The One Skin Care Essential That Photographer Rhiannon Taylor Travels The World With

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As the founder of lifestyle destination In Bed With, photographer Rhiannon Taylor is forever on the road, on the water or in the sky. If her Instagram feed is anything to go by, in the past three months alone, Taylor has been to a whole host of exotic destinations, including Palm Springs, Coober Pedy, Alaska and Fiji.

While a jet-setting lifestyle is undeniably glamorous, consistent long-haul flights and extreme shifts in temperature can take a beating on the skin. However, as a seasoned traveller, Taylor has her skincare regime down pat.

We spoke to the 33-year-old to discover her secret.


“I am constantly travelling so I rely on The Treatment Lotion by La Mer as a key part of my morning and night skin regime,” Taylor tells Gritty Pretty, “and for post-travel recovery.”

Don’t let the term ‘lotion’ throw you – La Mer’s Treatment Lotion is actually a water-like essence. And what is an essence, exactly? (Great question!) An essence – also called “miracle water” is a skin care product that’s considered an integral step in Korean and Japanese skin-care routines — is a lightweight, highly-concentrated liquid with powerful anti-ageing and hydrating benefits that goes deep into the layers of the skin.

Not to be mistaken as a toner, serum or moisturiser but an amalgam of all of the above, it’s hard to pinpoint its first use or its origin, but documentation in Japan can be traced to “Miyakofuzoku kewaiden,” an 1813 guide to centuries-old geisha beauty rituals. Nowadays, it’s considered an essential part of any woman’s skin care routinemuch like an eye cream.

For Taylor, it was love at first sight application. “I remember the first time using it, there was something indescribable about the feeling on my skin,” she says. “It didn’t just look, it felt regenerated.” The Treatment Lotion gets it skin-changing powers from La Mer’s signature Revitalizing Ferment – a fusion of marine algae and 73 sea minerals that revive, replenish and hydrate skin.

But, where does this step slot into your routine? Best applied after cleansing but before your serum and moisturiser. Sprinkle a small amount onto fingertips and gently press into skin. Taylor rounds out her regime with Crème de la Mer followed by SPF.

Tell us, have you tried La Mer’s Treatment Lotion?

What are your must-have skin essentials?