Sodashi’s new Enzyme Face Polish is instant gratification.

If your skin needs a kick start; something powerful but not brutal, with brightening qualities that will make your face GLOW (as noticeably and outstandingly as our use of caps); a product that acts immediately, rather than in four to six weeks because who has the time?…

Then, this is IT, people. Result-oriented skincare in a powerful little black pot.

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The face polish uses a triple-action formula with pomegranate enzymes to gently soften and dissolve the epidermis (topmost layer of skin) so that natural rice powder can offer a deep cleanse and effective exfoliation, while geranium and sweet orange rejuvenates, repairs and plumps up skin on a molecular level.

There’s a lot happening at once, but that’s what you pay good money for — a product that works 3:1.

Used in the world’s best spas and retreats, Australian natural beauty brand Sodashi sources only the highest quality natural ingredients. It smells like relaxation and feels like it too.

At $110, the Enzyme Face Polish is a premium purchase, sure. But, like we said, it’s insanely fast-acting.

That’s thing with instant gratification, you reap the benefits right here, right now.

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