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2017, let’s do this!

If you lost your mojo some time in 2016 and you’re attacking 2017 with unwavering positivity, arm yourself with these beauty products with the same M.O. Literally infused with energy – from crystals radiating love to sonic wavelengths, this slew of serums, lotions and potions will bolster your zen, or at the very least, give you good skin for days.

Skeptical? Read on to find out how these beauty brands pack extra vibrations into their formulas – and why they’re good for more than just your complexion:


The infamously exxy beauty brand is a celebrity favourite – and at $240 a pop (for the best-selling Crème de La Mer Moisturizing Cream)… it makes you wonder, right?

On how La Mer is made, Retail Sales & Education Manager for La Mer Fiona Pereira reveals each batch Miracle Broth (La Mer’s hero ingredient) uses nutrient-rich sea kelp hand harvested from the sea, which it then taken into a lab and bio fermented. (This is where it gets interesting.) There, “the batch Miracle Broth is exposed to filtered light (similar to the kind of light the sea kelp would receive when it grows underwater in the ocean) while copper plates pulsate underneath to create vibrations that travel through the liquid (mimicking the ocean currents). The formula is also exposed to audio recordings from the original broth fermenting [dating back to the 1960s by La Mer founder, aerospace physicist Dr Max Huber],” she explains.

The benefits? “This very unique process intensifies the bio-fermentation activity, resulting in a more concentrated form of nutrients maximising the benefits to the skin.” But the real test is in the results and we’re obsessed.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that KORA Organics, the brainchild of model/businesswoman and Gritty Pretty cover girl  Miranda Kerr, is created with what she calls, the “healing and protective powers of crystals”. If you’re not up to speed on what exactly this means, here’s a bit more about how it all works in Kerr’s own words:

“Rose quartz is said to be the stone of unconditional love. This crystal opens the heart chakra and is believed to encourage self-love and forgiveness and help you let go of anger, resentment and jealousy… I’ve added the unique vibrations of rose quartz to all of our KORA Organics products. All of the water used in the manufacturing of KORA Organics is filtered through rose quartz crystals, so the vibration of love and intent flows through the crystals and into the products and then onto our customers.”


Luxury Australian natural skincare brand Sodashi also uses rose quartz-infused water in its Samadara Age-Defying range, and comes with two rose quartz discs that can be used to massage the formula.

Founder Megan Larsen, who has a background in biochemistry and natural healthcare, believes that everything in the universe has a vibration, humans and their thoughts included. And from time to time these vibrations can get out of whack. “Crystals have specific and clear vibrations and by openly engaging with them, they can act as a tuning fork to help realign our vibrations to help us become more ‘in-tune’ physically, emotionally and spiritually,” she explains.

Sodashi’s rose quartz is sourced from South America and has a deeper pink colour due to its high mineral content. “The crystals enliven the formulation and impart the earth’s vibrational energy into the skin, and the healing vibration of this beautiful crystal also imparts a sense of calm to the heart, which increases our sense of wellbeing, further helping promote a radiant glow,” she adds.

Do you use any of these super-charged beauty products in your daily routine?

Do you believe in the positive power of crystals?