Concealer makes everything better.

But what most people don’t realise is that concealer alone isn’t enough to pull off a 10/10 cover job if your under eye bags are seriously shady.

Another misconception: dark circles aren’t surface imperfections (and therefore cannot be treated like so). Rather, they’re veins showing through the paper-thin layer of skin under your eyes making the area appear blue-ish – and lack of sleep, eye strain, genetics, dehydration and ageing only make it more apparent.

So, if you’re feeling a little worse for wear or struggling now that you’re back at work and unavailable for those 2pm summer holiday power naps, here’s the quickest way to get wide awake eyes.



A peach or pink-based corrector creates a nude base for concealer.

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M.A.C Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

M.A.C is famous for its highly pigmented colour cosmetics, so you can count on the Pro Conceal and Correct Palette to offer excellent coverage.  The palette features six shades, including 2 x correctors (step one) and 4 x finish concealers (step two) = lots of options, which we like. Plus, you can blend any two together to get an exact colour match for your skin tone. Some days you may need more coverage than others, so it makes sense to be able to customise your application.

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A yellow-based concealer neutralises blue tones for strong coverage.

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Bare Minerals BareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

A newbie, but a goodie. This lightweight double action serum and concealer doesn’t just cover up dark circles, it also features lilac plant stem cells to help gently stimulate cell turnover. A little goes on a long way because it’s quite highly pigmented. The result: bright eyes for realsies.

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RMS “Un” Cover-up

Supermodels Gisele Bünchen and Miranda Kerr are big fans, so our interest is definitely piqued. The ingredients of this mineral concealer reads like a Byron Bay shopping list: coconut oil, cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oils… you get the gist. It’s hydrating and waxy consistency offers good coverage and hold, and it’s even recommended as a foundation – though, we’d rather save it for our eyes.

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BENEFIT Boi-ing Industrial-Strength Concealer

Bringing in the big guns: this is the tough mother of concealers – it’s what you use when your dark circles look like truck tyres. If you prefer your concealer super matte, long-lasting and full-coverage, try this award winning formula. Mix with a rich moisturiser to loosen the formula if you like your concealer more creamy.

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Finish with a highlighter to throw light and create the illusion of wide-awake eyes. 

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YSL Touche Éclat

One Touche Éclat is sold somewhere in the world every 10 seconds. A lot of people use this cult product as their one and only under eye concealer – which is perfectly fine if your dark circles aren’t too severe – but it’s actually designed to be a highlighter. The fluid formula blends like a dream and the pen brush with click-to-release formula means you can reapply without getting your fingers dirty.

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