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If you’re planning a visit to Byron Bay, chances are you’re checking in for a little soul healing.

Located along the far-northeastern border of Australia’s New South Wales, the beachside town of Byron Bay has a magnetic pull that offers kale salads, tie-dye loving hippies and plenty of good times.

Together with my best girlfriends, I recently checked into The Byron at Byron for a weekend of good food, great wine and excellent spa treatments. The latter was indeed just that. Excellent.

You see RELAXATION is the name of the game at The Byron at Byron, and boy, do they do it well. We arrive late (and tired) one Friday evening having driven from the Gold Coast to be greeted by a warm welcome: twinkling fairy lights wrapped around palm trees, a cosy reception area and a lively alfresco-style restaurant that leads to a beautiful veranda, perfect for lolling around with a pre-dinner cocktail before heading out to dinner at The Roadhouse.

With 92 villas on offer, what the five star resort lacks in scale it makes up for in quality, intimacy and quality hospitality. There is a clear emphasis is on healthy leisure activities, pampering and fine dining. The truth is, at The Byron at Byron, there’s barely any reason to leave the resort (although we do for a morning swim at Tallows Beach, which is walking distance and an Aperol Spritz at Balcony in town). And after a few laps, a hit of tennis and a spot of yoga, there’s nothing better than a zen Rainforest Couples Retreat spa experience.

During this treatment ($355/2 hours), my girlfriend and I are allocated a therapist each who guide us through the rainforest where, surrounded by flowing netting, we relax in nature. Once stretched out on the massage bed situated under a private wooden pergola, we enjoy a luxurious full body massage with macadamia nut and fragonia essential rainforest oils by iKOU. But, it’s the nourishing scalp massage, that really sends me to a higher state of bliss. Ahhh.

The blissful expressions our spa treatment left on our faces were still there when it came time to check out. Unfortunately, we had to do just that. One thing’s for certain: we’ll be back.

Have you stayed at The Byron at Byron resort before?

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