Despite how many times I tell you face oils are the best thing ever, maybe you feel hesitant to splurge on something that you’ve been told your whole life is essentially the root of all evil/skin problems.

I get it. It’s a little weird. It feels counterintuitive, even.

SK-II gets it too, which is why I’m excited to finally share with you the new skincare product I’ve been testing for the past three months and subsequently, I now can’t live without.

Enter SK-II Facial Treatment Oil – a luxurious face oil which is ultra lightweight (for an oil) and actually helps to regulate the skin’s overproduction of sebum. Yes, really. The idea that oil makes skin oilier is a beauty myth.

It’s true: face oils are a piping hot topic of late and there’s a reason why sales of liquid gold they have more than tripled in the past five years, according to The NPD Group, and the internet (including this digital beauty editor) has nearly exploded with excitement about the slick substance.

Why I personally can’t get enough of this precious elixir in particular is because it’s incredible lightweight and soothes skin imperfections caused by a variety of environmental stressors, such as pollution including pollen, UV rays, and extreme dehydration caused by summer heat, winter chill and air conditioning. While SK-II claims changes are generally visible within two weeks, I noticed my skin became more hydrated, radiant and supple within 7 days.

How does it work? SK-II Facial Treatment Oil combines the power of Pitera (the natural hero ingredient of all SK-II products particularly SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, which is made up of 90% Pitera) along with six healing oils  – olive, jojoba, avocado, riceterol ester, rice bran, and squalane – mixed into a perfect golden ratio.

When it comes to applying face oils, just remember your mum’s favourite ol’ adage: “Everything in moderation”. Because it turns out mum’s right (when is she not?), even where oils are concerned. Many people don’t realise how concentrated most oils are and tend to over-apply. SK-II Facial Treatment Oil is designed to be shaken properly before every use and 5 drops should be sufficient for the face and neck.

My beauty tip? Mix 2-3 drops of SK-II Facial Treatment Oil to your liquid foundation – like I did for this shoot at the AMAN in Tokyo, Japan – for a luminous, glowing complexion.

Buy here.

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