Bored? Try One Of These Fun Beauty Treatments This Weekend

A little something to spice up isolation groundhog day.

The unfolding Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation means that we are all dealing with a lot of uncertainty and change to our day-to-day routine. At Gritty Pretty, we want to help you navigate through this time. We’ll be sharing self care advice and tips on how to look after your body and mental health. If there are any topics you want Gritty Pretty to cover, please send us a DM on Instagram.

As we enter week six (or is it seven?) of quarantine, the little activities that once filled our days are starting to become mundane. One can only cook so many loaves of banana bread, after all. So, with recipe books exhausted, enough steps up to have walked to Melbourne and back, and our face mask stash now depleted, we thought it was time to spice it up a bit.

Here, we have six fun beauty treatments to try when you’re looking for something to do. Whether you try them solo or with your iso buddy is up to you either way, we guarantee a good time. Bonus: not only will you have fun, you’ll also come out a little more glam (which is sometimes all you need to feel like you again). 

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Give Yourself An At-Home Gel Manicure

Oh, how we miss the smell of our local nail salon. The colour selection process, although overwhelming at the time, now seems like a distant luxury. Not to worry – your paws can still look glam (even if you don’t) by testing out an at-home gel manicure kit. Whether you’re a neutral nail veteran or a colourful convert, a manicure is the perfect way to get creative (and kill at least one hour of iso life). 

Gritty Pretty loves: 

Le Mini Macaron Gel Manicure Kit ($55)

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit ($55)

SNS Gel Nail Starter Kit ($110)

Treat Yourself To A Proper Pedicure

Now that you’ve given your fingers some love, let’s move on to the toes. Shoes are becoming increasingly optional, which means those tootsies of yours are out in full force. With this in mind, it’s probably a good idea to make them look at least somewhat appealing. Never usually something we do ourselves, we recommend emulating the nail salon experience by going all the way and giving your feet a little foot-cial. Start with a nice foot mask, then clip, file and buff your nails down to size and finish with a lick of colour. Your toes will thank you for it.

Gritty Pretty loves:

Sephora Collection Almond Foot Mask ($7)

Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes Control Grip Toenail Clipper ($8.97)

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour ($41)

Explore The World Of Face Devices

Why not? You’ve got the time. Consider it a way of saying thanks to your skin for putting up with a glass (or three) of vino every night. Whether you’re looking for something to complement your sheet mask, something to de-puff your face or something to tone and tighten, there is a device for everyone. We recommend starting out with one that is more tame (like a vibrating face roller) and then working your way up to something like an LED mask or micro-current device. 

Gritty Pretty loves:

Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller ($312)

Foreo UFO ($289) 

NuFace Trinity Device ($507)

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Try An At-Home Peel

As we move into the cooler months, now is the perfect time to reset your skin, slough away those dead summer skin cells and create an even complexion. Cue: peels. The ultimate way to exfoliate the skin and improve overall texture. Most peels take place in a salon; however, there are products that allow for at-home use. You’ve got nowhere to go and no one to see, so a little downtime shouldn’t be an issue, either. Our biggest tip? Do your research before purchasing your peel of choice and listen to your skin – if it’s ultra-sensitive at the moment, leave it alone. 

Gritty Pretty loves:

Pixi Peel & Polish ($38)

Dr. Dennis Gross Professional Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel ($167)

Dior Capture DreamSkin 1 Minute Mask ($111)

Perfect Your Blow Drying Technique

This one is going to require you to take your hair out of the top knot and wash it before you begin. We all know that nailing a blow dry is difficult – and no matter how hard we try, we can never quite replicate a salon-standard ‘do. Now is the perfect time to practice; we don’t have anywhere to be so there’s room for error. We recommend starting out with a smoothing heat protectant to calm flyaways and nourish hair, then grab your hairdryer of choice and a round brush and begin. Rough drying your hair first will create volume, then section the hair and use the round brush to smooth and shape. You might not get it on the first go; practice makes perfect…

Gritty Pretty loves:

Kerastase L’Incroyable Blowdry Heat Lotion ($42)

ghd Hair Helios Hair Dryer ($290)

Morrocanoil Ceramic Barrel Brush ($35.95)

Give Butt Masking A Crack 

The pièce de résistance of fun at-home beauty treatments, butt masking is the latest and greatest development in treating yo’ self. Perfect for smoothing and lifting the peach, a butt mask will make sure all those at-home pilates classes are perfectly complemented by some seriously glowing skin. Whether you try it solo or with your SO (like an at-home couples retreat, only peachy) we’re sure you’ll feel better for it. Mainly due to the non-stop laughter that will ensue. 

Gritty Pretty loves:

Aceology Cheeky Butt Mask Trio ($49)

Bawdy Bite It Hydrating & Toning Butt Mask ($14)

Anese Down With The Thickness Collagen Booty Mask ($57)

Do you have a fun beauty treatment we need to know about? Leave it in the comments below!

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