible curls, the sisters are known for helping young women embrace who they are, sans the Instagram filter. Put simply, the former dancers are wise beyond their years.

“I want to open people’s eyes to all the different types of beauty there are. You can’t put people in a box anymore; you can’t define it. I also think it’s great to see more brands using more inclusive models and people. I love that we’re moving towards more diversity of different cultures and hair types in the beauty industry,” says Jayme Jo.

The idea of embracing your individuality is refreshing in the social media sphere; in this area of the World Wide Web, a homogenised perception of beauty reigns supreme. For those of us who don’t fit this mould — i.e. most of us — learning to love and accept who we are can prove challenging. But with a little help from their “hard working, motivational and inspiring” mother Jo, Jayme Jo and Jessie have a strong sense of self. “I have always tried to instill in my daughters how important it is to love what’s within,” Jo says. “It’s so important to embrace what makes us unique — whether that’s our hair, height or physique.”

Jo encouraged her girls to share this message with their friends and followers via social media. Both Jayme Jo and Jessie feel passionate about creating a more diverse and inclusive world. “What drew me into the beauty industry was learning to love myself and wanting to help other people feel the same thing,” says Jessie. “I really loved that the beauty world was evolving all the time and I wanted to be able to express myself in the hopes that other people would feel confident to do the same.”

What makes this confidence radiate through the screen? Prioritising self-care and skincare. Used by both girls and their mother, the Clarins Double Serum is a hot commodity in the Massoud household, guaranteed to be found in every bathroom cabinet. “When I first discovered it I came home and gave it to my mum and sister and said, ‘Guys I’ve found the best product for our skin’, and we’ve all been using it since,” says Jayme Jo. “We all have different skin types and want different results but it works for us all.”

Jo admits that seeing her daughters take on her “less is more” beauty mentality has been rewarding. In this case, it was actually the girls who introduced their mother to Double Serum. “I’m so glad I was introduced to the Double Serum because it makes my skin feel so lush and firm and there’s the most beautiful glow that comes with it,” Jo shares. Luckily, they have a few bottles on rotation so no one has to go without.

Tell us, have you experienced Clarins Double Serum? What do you love the most about this glow-inducing formula?