Unlike Sarah & Sebastian earrings and Uniqlo white linen blouses, there’s such a thing as having too many makeup brushes.

At this point, we are well aware that there are some brushes that get a lot more face time and others we hardly touch. Clearly, we don’t need them all so we did a mass brush cull (bub-bye lipstick brush) and here’s what was left…


M.A.C Small Angle Eye Brush 266
Call us Captain Obvious (Captain Obvious), but how else would you create a winged-eye/fill and define your brows/get right up into the water line? The varying bristle length on an angled brush gives you better control to create precise, straight lines (both fine and thick, depending on the pressure you put on the stroke). As far as we’re concerned, this tool is indispensable.

YSL Te Le Teint Pinceau Brush
One of the main culprits of makeup caking on your skin is uneven distribution of product. Powder foundations and even liquid ones should be buffed into the skin after they’ve been applied as this helps makeup set a lot quicker and creates a silky, airbrushed finish. This YSL brush also features a Y-shaped reservoir that can be filled with a few drops of liquid foundation, ensuring the perfect amount of product is buffed into the skin every time.

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Make Up Forever Double Ended Sculpting Brush 158
This double-sided beauty tool features a slanted brush for contouring powder bronzers and illuminators on one end, and a kabuki on the other end for tasks that cover more surface area  like blush and translucent-setting powders. FYI, you can’t go wrong with brushes that have been designed by makeup artists, which is exactly what we have here by Make Up Forever.

LAB2 Just Blending In Brush
Applying eyeshadow without a brush will leave you in a bit of a hot mess. It’s such a small surface area that you really do need a brush for precision. Cream gel formulas have made it easier to apply with your fingers, but blending and ‘smoking’ can only be done well with a makeup brush. By all means, skimp and get a cheapie, but get one nonetheless.


Rae Morris Brush 15 Precision Bent Liner
The strategic bend on this brush allows you to rest your hand on your face while drawing precise, ultra-fine lines with gel eyeliner. After you’ve used a bent liner, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. A fine-pointed brush like this also helps with concealing; use pointed, dabbing strokes to cover up discolourations and blemishes.

The Beauty Exchange Clique Rectangle Brush Holder
TBX’s Clique Rectangle Brush Holder (pictured below) isn’t just a wonder to look at, it’s also the best way to dry and store your beauty brushes. Buy sticker magnets for your existing collection of beauty brushes and display them upside down or sideways on this sleek little brush holder.

Sephora Collection Contouring Brush
Not only does this brush contour, it is contoured; cut perfectly to the shape of your face to deliver a stream of highlighter to your upper cheek bones. One size fits all and it’s a worthwhile purchase if your signature is dewy, luminous skin. Invest in your glow.

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Most people start off using beauty brushes, because sponges for whatever reason, seem trickier to use. Let’s dispel that myth right now: they’re not. People with dry skin types and those who favour liquid makeup will usually prefer beauty sponges, which offer a softer alternative to brushing. Using sponges in a stippling (dabbing) motion incidentally gives you better coverage than brushes that you’d swipe back and forth. Go for one with a handle (try Napoleon Perdis Pro Makeup Blending Sponge or By Terry Sculpteur Expert Brushand start stippling with ease.

Tell us, how many beauty brushes do you own and which ones couldn’t you live without?

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