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If you’d describe yourself as a low-maintenance girl living in a high-maintenance world, this is right up your alley.

If Fashion Weeks are to be believed (they are), this season’s next big brow trend will see a return to feathery, groomed natural brows as bold, sharp brows with more drama than an episode of Married At First Sight take the backseat.

And to achieve this effect, thankfully you only need to own one tool – brow gel.

Cue: Elizabeth Arden Statement Brows, a one-stop shop for subtle tinting, long-wear hold, precision grooming and hair-conditioning available in four universally-flattering shades for $32. Score!

Enriched with kaolin clays to texturise hairs so brows look fuller, mineral pigments to add dimension, and silk and restorative panthenol to nourish individual brow strands, the Gritty Pretty team put the enhanced formula and the new brow trend to the test. Keep scrolling for our thoughts.

What did you love about
this brow gel?


Eleanor, Founder & Editor: Brow mascaras are my favourite​ makeup tool. In just one swipe, Elizabeth Arden Statement Brow Gel gives brows volume, depth and a neat and tidy structure. It’s so easy to use and you can keep it in your handbag. Winning.

Wendy, Beauty Editor: I love the rounded tip on the brush, which separates and coats each brow hair.

Morgan, Creative Director: I love the Elizabeth Arden brow brush. It’s fat! Giving me full coverage with my brows.

Lauren, Digital Sales & Partnerships Manager: I’m a fan of the subtle pigment to give your brow hairs that really natural look. The product really holds the shape of your brow in place all day.


How do you use this brow gel?

Eleanor: My brows are tinted by Lien Davies so I don’t need to use pencil or powder but I do like to set them with a tinted brow gel like Statement Brows. Before applying, I wipe the wand with a clean tissue to remove any excess. Then, I sweep it through my brows using an upwards and out motion. ​Once they’re groomed and set, I’m ready to tackle the day ahead!

Wendy: My brows are naturally quite sparse so I really have to work the formula into the hairs to get them tinted. I swish it on the weekends for a bit of quick grooming that looks very natural.

Morgan: I fill my brows in with a brow powder and then apply Elizabeth Arden Statement Brows to keep my brows in place as my final step. They seem to have a mind of their own if I don’t set them.

Lauren: First I used Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Natural Eye Brow Pencil to fill in my brows. Then, I applied Statement Brows over the top to enhance the colour and hold my brows in shape.


Which shade did you use?


Eleanor: Honey (2) is a universal shade that suits both blondes and brunettes.​ Dark brunettes, like myself, need to avoid warm brown shades for brows. Instead, opt for a cool brown or taupe.

Wendy: I used Honey (2) like the rest of the team and it worked surprisingly well since the tint is quite sheer at first. But I could probably go for something darker like Deep Brown (4) if I wanted more definition because my hair is Asian black.

Morgan: Honey (2) suits my skin tone and brow colour and its naturally a cool-tone [blue-based rather than orange] once applied, which I LOVE!

Lauren: I used Honey (2) – the brown is a perfect medium-brown that can work on darker and lighter brows without looking overly dramatic.



Name one person currently giving your brow envy?


Eleanor: Brooke Shields. #BlueLagoon4Ever

Wendy:  Morgan Tait from Gritty Pretty.

Morgan: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Lauren: Emma Watson.


What’s your brow mantra?


Eleanor: ​If your brows are groomed, you’re good to go.​

Wendy: Shape is EVERYTHING!

Morgan: Stop touching them! I was terrible growing up, I plucked WAY too much. Now I live by letting them grow out and styling them properly.

Lauren:  Never leave the house without your brows done.


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Post sponsored by: Elizabeth Arden

Photography: Chantell Bianchi

Brow Styling: Lien Davies at Brow Confidence