These Luxury Hand Sanitisers Will Keep Your Hands Germ-Free

If we’re going to use hand sanitiser, it needs to be chic.

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Four months ago, the thought of a hand sanitiser buying frenzy would have sounded bizarre and completely irrational. Since then, a lot has changed. As Coronavirus brought the world to its knees, supplies became scarce and hand sanitiser was amongst one of the first items to sell out (apart from, you know, toilet paper). 

As essential as a product can be during a global pandemic, the shortage of supermarket sanitisers saw the need for beauty businesses to adapt and make their own. Brands new and old, luxury and drugstore have been banding together to use their leftover materials and ingredients to create the liquid gold and distribute it to the public, with not a lot of time to spare. Initially, many brands created sanitiser to help those on the front line; however, these are now being mass produced for the public. So, with your typical Dettol bottle M.I.A for the time being, these new formulas are the perfect replacement. Effective, chic and, most important of all: available.

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Maison 21G Haute Perfumery Hand Sanitiser

About as glamorous as antibacterial gel can get, Maison 21G’s 2.1 Hand Sanitisers are a handbag must-have. Containing 75 per cent alcohol (sanitisers need to contain at least 60 per cent to be deemed legitimate), this formula is highly effective in keeping germs and bacteria at bay. With four scents to choose from (two of which contain essential oils for extra moisturising power), these are the epitome of pretty meets practical.

Buy now: $22 at

H.A.N.D Sanitising Scent

The hand sanitiser for people who don’t like hand sanitiser (um, yes, hi, hello!). With three stunning Australian Botanical combinations – Bulgarian Rose & Tasmanian Kunzea, Mimosa & Lemon Myrtle and West Australian Sandalwood & Cedarwood – these perfectly-scented sprays smell divine. Aloe vera, plant derived glycerine, panthenol and hyaluronic acid work in tandem to hydrate and soothe skin with each spritz. But also, importantly, H.A.N.D Sanitising Scents stop germs in their tracks, thanks to 70 per cent perfume grade sugarcane ethanol (alcohol).

Buy now: $19.95 at

Synergie Skin Sanitiser Spray

Both beneficial for your paws and the community, this Synergie Skin Sanitiser Spray is a do-gooder. With five per cent of the product proceeds going to the RBWH Foundation Coronavirus Action Fund, this anti-inflammatory spray will protect the skin without stripping it. In line with the brands ‘Clean Science’ philosophy, this sanitiser uses naturally-derived alcohol as the grunt of the formula, with the inclusion of aloe vera helping to reduce any irritation and soothe the skin.

Buy now: $15 at

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La Clinica All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Spray

Born of La Clinica’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances, the All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Spray contains 70 per cent alcohol to kill germs and bacteria. What’s more, is that the inclusion of pantehnol and glycerine (both great for maintaining the skin’s hydration levels) means your hands stay smooth and protected. At the same time. The biggest highlight? The addition of lemon oil in the formula which makes your hands smell like a lemon poppyseed muffin all day long.

Buy now: $9.99 at

Grown Alchemist Hydra-Gel Hand Sanitiser

If you’re a fan of the luxurious Grown Alchemist hand creams, you will certainly love the new Hydra-Gel Hand Sanitiser. Available on its own or in the Healthy Hands pack (which includes two sanitisers and a hand cream) this stuff really works. Formulated with 70 per cent alcohol (extracted from cane sugar) and complemented by hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to keep the hands hydrated, this sanitiser is a real winner. Bonus: it looks perfectly stylish on your nightstand too.

Buy now: $15 at

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Glasshouse Fragrances Lost In Amalfi Hand Sanitiser

For when you love the scent of your candle so much you want to wear it this new hand sanitiser from Glasshouse Fragrances is a dream. With over 65 per cent alcohol to protect you from harmful germs, the formula was made from the repurposing of iconic Glasshouse ingredients to protect those working in their Sydney HQ. Now available to the public, this gel formula is freshly scented with lavender, freesia, lime and moss to add a little luxury to an everyday task. 

Buy now: $29.95 at

Fluff Casual Cosmetics Pocket Sanitiser

Have you ever seen a sanitiser in dropper form? No? Neither had we. That was until Fluff Casual Cosmetics launched their Pocket Sanitiser. Formulated with 70 per cent alcohol to protect your skin from germs, this product’s non-sticky, lightweight formula is ideal (and also doubles as a makeup brush cleaner). Complete with jojoba oil to nourish the skin, ashwagandha root for its antibacterial properties and tea tree oil to fight viruses and fungi, this sanitiser does it all. 

Buy now: $13 at

Leif Hands-On Gel Sanitiser

After a sanitiser with a homegrown edge? The Leif Hands-On Gel Sanitiser is for you. With 70 per cent cane sugar derived alcohol, this bottle of protection will ensure you stay safe and healthy. With eucalyptus, tea tree, sandalwood and sweet orange oils, the formula will refresh and purify without any stick residue. Bonus points are also awarded for the six pack option, which ensures you can keep those around you germ free as well.

Buy now: $15 at

Know of another beautiful hand sanitiser? Let us know what it is in the comments below!

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