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Candle jars lend themselves to infinite storage uses – especially good-looking ones like Diptyque.

Pens, pencils and hair elastics, cotton pads, makeup brushes and even flowers have a place. However, removing the final bits of wax with a fingernail doesn’t always leave a squeaky clean finish.

Once you’ve burned that sucker down until you can’t burn it no more, it’s time to turn your candle into a sparklingly clean jar. Here’s an easy two-step approach:

Step 1

After burning your candle, allow the glass to cool so it’s safe to handle. Then, using a spoon, carve or scoop out any wax.

Step 2

Next, put the jar in the sink and pour hot water into it until it reaches the top (don’t use boiling water – if the heat is too high it can crack the glass). Leave for a minute or two. When you come back, the rest of the wax will have softened.

Pour the water out and take a paper towel to wipe away any excess wax or burnt wick. Now, your candle jar is free to hold any flowers, pens, cotton pads or any other items you like.

Tell me, do you recycle your own candle jars?