Every morning and night, I methodically apply 3-4 drops of liquid that looks like water to my skin.

Standing over my bathroom sink, I realise that to the casual observer (or my boyfriend), this element of my daily beauty routine might look slightly… odd.

Asian women including my own Filipino mother are known for having famously intricate beauty rituals (and, typically, to-die-for skin). And, they never skimp on time.

In Japan, a five-step morning-and-night routine is the minimum; in Korea, those steps often tally into the teens (sometimes more!).

With Asia often leading the way in skin care technology (BB creams were so 2010), in the Western world, we often take at least five or more years to catch on after the trend has already exploded in their market.

The latest being a variety of liquids, called essences or liquid lotions, that are designed to be used just after cleansing. Before you ask, no, an essence isn’t a toner. Unlike toners which act as either pH balancers or chemical exfoliants, these new liquids infuse the skin with nutrients and moisture.

But just because they look like water, don’t be quick to dismiss them. Some essences – like SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – are more concentrated and have better anti-ageing qualities than some serums and creams.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains a 90 per cent dose of Pitera: a fluid rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which is released by a specific strain of yeast during the fermentation process.

Pitera helps the skin to naturally produce more hyaluronic acid, but it also contains organic acids that speed up cell turnover, so that at the same time you’re getting that really deep nourishment, you’re also getting gentle, natural exfoliation, which makes skin glow.

Someone else who finds this product useful is Cate Blanchett, SK-II Global Ambassador.

“When I’m filming, I will often pour a bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence into a spray bottle and spritz it onto my face to keep my make-up fresh and skin hydrated in front of the cameras,” Blanchett told me in Shanghai last year.

Well, it seems SK-II listened to Blanchett and other women around the world who were calling for a travel-sized alternative that could be used for on the go.

Introducing, SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence.

Aside from Pitera, it also contains a MoistureLock Complex that is able to penetrate makeup and lock in moisture.

Personally, I started using SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence during a recent trip to New York Fashion Week (one of the perks of my job includes testing products months before they hit shelves). Even during sub zero temperatures and extreme wind chill, SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence kept my skin hydrated and radiant. And, despite the jet-lag, surprisingly people kept commenting on how fresh I looked.

Ultimately though, if the secret to youth comes in liquid form — namely SK-II’s Facial Treatment or Mid Day Miracle Essence — then there’s no way I’m not going to let a single drop of it slip down the drain.

Click here to shop SK-II Mid Day Miracle Essence.

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