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What happens when you get a spare two hours in between shows at New York Fashion Week? This…

New York Fashion Week was only two months ago but it feels like a lifetime so I’m going to apologise up front for how late this post is.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been busy. Real busy giving this beauty a face-lift.

Yep, GRITTYpretty got her hair did and I think she looks fiiiiiiiine. You?

So, it’s quite fitting really, that I’ve saved these images shot by Sara Kerens at New York’s Central Park ’til now.

This day was one of the hottest during my week at the shows. It was a steamy 32 degrees, the humidity was high and I was found flustered backstage (more than once) with the Tresemmé team who I was lucky enough to be in NYC with.

So how does one stay cool if they refuse to put their hair up because it simply does not go with their outfit? Well, one wears a skirt with built-in ventilation, obviously.


Choosing to patriotically represent Australian design, this Bassike Cotton Sensation Pocket T-Shirt and Bassike Laser Cut Dot Skirt meant that I was able to keep chill all the way to The Loeb Boathouse.

Although I really am not cool (no really, I prefer Friday nights in with my boyfriend, Harvey Spector (my other boyfriend) and my mouth guard), this Bassike skirt is a very cool blend of bonded viscose. And, aside from the exceptional laser cut dots on this A-line beauty, the fabrication was a [see: the only] factor in making my NYFW cut.

Switching into serious gears for a moment; taking out a couple of hours to hang out under the evergreen trees was a huge highlight for me.

It was my eighth year on the Fashion Week circuit and to be honest, it’s always a blur of airborne bobby pins; excited and equally exhausted models; creative geniuses flowing their juices and yours truly pounding the pavement in fresh Louboutins at the [unimaginable] speed of Usain Bolt. However, in this very moment captured, I was able to stop, breathe, look around and contemplate just how damn lucky I am.

Yes, New York will do that to a girl.