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There’s no one else in the world exactly like you. Now ain’t that something special?

In service of this individuality, a game-changing beauty concept is now available and unsurprisingly, it’s already selling out. Introducing: Shade Adjusting Drops.

Available in lightening and darkening, Shade Adjusting Drops allow you precisely colour match your existing foundation to your skin tone when it changes ever so slightly, but noticeably, season to season. Or maybe you haven’t been able to find a foundation that matches your particular shade at all. These’ll fix that too.


It’s a godsend especially for makeup artists. The Body Shop’s Global Makeup Aritst, Lisa Houghton explains: “My kit is very heavy and I am always trying to find ways to reduce its weight mostly because of all the foundation I need for different skin tones.” Now all Houghton needs to carry around are The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops to create the same endless variety of shades for clients, like Oscar winner Viola Davis.

“I worked with [Davis] recently for the front cover of Elle US and the dark Shade Adjusting Drops were perfect to get the right tone for her skin. This is a dream product for a makeup artist, but also allows anyone to buy foundation confidently.” she adds.

Other leading beauty brands like Australis and Cover FX have also added Shade Adjusting Drops to their offerings (you can buy them here, here and here). In fact, the latter by CoverFX was recently sold out nationally at Sephora Australia (we couldn’t even get our hands on them!) and while they’re back in stock at the time of publication, we’ve been told they’ll sell out again as demand outbalances supply. #GetInLine.


Making advances even further are Clinique who have launched their new Clinique B.I.Y Pigment Drops (that’s Blend It Yourself). Their new tint doesn’t just add colour, it practically turns your everyday moisturiser into a BB, CC or full-coverage foundation.

Education Manager of Clinique Australia, Melissa Elvin-Jensen tells Gritty Pretty: “The innovation in makeup has allowed us to develop a coverage-adjusting product that, once you have chosen your perfect shade from the 12-shade range, you can choose to mix with your day moisturiser to create a sheer (one drop), natural (two drops), or fuller coverage (3 drops).” Essentially, it eliminates the need for foundation and allows you to add or reduce the opacity of your coverage to suite the day’s activities.

In conclusion: The future is customisable and whatever your shade, it’s got you covered.


What do you think of this new beauty trend?

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