At this point, we’ve all toyed with the idea of joining a gym to get our bodies beach-ready for summer. Yes?

While everyone’s got their eyes on an ab-tastic Christmas and a peach-shaped butt for New Year, we’d also like to make a case for getting your skin in top notch shape.

In summer, that means “fresh, no pigment, no sun damage; dewy, moisturised skin,” describes skincare expert Lisa Sullivan-Smith – co-founder of Bondi’s The CLINIC, an institution for results-driven treatments and respected skincare advice that’s frequented by high profile Aussies like Megan Gale and Nadia Fairfax. We, of course, tapped Sullivan-Smith to give us a 5-week plan to start summer off with the best skin we’ve ever had.

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5 weeks out…

Start with a peel.

Sullivan-Smith recommends starting with a fruit enzyme peel, like The CLINIC’s Blueberry Peel. “It’s a medical-grade exfoliation treatment for correcting dull and ageing skin,” she says. It’s also great for mild acne and congested pores, which occurs during the change of seasons.

4 weeks out…

Do an IPL treatment.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It works by penetrating several wavelengths into the skin to treat concerns related to ageing. In particular, it helps fade pigmentation like redness (from broken capillaries and rosacea) to dark brown sun spots. It also sends out radio frequencies to promote collagen remodelling and help improve skin firmness. Sullivan-Smith says her IPL treatments require little to no downtime – and feel like a prick or zap on the skin. It goes without saying that treatments should only be administered by a reputable clinic and professional technicians after a consultation.

3 weeks out…

Take a break.

Give skin a rest from intensive treatments. But while you do, make sure you’re keeping up with your skincare regimen. If your skin is sensitive, avoid active ingredients but moisturise religiously and use SPF everyday, urges Sullivan-Smith. If your skin’s feeling normal, our expert’s recommendation is using products with vitamin C in the morning to fend off pigmentation and vitamin A at night to promote skin renewal.

2 weeks out…

Go for another peel (and an infrared sauna session).

A fortnight out, “I would go back and do another blueberry peel just for a really good cleanse and decongesting,” says Sullivan-Smith.

For the body, we suggest trying an Infrared Sauna session whereby infrared waves are penetrate the skin, working on a cellular level to warm the body from the inside out (these frequencies are safe on humans, unlike Ultraviolet and X-rays). This way you reap the benefits of sweating more effectively than traditional saunas that simply heat the air around you and work only on a surface level. With devotees like Miranda Kerr and Jesinta Campbell, and benefits including healing, detoxing and anti-ageing, you’ll want to book yourself in before the party season – and maybe after, too. Nimbus & Co. in Bondi offers 45 minute infrared sauna sessions for $42 or $99 unlimited monthly sessions as part of ClassPass.

1 week out…

One more run of IPL.

“We usually do IPL every three weeks, and two IPL will give you a great result, but three IPL give you an amazing result,” she raves.

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And there you have it! How do you change up your skincare routine leading into summer?


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