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Today’s topic? Collagen supplements.

Hi team, Erin here. Let’s talk about collagen supplements. Since you’ve all been diligently taking your supplements for the past few weeks (rigggght?) do you have any strong thoughts, feelings, conclusions?

I’ll kick things off.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that there are SO many collagen powders on the market – and there’s about to be a whole lot more. Every second day, my inbox pings with a new press release about the latest and greatest collagen supplement. 

Journalist Sherine Youssef wrote a great piece for the latest issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine on collagen powders (you can read the full story here). Sherine points out that the science behind these supplements is inconclusive. But anecdotally speaking, she adds: “something wonderful happens to my skin when I consistently drink collagen.”

I’ve been trialling the Edible Beauty Native Collagen Powder ($37) for the past two to three weeks – and I have to say, I don’t hate it. It reminds me a lot of The Beauty Chef Glow Powder ($65) which I love more than anything in this world for its ability to make my bloated-ass stomach feel… well… less bloated. This Edible Beauty powder has a pleasant berry flavour and a slightly gritty texture. I don’t know if it sent collagen to my face but it made me feel good. On days I didn’t take it, I felt a little more sluggish and less jump-out-of-bed-ish. 

What do you guys think? Have you been taking your supps? What’s the 411?

Hi guys, just jumping on to add my thoughts about collagen supplements (duh!). I have been taking the Grown Alchemist Dermal Smoothing Collagen, Lysine and Vitamin C Powder ($75) for the past month or so and I have definitely been enjoying it.

The citrus taste is great because it makes me actually look forward to drinking it (and helps me remember). Whilst I don’t know if I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my skin, I feel better overall which makes everything look a little better by default. 

If there is one thing I’ve noticed for sure, though, it’s that my hair is a lot healthier. It has more shine and is less frizzy and brittle, which is something I have been trying to achieve for a long time. So with that unexpected benefit in mind, for me, it’s a definite winner!

Interesting! How do you take it? I feel like half the battle with any powdered supplement is finding the right way to consume it.

Yes definitely! It’s a bit of a trial and error finding what works for you. I personally just took mine with water – two scoops in my drink bottle to start the day. It had a really light and pleasant orange flavour to it which made it easy to take but I’m sure you could also pop in a morning smoothie or juice.

How have you all been taking yours? Juice? Water? Wine? (I don’t judge).

If I’m in a hurry, I’ll mix mine in with a little juice or water – but, I have to say, the best delivery method I’ve found is to blend either The Beauty Chef or Edible Beauty powder with some frozen banana and almond milk. It’s like a berry and banana nice-cream.

Hi guys – hope you’re all glowing!

My supplement is actually a tonic – so water was the best way to take it (or on it’s own). And whilst I have been taking it, I have to confess that it hasn’t been on a regular basis. No conspiracy surrounding this as the taste is really nice (coconut-y and light) – it’s just before Coronavirus hit my mornings were always really hectic racing out the door, getting kids sorted for school etc – trying to remember another thing to do was proving a bit challenging!  But when I did remember to have it I really enjoyed it.

So, would I continue taking it and have I seen a difference?  Yes absolutely. This particular tonic (James Wellness Tonic One Probiotic + Marine Collagen $49.95) was easy to take and, added bonus, it also tasted really nice. Have I noticed a difference? Hmmmm marginal. But in the product’s defence I have been very inconsistent when taking it.

I definitely think that’s one of the biggest issues – actually remembering to take it! I for one have only become consistent with taking my powder since being in isolation because I actually have time in the morning to think about it.

Amie? Eliza? What are your thoughts on the collagen powders? Have you noticed any dramatic changes?

Hi everyone – just jumping in now! I had a jar of the Bioglan Marine Collagen + Acerola and Guava tablets ($21.49) but it seems I have misplaced them. Needless to say, I haven’t been taking them (eeek!) but I did for a couple of weeks pre-lockdown. If I’m honest I didn’t notice a huge difference. There was nothing super special or drastic that changed.  

If I had some now in isolation, however, I would take them regularly! I guess it just comes down to convenience.

I must have commitment issues. When we kicked this one off, I started trialling the Welleco Super Booster Aquatic Collagen Skin + Hair + Nails ($90). We enjoyed a few beautiful mornings together. Sipping, lounging, reading the news. The sweetness blended perfectly with the coconut milk and banana in my cup. Fast forward 5 minutes and a global pandemic hit. 

Things went downhill. Isolation got the better of me and I tapered off hard, cheating on my normal 5AM smoothie with… bread and butter. How could I? I found myself placing jams and spreads in front of the top dog position on the shelf, so slowly the sachets made their way to the very back. Our fleeting affair lasted no longer than a week, similar to that of some of my high school boyfriends. Short and very (raspberry and goji) sweet. So in all honesty, I didn’t give this one a chance. 

A very mixed bag of reviews we have ourselves here, and it’s unsurprising really. I mean, I think a lot of the issue with something like a daily supplement is actually remembering to take it. Then, it really comes down to the individual. Sometimes your diet is plentiful and you notice no difference and other times a little boost is all you needed to see beautified results. Whichever side of the collagen supplement argument you fall on, it’s no secret that they are coming in thick and fast. 

Thanks for sharing, team!! 

Do you have an opinion on collagen supplements? Leave your thoughts down below!