Do You Really Need A Jade Face Roller In Your Life?

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If it feels like jade rollers are following you online – being talked about by all your favourites on insta-stories, YouTube and in real life – you’re not going crazy.

Jade rollers are far from “new”, but they’re having a Spice Girls-style resurgence right now thanks to models, makeup artists and influencers with great skin vouching for the tool’s detoxing benefits.

Skeptical? Perplexed? Curious?

For more details, we spoke to Jeannie Bourke, founder of Venustus beauty space, who uses Jade Rollers in her treatments and also sells them on her e-store. “Jade Rollers date back to the 6th and 7th century China, so it’s nothing new but how it is being used now is,” she explains.



“Take your Jade Roller out of the freezer/fridge and definitely use an eye of facial serum first, otherwise the roller may stick to skin. Rolling the jade over the top of a serum in lympathic drainage directions (along the forehead, down the neck, hollows of the cheek, upper lip, around the eyes) is what really makes the difference,” reveals Bourke.

We also asked lymphatic drainage practitioner and founder of Zen Facial, Fumi Yamamoto, what she thinks of the popular beauty tool. Yamamoto does an amazing all-over body lymphatic drainage treatment sans Jade Roller. Read our review here.

“My view with any tool is that it is all about how you use it rather than the tool itself. While I have respect for tradition and culture, at the moment I only use my hands as it allows me to palpitate with precision…There is a lot of technique under the magic of touch. I believe, if used correctly, the Jade Roller may be a non-invasive way to look after yourself between facial treatments, along with jade’s cooling nature, but again it’s how it is being used that brings therapeutic results,” shares Yamamoto.





The benefits of the Jade Roller include lymphatic draining, detoxification, improved circulation, reduced dark circles under the eyes and better penetration of serums used underneath. So should you invest anywhere between $19 and $149 and get rollin’? (Bourke sells hers for $49 online.)

If you’re a frequent traveller or have had puffy eyes for decades, it’s worth looking into. “It’s a personal and individual decision what we each think is an investment, and being we are all so unique and have different concerns, it’s up to the individual,” Bourke acknowledges.



It’s also worth noting that there are other roller options made from rose quartz, amethyst and other crystals. But Bourke loves Jade because it’s the most authentic, historically.

“Whether you’re into crystals or not, Jade has been used for thousands of years and is known for its cooling properties. Energetically, it’s revitalising and improves ‘chi’ circulations,” she explains.


Tell us, have you used a jade roller before?

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