We’ve told you before and we’ll tell you again… Oils aren’t the devil.

In fact, when applied correctly, oils can be the ultimate skin saviour.

Best applied to normal to dry skin types, oils are praised by skin experts for their potency. But, it’s true not everyone responds well to oil.

Now The Body Shop has revealed its Oils of Life range, which combines the efficacy and nourishing skin benefits of three precious seed oils – black cumin, rosehip and camellia – and here’s the clincher: they’re delivering it in four different textures.

Your skin has a gatekeeper known as the acid mantle, which acts as a barrier that keeps moisture in and irritants out. If you have dry skin, your barrier might be compromised. (That’s why dry skin and sensitive skin often go hand-in-hand — when your gatekeeper’s falling down on the job, irritants get into skin more easily.)

At that point, what your skin needs is proper hydration.

And while any oil can help replenish the skin’s lipids, rosehip oil, camellia and black cumin are especially good picks for dry skin.

Cold-pressed and blended into a powerful cocktail, this plant-based range consists of an Essence Lotion – a lightweight, water-like texture, which is made for oily skin types.

Prefer lightweight lotions as opposed to rich creams? Enter the Gel Cream. Ideal for combination complexion types, it gives the skin an intense boost of hydration while leaving a luminous, radiant finish (sans oily finish).

If you like the idea of a more luxurious, decadent experience, the Cream is for you. Suitable for normal to dry skin types, it will help to repair and protect your skin’s natural barrier without weighing the skin down in an oily film.

Still can’t commit to the slick? Just add one or two drops of the Facial Oil into your moisturiser for an extra boost of hydration to your skin. Alternatively, go The Full Monty and apply the Facial Oil all over your face for a luxurious night skin treatment.

In this case, Grease is the word.

Tell us, do you use face oils?

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Sistah Butters

I'm glad to see that the ingredients are "natural." That ish with all the chemicals is causing health challenges from hell. The cost of the chemical laden products d/n include the cost of medical professionals and pharmaceutical that is prescribed to fix the mess it made.


I introduced an oil into my skin routine a few months ago, and I have to say, I am totally hooked. Right now I'm using Go-to Skincare's Face Hero, and it's making a huge difference to the texture of my skin, and has reduced my acne and hyperpigmentation. I am keen to check out the Oils of Life range too, though!


I've been using just plain rosehip oil and I've noticed pretty good results! I saw this and laughed at how dramatic the name of it is-- 'oils of life'-- and then of course I wandered in the shop to ask a ton of questions. Still debating trying it out, but after reading your article I think I'll try the Gel Cream! Thanks!

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