Influencer Rey Vakili On How She Stays Grounded During Turbulent Times

Posted in Skin on August 28, 2020 by

When her to-do list gets out of control and stress levels rise, the Yale graduate takes a step back to prioritise her mind, body and skin.

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a wild ride. Whether you’re a stress-head from way back or cool as a cucumber, we’ve all been forced to take a step back.

Influencer, Yale graduate and digital consultant Rey Vakili is no different. After spending her early 20s working abroad (she once worked as the assistant to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour – yes really) this serial globetrotter relocated to Sydney’s Balmoral; residing by the beach was a non-negotiable for Vakili who finds strength, peace and calm in the presence of the ocean’s great bottomless expanse. 

She considers self-love and self-care to be an inside job: “[it’s] taking an active role in protecting your own happiness and well-being.” Exercise helps Vakili keep her stress in check (she prefers runs, tennis and spending time outdoors) along with a good book as a “form of escapism”. 

“We only have one body and we need to look after it. In the same way that I have routines to calm my mind, I also have routines to calm and care for my skin.”

“My mum has always instilled the importance of looking after my skin. Without even realising it, I was mimicking a lot of her habits from a very young age. Some of the earliest habits I picked up were wearing sunscreen, eating the right foods, moisturising daily and thoroughly removing makeup before bed. Some more recent practices include eye creams and serums to repair and heal.”

When you look good, you feel good. “How my skin looks and feels affects both my mood and my confidence. For me to feel my best self, I need to look after my skin.”

Vakili’s skin is on the sensitive side. Inflammation caused by environmental stressors (air-conditioning, UV rays, pollution) can cause her skin to become dry, irritated and inflamed. However, she’s found a solution in La Mer The NEW Concentrate. “From the first moment I used The Concentrate, I knew it would become an integral part of my beauty routine. I’m obsessed with the velvety texture of the serum and the way it instantly calms my skin.”

This serum contains Miracle Broth – one of La Mer’s most potent and lauded ingredients. A nutrient-rich ingredient completely unique to La Mer, this extract is created using a long and delicate process that begins with sea kelp, harvested from Canada’s Pacific Coast. Miracle Broth has an instant calming effect for red and irritated skin. “The Concentrate is my ritual; a source of protection that strengthens, stabilises and soothes from the big blue herself.” 

When times are tough and uncertainty feels normal, taking the time to invest in your skin each evening doubles as a grounding daily practice of self-care. Bonus points if your skincare draws upon the healing powers of the sea. “From the ocean, I take strength,” Vakili says.

Tell us, have you tried La Mer’s The Concentrate? What self-care practices have helped you stay grounded during 2020?