A modern history lesson on the humble face mist…

Remember those spray bottles with battery-powered fans attached to them?

Chances are you used one while wearing one of those rainbow hats with a fixed propeller on top and a dagwood dog in your other hand (heck, we sure did!). Those water fans were a must-have staple standing in lines at Wonderland and Movie World in the summer (and probably still are, although, RIP Wonderland). Whether you remember those or not, you can look at face mists as a highly evolved form of those.

Unlike the straightforward floral-infused rosewaters of the past, the new generation of face mists are anything but simple. Applied after cleansing, over makeup, or throughout the day, nowadays face mists have become irreplaceable for their appealing one-step method of hydration.

Enter SK-II Mid Night Miracle Essence – not to be confused by the name – can be spritzed any time, anywhere. Besides being super-refreshing in the sticky summer heat, this face mist which contains Pitera and cooling menthol is a genius way of adding much-needed moisture without making your mascara melt off your eyes.

And because the lines have been blurred between toner and mist, we’re here to set the record straight: You can really get away with using either but while toner is typically a post-cleansing-only ritual (designed to neutralise your skin’s pH balance), we like to think of mists more like your lipstick: to be kept with you at all times and reapplied often.

The truth is it’s not really possible to overdose on face mists – which is why we recommend keeping one stashed in your car, one in your handbag and one in your desk drawer – so when it comes to this magic skin saviour spray, you really can go nuts.

To shop SK-II Mid Night Miracle Essence, click here.

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