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A couple of months ago, I opened my door to ASOS magazine, who paid me a visit and took some snaps of my home office – which you can now find in their latest issue.

While it’s no secret beauty editors are privy to an endless supply of beauty products, the truth is it’s quite rare that others get to see just exactly how a dream beauty cupboard is laid out.

So, to let you in on a secret, falling back on my obsessive compulsive tendencies, all product samples – which are used within the beauty articles I write for GRITTYpretty and other online platforms, magazines and newspapers – are carefully organised according to type: day creams, night creams, eye creams, primers and foundations and so on.

To see more of my beauty nirvana and find out what some of my favourite products are, read the full article here.

A huge thank you to Annie Chin and Chloe Paul for the piece!